AGS Awards 2007

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AGS Awards Results
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Nelly Cootalot came away with 5 awards, ATOTK with 4, Yahtzee with 4 (2 for Art of Theft, 2 for 6DAS), and Infinity String, Blackwell Unbound, Murder in a Wheel, The Marionette and _access 1 each. Ashen was given the Lifetime Achievement award. The awards ceremony was done as a downloadable AGS game rather than the more usual IRC ceremony.

The awards were organised by SSH, with CJ providing the in-forum advertising, nomination and voting pages

Winner, and other nominees alphabetically by category

Best Game Created with AGS

Best Innovation

Lifetime Achievement

  • Nick "Ashen" Mallon

Best Gameplay

Best Story

Best Dialogue Writing

Best Puzzles

Best Player Character

Best Background Art

Best Character Art

Best Short Game

Best Non-Player Character

Best Animation

Best Programming

Best Music

Best Documentation

Best Non-Adventure Game Created with AGS

Best Use of Sound

Best Demo