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New AGSer, where to find a team?
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Hiya all,

First of all, I am very sorry if this posts offends anyone or is against the rules (at least according to quiz it is. Or is it just for Games in Development forum?), however I really need some help.

I have been throwing around a thought about a game. The basic plot is laid in, as well as the setting. I have history as a programmer (my day job atm & university major) but the artistic department is a bit lacking (I have no idea about sound design and my drawing skills are rather non-existant: I can do some super simple backgrounds, but that's it). Where could I find people interested in the project? Or are there any at all? I would ask my friends and co-workers but none of them has either the time or skills needed (90% can code, none can draw). It seems that the Recruitment forum is not the correct place (and/or not allowed) to go since I haven't got much to show yet. It would have been the logical place, but it seems that is not the place for this.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions you can give me.

Or should I just give up and forget about it?

Edit: Removed Info about game, added apologies.
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Re: New AGSer, where to find a team?
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Hi Kaapelikala, welcome to the forums :)

Your problem is a common one, I think most people who want to delve into making games find themselves in your position. The best tip I can give you is to try and make som smaller projects to start off with. Not only will you practice making games, but you will also show off what you can bring to the table. I doubt anyone is willing to join a project where they have no idea if it will be finished or how good it will be. I recommend joining competitions like the MAGS competition where you have a month to make a game, it forces you to get something out and it's a great learning experience.

Best of luck!


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Re: New AGSer, where to find a team?
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You could contact some of the users listed in the Offer Your Services thread.

I'm sure you'd find somebody willing to help you, providing you're serious about your project. :)
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Re: New AGSer, where to find a team?
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Hey, this thread really struck a chord with me as you sound just like me. Yes, some of us think we are pure right-brainers, but as we get older we might found out that is not the case. Just by knowing that you have ideas for a game, I am sure that you have much creative ability. It just takes effort to learn how to put it to use, just like all that technical schooling we take.

I learned much later in life that most of art is actually right brain activity, just like writing code. You can look at all the wonderful info this site has in the critics lounge to see how technical art can be. I have a feeling that you have it in you to create the art you need, if you spend the effort in discovering it. Even just a few simple sketches of what you are thinking of can really help with finding partners.
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