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MODERATOR NOTE (12/10/2016):


This thread is an archive of offers made prior to 2016, which will continue to exist for legacy's sake. Some of the later offers may still stand, but many of the earlier ones probably don't.

For current offers, please see the Offer Your Services! 2016/2017 thread.

Thank you. :)


It seems you've cleaned out the old entries, so here's mine. :)

Web Designer

I specialize in Drupal sites, and can give you a totally integrated forum, series of galleries, community blog posts, you name it. I can build websites to custom-fit a use case. I'm looking at expanding my portfolio, so the first couple of people that contact me here will get my services and consultations for absolutely free. You don't even have to bribe me with one of your games.  ;)

"Well now," you say casually, "what all can you make with a Drupal site?"

You can have:

-A news site
-A site with reviews of things
-Built-in forums (comes with private messaging, possibly even group functionality if needed)
-An events site.
-A podcasting site
-Something to showcase your game team or company
-A portfolio
-Some kind of user-generated-content thing, like "Texts from Last Night"
-A video portal featuring videos you've done.

Check out my website here.

Please note that I do have to feed myself at some point, so I can only keep this going for so long.

So wait, what do you do?
I build and design websites.

What does that entail?
Graphic design, coding, and CSS work. I can also put some jQuery and HTML5 magic into your site. ;)

Can you do Wordpress?
I really don't like Wordpress very much, but I am competent enough to put sites together in it. However, I'll always argue to use Drupal over it, for a multitude of reasons.

If that promotional thing is over, how much do you charge?
The initial consultation is always, always free. Just private message me, and we'll set up a Skype chat or something to further discuss it. I can't realistically give a price without evaluating the scale of a project. So let's talk about it!


I am Guney Ozsan. I am an independent composer. I have a bachelors degree in contemporary classical composition and also I have been playing in various mainstream bands for 10 years.

My portfolio covers contemporary classical, electronic, rock, funk. I am interested in game music in the styles of cinematic or electro.

I am a gamer since Amiga 500. I made an audio-game in Global Game Jam Istanbul 2012 (Watch our project). I am here for more interesting projects. You can listen to my portfolio here:

My Portfolio:

My Game Music:
My Heart is Beatplosive (GGJ 2013 game by Emrah Ozer and Orcun Nisli)
Rad Skater Apocalypse (iOs game by Muzboz Games)
Big Blue World Domination [MAGS] (AGS game by WHAM)

You can contact me from guneyozsan

I wanted to update my ancient post, this gives me the opportunity to do so.

Translation - English to French

I am a freelance translator, and when work is slow (which is uncomfortably often if you ask me) I want to practice and hone my skills. And what better way to do it than with an AGS translation ?
I am a native French speaker and I've already translated two AGS games, both Maniac Mansion Mania episodes (9 and 53).
I can also translate from French to English and proofread your work.
For more information, here is my profile :
Send me a PM if you're interested.


Not exactly as enjoyable as translation, but play-testing can be interesting.
Again, drop me a line if you need this.


If you need your game proofread, in French or in English, tell me what it's about and I may be able to do it.

Hello! I'm an an amateur voice actress & writer, my voice is mainly medium -high. I have a naturally English accent but can do a passable American, as well as kid and creature voices.
My voice demo lives at:

my homepage is:

Yep, I see we're starting anew with offering of services in the forum.

Since I'm somewhat new to AGS, I may not offer much, but I can serve to aid in brainstorming, and can also serve as a proofreader.  Just ask me in a private message and I can share my email address with you (if you're comfortable with that; if not, then just feel free to share the dialogue and what-not in the private message and I'll check the spelling and grammar for you).


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