An introduction for a game idea I once had.

Started by Retro Wolf, Fri 05/06/2020 07:52:31

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Retro Wolf

The name’s Frank, I’m a member of the local crime family, The Malones, well I say family but it’s just me, ever since I sent my brother Frank to the klink... So being the only mobster in town’s pretty good, don’t have to pay no cut, don’t need to worry about some cugine whackin the wrong guy. Business is easy, quiet… At least until I got that phone call…

The guy on the other end was an old goombah of mine named Johnny Snappers, they called him that cause he’s always snapping his fingers. The Yakuzas cut out his tongue, good job I know morse code...
Turns out the families need a neutral place to talk, they chose my turf…I figure the best place is Chef Lucca’s restaurant, I’ll tell him to keep his nudist brother away, these guys are pretty old fashioned...

The three great mobster families are coming, The Calzones speciality is smuggling, you could never tell what was in that filling until you ripped open that bready crust. The Spaghettis liked prostitution, but the meat of their operation was in drugs. Now the Lasagnes, they had a multi layered operation, had an interest in pretty much everything.

So today’s the big day, now I don’t know how well it’s going to go, but I know when Calzones, Lasagnes, and Spaghettis get in the same room... it’s delicious!

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