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Moderators are members with certain administrative functions in the AGS Forums. A moderator may lock, move or remove a forum thread according to forum policies. A moderator may also intervene in conflicts that seem unappropriate, fruitless or impossible to end in a constructive fashion.

Most boards have their own local moderators, and in addition there is a small amount of global moderators whose jurisdiction stretches over all boards.

Moderators regularly confer in the exclusive Forum Moderation Board, where everything from major forum issues to isolated moderating actions are discussed and assessed.

There are a few unwritten thumbrules that serve as a code for the AGS-community:

  • Threads are not removed unless they abuse fundamental forum policies or break laws. In most cases of inappropriate posting, threads will merely be locked.
  • Posts are not edited to alter their authors' standpoints or attitude. Posts are merely edited to sort out technical issues (like fixing links or correcting BBCode). In rare cases, posts can be edited to censor abusive language or similar.
  • Members are generally not banned due to bad behaviour. The AGS-community is based on a pedagogical philosophy of transparency and constructive criticism. All members are encouraged to correct their behaviour and return to the community rather than stay away.

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