Iskra Igra

Started by heltenjon, Sun 29/10/2023 00:44:19

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 I think it's best to open up a question thread for this one right away. ???

@Manc - Feel free to answer, but if not, we players may compare notes here.

Theory - This game has no ending, but is a collection of minigames. (Manc?)

Has anyone figured out how the skating works? Most of the time, the dog is on the skateboard, and I can't seem to get the player character to use it.

What language is this when it's not English? What clues or instructions do we miss when we don't understand it? Are all parts of the game playable for us who don't understand the language?

Is there something to do in the cafe?

Fish game: Does the fish grow eventually, or is the aim of the mini-game simply to get as many points as possible?

The Pac-Man hotspot is marked "Don't work". But it is, is it broken somehow?

I have more questions, but let's start there.

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