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Death Wore Endless Feathers (0 Day Disk 1)

by Scavenger

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Download Death Wore Endless Feathers (0 Day Disk 1)
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Game Genre:
Story Type:
Release Date:
18 Jul 2009
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Medium length game
Short game Can be completed within 30 minutes
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Full length game As long as a Sierra / LucasArts classic
MAGS game Monthly AGS competition entry
Non-adventure game Using Adventure Game Studio for something else?!
Joke game You know when it fits this category ;)
Demo Unfinished games / commercial games
Training game Games made just to try out AGS
Newly added games Not yet categorised
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Content advisory:
Occasional, mild

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About this game

Jakob is a hacker for Sector H, a new branch of Black Sun, a crypto-anarchistic organisation that looks after its own.

Funded by mysterious benefactors, Jakob and the rest of Sector H break open ractives to ensure that everyone can play them. It's a dog-eat-dog political minefield that Jakob wants no part of.

All Jakob wants to do is play ractives, watch the new Ripsaw Bloodgore concert, and have fun. He has no place in this war - but fate conspire against him, dragging him into the very core of this matter. He will never forget the day


Ed: This is the 0-day release of Death Wore Endless Feathers.
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Game Design
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Concept & Sprite Art

AGS Awards

Won, Best Character Art 2009

AGS Panel Review

"A delightful little game that will have you taking the role of a game hacker who just needs to pick up some pizzas for his friends, but in adventure games it's never that easy. Aside from some strangely unexplained jargon and a few fiddly puzzles (the robot puzzle is more difficult than need be) you'll find a lot to like in this game."

6 people commented on this game (newest first):

A true cyberpunkish cracker-scene adventure turned cartoon, that is as great looking as it is super-fun to play.

One of my favorite AGS titles of 2009. Though now I'm waiting and waiting for months for the follow-up.
2010-11-01 18:56:36 by Ascovel
If you grew up with cracked games and hackers bragging about 0-day releases in elaborate ascii-art, you'll get the humour in this game. Be sure to check out the documentation that comes with the game.

There's a couple slips when you do things in a different order from what the designer expected, but nothing that leaves you stranded. The use of low-quality character sprites but with some high-quality still-photo "cutscenes" reminds me of Space Quest and other Sierra games.
2010-04-29 22:55:27 by Pixelhunter
Not enough ratings yet? This is good! 80% plus. Nice lucasarts-esque graphics, good animations, well-implemented music and sounds, and the puzzles are not tedious. Nice job!! Can't wait for the rest of the "gamez" to be "cracked". ;)
2009-09-25 06:21:52 by SKYY
Great game. Nice atmosphere, GREAT graphics, well-developed characters too! It all formed one quite captivating world. More of this, please!
2009-07-25 20:03:00 by Tinkerer (tinkerer)
Great little game - excellent writing and atmosphere, and I liked the graphical style. There is a lot of potential in a game world such as this, so let's hope you make some more games in this style.
2009-07-24 12:58:16 by Nlogax
I loved the concept of this game, it was so well conceived and came together perfectly.

It's not an easy task to create a coherent universe, and it has been achieved here - thanks to lots of attention to detail, starting with the manual and the "hacked" game data and continuing all throughtout the game.

Definitely give it a try if you like cyberpunk stories and are not in search of simple in-your-face mainstream fun, but rather unique humor.
2009-07-21 12:47:23 by Overhaul Niceman (egalotron)
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