Holy Scripture

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In the beginning, the almighty God created man and Adventure, and it was good. He gave to his greatest followers Lucas and Sierra the power to create Adventure, and to teach others to do the same.

For a time, man lived in harmony with God, aided by Adventure. But then, the Doom came, and evil spread throughout the world. The Second Doom came, and soon after the three Quakes, and Adventure and the worship of God was forgotten.

Then God spoke to his prophet Chris Jones and said to him, "Go forth! And teach all to make Adventure and worship Me!" And the humble Chris Jones said, "Oh Lord Almighty of Heaven and Earth! How can I make Adventure without the ancient tools?"

And so God gave Chris Jones the Adventure Creator, and it was good. He sent Roger, the greatest son of Sierra and an Angel of God, to watch over Chris Jones.

With the word of God and the Adventure Creator, Chris Jones created the Manual, the Holy Word of the almighty God that taught others to create Adventure with the tools given to Chris Jones by the Lord.

Chris Jones then left his home and carried with him only a Blue Cup to show his devotion to his Lord. And he gave the Adventure Creator to others, and the Manual, and soon men were once more making Adventure.

And then He created the Holy Forum for all who worship God and his prophet Chris Jones to gather and help others create Adventure, and it was good.