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Screenshot 1 of AL-QUEST 1
AL needs help. His basement apartment is infested with rats, he can't make the rent, and he feels as if he's just not making a difference in the world. Your mission is to help AL out in this wacky (yet cynical) adventure, which takes place on a quintessentially North American urban stage. The mirror link is the faster download (for now).

New debugged version 1.2 now available....

Released: 30 Jan 2004
Screenshot 1 of BESIEGED: Or How to Get Out of A Castle.... Without Being Catapulted
Help the Dung Shoveler break the siege and save the Sexy Servant Girl in this short and silly medieval adventure.

Lots of potty humour, medieval grossness, and the occasional bare bum. Tons of fun!...

Released: 29 Nov 2008
Screenshot 1 of Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow
A rebel clone meets a zany galaxy in this high-intensity sci-fi parody. Hundreds of animations, spectacular humour, full sound-track and a bunny's lair worth of easter eggs make this game a must play!

You play Charlie Foxtrot, a clone who rebels against conformity. Undertaking an intergalactic quest so that he can assert his autonomy, Charlie travels to strange planets inhabited by d...

Released: 17 Jul 2007
Fridge Follies by Baron
Screenshot 1 of Fridge Follies
Winner of the "food themed" November 2014 MAGS competition, this one room fridge adventure will have you in stitches. Featuring witty dialogues by Ponch, and animation by Baron, this short game is the epitome of cool. Now with full voice acting!...

Released: 22 Jun 2015
Screenshot 1 of The Paramecium Complex
A mad scientist has invented a super cure to all the world's woes. The problem is, it's unstable. You must enter the Paramecium Complex and save the day!...

Released: 26 Nov 2005
The Winter Rose by BaRoN
Screenshot 1 of The Winter Rose
An evil ice-dragon has settled in once lush and forested land, blighting it with eternal winter. Only a young archer has the determination -and the wits - to end his wicked reign of terror. Help Rose through this epic quest.

This game features handpainted backgrounds, intriguing characters and over a hundred animations. It is a fantasy adventure with a humorous undertone....

Released: 9 Nov 2005

Page 1 of 1 (6 results)

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