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Site & Forum Reports / Re: Wiki manual pages out of date
« on: 13 Mar 2018, 21:29 »
We run a Linux virtual server with root access, so in theory could do whatever we want.

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Wiki manual pages out of date
« on: 13 Mar 2018, 06:16 »
I can give you (or whoever) access to that folder, the same way you do for releases, CW.  Somebody needs to take responsibility for getting (and keeping!) it up to date though...

A useful link for anyone in doubt.  cat, I added this to the first post.

Fixed, thanks for reporting.  The email wasn't sent though, so please let me know which game it was (if you can remember!).

Unexpected at the Rising Star is listed for Best Voicework but I don't think this is correct (much as I would love it to be!).

I noticed that Archeos is in the 'best background art' category for voting. But it wasn't so for the nominations, Neofeud was there instead. I mean, I don't mind it (and Fantome Bleu doesn't - he drew the backgrounds) but it seems like an error.

Thanks for the honesty, both.  I've fixed them both, and double checked all the possible votes against the top nominees.

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Broken game links
« on: 13 Feb 2018, 21:51 »
I'm planning to add and revise various things like that in the next version of the site.  I'll be sure to include your suggestion!

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Change "download demo" button
« on: 11 Feb 2018, 14:10 »
Please don't make it one of these friggin' "tablet sites", with five words and a 1080p image of actors smiling every scroll.

Refactoring, not redesigning!

Site & Forum Reports / Re: Change "download demo" button
« on: 11 Feb 2018, 12:26 »
I'm currently working refactoring the website.  I'll try to take your requests into account!

There are more than enough nominations in almost every category every year.  And yes, it's almost always been that it's five votes minimum.  If fewer people than that nominate a game, is it really deserving of being called award winning, or just the best of a bad bunch?

We're paying for the accommodation, not the company, so if you don't use a bed I don't think there's any need to pay...  Please try to work out ASAP whether you'll want a bed though!

Okay, I've booked Large spacious 6 bedroom house, from 15-22 September.  I noticed that Airbnb will refund 100% of the fees if you cancel within 48 hours, so it seemed a good idea.

Sorry for all the high speed and chaos today and yesterday, but I really wasn't expecting stuff to book up this quickly!

Oh btw, if you look at the photos of the second place there's a huge attic we could easily use for later night drinking, game playing, noise making.  There's very little chance the owner would be able to hear us from his basement apartment.  To me, that basically removes my main concern...

Count me in!
I live in Boston! September is a great month, fall foliage is amazing here.

Never went to a Mittens before. How the housing works? I have an apartment here so I can return home at night.
Is this doable? The problem is that I have a wife and a 1-month-old baby that will be around 9-month-old in September...

The way it usually works is you pay your share, you stay at the chosen house for the week.  We hang out for the week, and do nerd stuff (not always AGS related).  Usually at least one day involves getting out of the house and seeing the local attractions/history.

However, I will warn you that both options we're looking at say no children under 2 are allowed on site (for safety reasons).  If you wanted, you could probably work out some way of doing it though.  You visit us during the day, then go home to your family at night, or you stay with us and visit them every day or two.  Whatever you feel comfortable with!  Of course if you didn't sleep at the house you wouldn't need to pay a full share of the costs.

Unfortunately we're seriously running out of valid options.  Both those options have their plus sides and their negatives, but I'm not sure we can afford to be fussy anymore.  We really need to book something today.  As Esseb says, if it comes to it I might be forced to just pick a place and book.

To make it easier though, here's a summary of the two current options:

The WheatlandLarge spacious 6 bedroom house
16-45 people
Up to 22 separate beds
Up to 5 unshared rooms (only one bed)
$5925.55 total / $370.35 each
Not suitable for under 2s
Around 1hr from Boston by car and public transport
Potentially a shared space, if other people book at the same time as us
Quiet Hours 10:30PM - 6:30AM
Clean up after yourselves in common areas
Please note that personal items cannot be left in the common areas
16 people
10 separate beds
4 unshared rooms (only one bed)
30 minutes' drive from Boston, but public transport is barely available
$6197.40 total / $387.34 each
No food in any of the bedrooms
No loud music
No loud conversations or music after 10pm
Owner lives on site, but with separate entrance

Overall I'd say the second option is more like a traditional Mittens house, while the first is more like staying in a B&B.  The main downside is the lack of noise after 22:00, and need for a car/Uber, but I think we can probably cope better with that than the other place's rules.  It's not like loud noises are much of a Mittens thing, and we can always go upstairs into one of the bedrooms if we really need to make more noise!  According to scotch, who lives locally, it's also better situated for Boston and the local history.

Nevermind, that house is taken!  Owner apparently doesn't update the calendar.

There's a map.  As I said, it's around an hour's drive, same by public transport, from Boston.  That's pretty standard for Mittens, I think.  We're usually a medium journey from the nearest big city, and it's never been a problem before!

Hull / Nantasket Beach, since I know you know Boston.  Here's a Google Maps link to the exactish location.

We're running out of options rapidly, as places are booking up.  What about this place:  It sleeps 16, seems well equipped, and the ocean location could be great!  Around an hour's drive or public transport from Boston.  It's about $400 per person, but the larger, cheaper places are running out!

If we can agree on a place quickly, I'll make the booking ASAP.  Everyone please respond to confirm if this place would be good, from 15-22 September.  If people don't at least respond with a yes or a no, I'll have to assume you're no longer interested.

Is there really no way to put the categories on different pages?

"Really no way"?  Of course it's possible, but I've never seen anyone even suggest it before!

However, I think people would find clicking through 20 pages to vote just as annoying...

Oh, and click 'stay logged in indefinitely' or somesuch when you log in to stay logged in.

I've nominated, but I'm still being told I haven't. When I open the nomination form, my previous entries are all filled out, so I assume something's been saved.

Should be fixed now?

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