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This template is used to simplify creating wiki links. It is used as


All parameters except PAGE_TITLE or ANCHOR are optional (at least one of the two must be supplied). The last specified parameter will be used as the link text. So if only PAGE_TITLE is specified:

 {{link|Adventure Game Studio}}

You would get the link:

    Adventure Game Studio

ANCHOR allows you to specifically link to a subsection of an article while using the subsection's title as the link text. That is:

 {{link|Adventure Game Studio|History}}

Would yield the following link:


ALT_TEXT does as it implies and wllows you to change the text used in the link. So you could do this:

 {{link|Adventure Game Studio|History|AGS History}}

To produce the following link:

    AGS History

You can still specify ALT_TEXT without specifying an ANCHOR as well:

 {{link|Adventure Game Studio||AGS}}

Gives the link:


Another great use is to link to a subsection of the current page:


Which produces this:


Or even:


Which gives: