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Quantumnauts [Demo]

by Midian Design

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Release Date:
8 Oct 2009
AGS Panel Rating:
Not rated yet
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Not enough votes yet
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MAGS game Monthly AGS competition entry
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Content advisory:
Occasional, mild
Occasional, mild

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This game has a demo to download, but the full game is not yet available.

About this game

The Quantumnauts' task was simple: bring his captain back on board of the spaceship
through teleportation, within the time required for this mission: 3 hours on planet
earth in 2010, 1st. Universe. But because of using a wrong coordinate the Quantumnaut
by accident teleported the wrong person: an unlucky person called Bob.
Before the teleportation he was just leaving his favorite pub where he has been
playing all night with his band, ending up being pretty drunk as usual. After this
teleportation Bob thought that everything he was witnessing was just a drunken dream.
But it seems to be as real as the immense shadow that was approaching the spaceship
on which he found himself at that very moment: space pirates!

The Quantumnaut activated the automatic escape system to warp the Quantumship into a
safe place, far away from those space pirates. He and Bob managed to escape from the
pirates and ended up into the thirteenth Universe, year 3042... But during the
escape, the motors and the control system of the ship have been completely

The only option now left is making a crash landing on the first possible planet they
encounter� They eventually crash on a red, hot planet with a desert covered with
strange trunk-shaped rocks. The last things on the mind of the Quantumnaut: a Captain
lost in space and time, his spaceship of incalculable value crushed on a weird and
perhaps hostile planet and a drunk guy called Bob, who wasn�t worrying about
anything convinced having a drunken dreaming caused by the huge amount of beer...
This is all too much for the Quantumnauts' heart. He dies, leaving Bob alone with a
wrecked spaceship on a strange planet, far away from home...

While Bob manage to leave the spaceship he begins to realize that everything what
happened until now isn't just a drunken dream. On the contrary, it�s the very
hard reality...

In this demo you play Bob, so prepare for:

- being drunk,
- getting teleported,
- witnessing the escape from space pirates,
- experiencing a crash landing,
- wandering around in the desert,
- visiting an extraterrestrial city,
- Meeting aliens and robots.

Check it all out in this 6 room playable demo!
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1 people commented on this game (newest first):

Nice Demo. I really should check out the full game some time.
2015-06-29 03:38:03 by Stupot
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