Author Topic: RotN: The Case of the Muffin Diver MAGs Feb 2016 Happy 15th year!  (Read 1502 times)

version 1.1

Detective Max Griff gets a call from the local Sheriff, there's a headless body in the forest! A contribution to the Reality on the Norm series.


Remember to use the HINT button for help.
If played in window, use the 2x filter at least.

A short game made for MAGs and RotN's 15th year.
Music Farty Crooks by Eric Matyas.
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    • arj0n worked on a game that was nominated for an AGS Award!
Just played, finished and really enjoyed this little RoN game. Nice!


    • Mandle worked on a game that was nominated for an AGS Award!
Just finished playing the game: A load of fun, which I knew was going to be woefully short. I wanted more of the humour and lovely graphics and animation! Puzzles were quite easy but a lot of fun!

Maybe this could be the lead-in to a medium or full-length game? :-D

I did find one bug (nothing game-breaking):

Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
You can take the pumpkin from the catalog shelter again after you put the first pumpkin on the plinth

Well it is a magic pumpkin Mandle! ;)

I know it's a little too short, but short games are all I have time and motivation for these days.
Try finding that parse error when you've got one kid screaming in your ear and the other one trying to destroy everything! (laugh)

Thanks for playing Arjon and Mandle!

Bugs fixed, new version uploaded! Thanks for playing!