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Obviously we have our own wonderful awards, but thought some might like to vote for their favourite adventure games from 2017 over at the AGGIE Readers' Choice Awards too:

Obviously, quite a number of games made with AGS / by members of the AGS community who now use other game engines.

2 have been struggling to keep going financially for a while now and have finally taken the plunge to do a crowd fundraiser.  Wanted to highlight it here as they perform a valuable service for the AG community.

Here's the announcement post:

Captain Disaster takes a job delivering a package from Acturus-1 to Proboscis Major - not realising that he is actually transporting something that will put the entire galaxy in danger!  Though just getting the package in the first place is quite a challenge in itself...

if  you are in the mood for a good old school point and click this is a hard game to pass up. (NeoRetro GO! review)

Our intrepid nitwit investigates interesting peculiar people, puzzling places and panicky problems along the way to saving the day, once he finally realises that something is wrong.  Expect lots of laughs and head-scratching dilemmas before you reach the shocking conclusion and find out what all this "Million Stomping Boots" business is actually about!

Game Details:

- Classic point-and-click adventure gaming action with a few new twists
- Retro 320x200 resolution graphics
- Fully voiced
- Epic music score
- Plenty of puzzles
- Plenty of adventure
- Plenty of comedy

Available now on Itch, FireFlower Games and GameJolt


I'd like to thank the AGS community for all their support over the (just slightly long!) development process - it's been a difficult process at times and your encouragement has really helped keep me going. 

Also without TheBitPriest's amazing dedication to the project it would never have got completed.  Thanks buddy!

I've put the game page up now -

I originally wrote this for my own daughter but then enlisted the awesome artistic talent of Kastchey to illustrate it, and this is the result!


4 pages from the eBook (printed version coming in January 2018)

(For general preview purposes only - obviously the image quality of the real thing is a whole lot better):

Completed Game Announcements / Lunar Lander
« on: 15 Dec 2017, 15:22 »
I made this because:
1 - I've always wanted to make a Lunar Lander game for some reason - I guess it was one of the very first game ideas I ever saw (quite possibly on the ZX81!)
2 - I like the concept of "one-switch" games that are accessible to people who due might struggle to use peripherals or multiple keys due to physical conditions.

Therefore I combined both ideas into one game.  It is in all honesty a bit easy but I wanted to make it something that those who struggle to play games ordinarily won't get too frustrated with it.  (That said, it does require a fair bit of skill and judgement to get consistently good landings.)

Site & Forum Reports / Yellow cup bug
« on: 07 Dec 2017, 13:26 »
I've just noticed that whenever you do a search, the Community Rating always shows only one yellow cup.  When you go into the game page it shows the correct number of cups.

The blue cup rating appears to okay, and the yellow cup issue appears, as far as I can tell, to affect every game in the database.

Completed Game Announcements / AGS Cycles
« on: 10 Nov 2017, 19:06 »
AGS Cycles takes the classic "Light Cycles" concept from TRON and adds some random elements so that each game is unique.  It's 2-player only because... well, because I couldn't code a good AI.  In fact, in all my years having played various iterations of this game idea, I have never really seen a good AI - coding a purely reactive opponent is very easy but trying to make one that acts proactively and somewhat plays like a human opponent is far, far tougher.

Er... anyway, grab a friend and give it a go!  (It may look very simple... it IS very simple, but it's good fun against a mate.)

Download Link

... you might be interested to know that two of my eBooks are on a free promotion today - both featuring the star of Captain Disaster in: Death Has a Million Stomping Boots (which is getting close to the end of its development cycle!).

Captain Disaster: The Damaris Touch

Answering distress calls can be a tricky business, as Captain Disaster has found out before - but he's a good-hearted individual so of course he answers yet another one. At first there doesn't seem to be any danger, just a couple of odd aliens with a unique business plan - but things soon take a turn for the worst as it emerges that they are not alone on the planet.

The Captain Disaster Collection

A comedy science fiction short story collection, and some preview information on the point and click adventure games featuring Captain Disaster.

