Using 256 colour graphics in AGS

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(by Gilbert Cheung)

Note: The following tutorials assume that you, the reader, already have subtle amount of knowledge on AGS scripting, and operating graphics packages which are capable of editing images natively under 8-bit colour VGA modes (e.g. Deluxe Paint ][ Enhanced and Grafx 2). If you are not familiar with such programmes, use 16- (or 32-) bit colour graphic modes instead to eliminate the difficulties involved in setting up things properly, OR, if you really want to use 8-bit graphics, just because you think your game doesn't require graphics of higher colour depth, or for the sake of file sizes and speed, you may read Eric's great tutorial instead.

This tutorial will be separated into three (3) parts, from the basics to full control of the palette (for more complicated effects). The materials are mainly designed for Adventure Game Studio V3.1.2 and above (unless stated otherwise).

Just select a part of the tutorial:

Part 1: Basic setups

Part 2: Palette effects using pre-defined functions

Part 3: Full control of palette effects (Nothing yet)

Outdated versions

The following are outdated versions of the tutorial pages. They're now obsolete, unless you're still using old versions of the engine for some reasons. Note that these pages will not be updated anymore and there will be no support to them.

For AGS V2.62:

Part 1: Basic Setups

Part 2: Palette effects using pre-defined functions