This collection contains the first 11 stories featuring the space-faring nitwit, as he travels the galaxy finding extraordinary creatures and extraneous plot devices.

If anyone does get these and reads them, I would be immensely grateful if you could leave a review!

AGS Games in Production / Robo Football (working title)
« on: 21 Jul 2017, 16:37 »
We've been working on this for a little while and still have a way to go, but the time seems right to announce our Robot Football Management Game.

Take on the role of manager of Robo Knights as they try to win the Robot Football World Cup! 

Some early screenshots and gameplay footage (missing animations and the AI is a work in progress, but it gives you an idea of the in-match madness).  Even at Slasher's amazing pace this will take some time to get looking and playing right, but we're working on it, and you can guarantee that it will be accompanied by the cheesiest dialogue this side of Sky Sports El Queso Grande.

Dev team:

Slasher - Coding, Commentary
Katschey - Graphics
CaptainD - Design, Commentary

I'm talking about those who may have had little or even nothing to do with directly making games, but who give great encouragement to all AGS developers by playing, reviewing and commenting on MANY games made with AGS.

Apologies in advance to anyone I may not have thought of but over not just months but years I have noticed that AGS forum members Michael2968, Andy and Stupot+ have left encouraging comments on hundreds of games, perhaps even thousands.  There are quite a number of games that would probably have painfully few or, even worse, no comments at all without your efforts - and believe me, knowing that just one person enjoyed your game enough to leave a comment can make a world of difference to the developer(s).

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys. :)

General Discussion / Retro Gaming Videos
« on: 05 Jun 2017, 12:19 »
I've recently started posting gameplay videos, Let's Plays and game intros from various retro games (primarily Atari ST as that was the system I had growing up).  Thought I'd start sharing them here, and of course anyone else who does their own retrogaming videos is more than welcome to add theirs!

I'll start posting mine in date order so I don't get too confused (!) - here are a couple of Stunt Car Racer vids (ST), which due to the law that says you immediately play games worse when you hit the Record button, I actually managed to lose on both tracks! (roll)
(Also thanks again to AGA for the new youtube embed feature :))

Site & Forum Reports / Embedding YouTube videos
« on: 03 May 2017, 23:10 »
Just can't seem to get this to work anymore - including the method I've previously used to do so.  Has anything changed?

Adventure Related Talk & Chat / Kapia
« on: 03 May 2017, 23:09 »

Completed Game Announcements / Daleks
« on: 15 Apr 2017, 17:07 »
I don't know if anyone will remember the Atari ST game Daleks (pretty sure it was out on other systems as well), but if you do, then this is more or less a remake of that game.  For those of you that don't remember it, this game is more or less a remake of that game.

Basically, it's a very simple turn-based game where you have to get the daleks / robots or whatever you want to call them to crash into each other rather than crash into you.  There are 5 levels but this is designed to be a coffee break game, unless you deliberately ponder each move for an age, no single game is ever going to take you long.  Starting points for you and the robots are completely randomised, and so is the location you transport to if you use the transporter, so there will be very occasional times when losing is inescapable - however these instances are extremely low probability.

I'll put up something non-GameJolt later, I'm in a bit of a rush now.  Enjoy!  (For extra fun see if you can identify the famous sci-fi robots I've tried to recreate as an 8x8 pixel sprite.)

I asked some (what I thought were fairly good) questions, he game some (what are I think are extremely good) answers!

Check it out:

General Discussion / My posts on
« on: 22 Feb 2017, 21:59 »
I was recently invited to write for this website, which is also hoping to resurrect its electronic & printed retro gaming magazine one day.  For anyone interested in retro gaming, I'm going to link my posts here (I'll mainly be covering Atari ST stuff, but the website itself has all sorts of retro system retrospectives, top tens, news on homebrew titles and the like).

My first post is about the excellent World Class Rugby: Five Nations Edition by Audiogenic.

Nice to see Nelly Cootalot (I know, I know, not AGS but kind of honorary  :-D), Kathy Rain and Shardlight in there for a some categories...

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