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AGS Award Winners

12 Awards
Resonance merges classic point-and-click gameplay with innovative, contemporary storytelling thanks to its nostalgic pixel-art graphics, suspenseful plotline, and creative puzzles. A brilliant particle physicist has just died under suspicious circumstances, leaving the classified details of his powerful new technology locked away in a hidden vault. Now fate has thrown together four strangers - the scientist's assistant, a doctor, a police officer, and an investigative reporter - to find the vault before this potentially catastrophic weapon falls into the wrong hands. Controlling each of these protagonists, Resonance players will decide when they should work together, which secrets to guard, and who to trust. But loyalties will be tested as the clock ticks down to global disaster, and you may discover that you've been mistaken all along...


Full games page entry (commercial game)
11 Awards
Heroine's Quest is an adventure / RPG hybrid. Like in many adventure games, you have a world to save, and must use your wit, guile and inventory to puzzle your way through. Like in many roleplaying games, you can customize your character with various classes and skills, and must train yourself in combat to stand a chance against the fierce monsters in your way.

In desperation, the jarl of Jarnvidr has called for a Heroine, to stand against the forces of frost and put an end to the lasting winter. Her might, sorcery, and cunning may be humanity's last resort. Are you up to the task, or will you die trying?

The game is designed in the spirit and atmosphere of the classics, and strives to have the same high quality of art, music, and plot. With multiple character classes and several solutions to many puzzles, the game has excellent replayability.

This is v1.2.4, updated as of june 2017. Available on Steam (main download link) and IndieDB (mirror).

11 Awards
Chapter one of the Journey Down follows our brave hero Bwana and his sidekick Kito as they, while struggling to make ends meet, suddenly get thrown into a twisting plot of Corruption and Adventure!

9 Awards
A jobless agoraphobe, addicted to the man-made worlds of a distant descendant of the internet, has become targeted for assassination by forces beyond her understanding. With nobody she could really call an enemy or a friend, she must face the dangers of "meatspace", and survive a conspiracy that has invisibly ruled her entire life. An agent of the city's all-seeing secret police finds himself blackmailed with the lives of the unborn children of his long-dead wife. Pushed to the limits by his deceit and his past, how far is he willing to go to save his legacy? Follow their lives as a string of catastrophes threatens not only themselves, but everything they think they know about the city!


Full games page entry (commercial game)
8 Awards
A tale of dark and troubling things, a narrative-driven point-and-click adventure that explores the stories of four different characters in a masked ball taking place on a train in the late 1920s.

8 Awards
Whispers of a Machine is a Sci-Fi Nordic Noir that tells the story of Vera, a cybernetically augmented detective in a post-AI world, who investigates a string of murders and unravels a dark conflict over forbidden technology.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
7 Awards
Azriel Odin, ex-assassin, arrives on the rain-drenched planet of Barracus to find someone. When things go horribly wrong, he can only seek help from the very criminals he used to work for. Meanwhile, across the galaxy, a man called Delta-Six wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Without knowing where to turn or who to trust, he vows to escape before he loses his identity completely. As fate brings these two men closer together, we discover a world where life is cheap, identities are bought and sold, and a simple quest for redemption can change the fate of a whole galaxy. Price: $14.99 www.geminirue.com


Full games page entry (commercial game)
7 Awards
The black horse of war looms over the land, with the ominous Lord Ironcrow at the reins. Because Pib's apprenticeship makes him vulnerable to the military draft, attaining wizardhood becomes imperative.

(NOTE: Download link leads to the updated version)

From ocean diving to winning at the races, this adventure explores the land of Willowbean that lies beyond the Wizard's hill. New characters range from the Book Wyrm, a dragon-like being with a taste for literature, to Seacookie, the puniest contender at the centaur races.

6 Awards
Alan Goldberg is a frustrated slasher movie screenwriter in the
Hollywood of 1985 who feels his career is at a standstill, but his luck
is about to change: Helen Westmore, an eccentric millionaire, will grant
him anything he could wish for if he is able to find genius horror
director Edward Keller's last, unpublished work, which is said to be the
scariest film of all time.

Alan will find his way amongst
B-films production companies, VFX workshops, religious cults, and a
small haunted town called Serena, the dark reputation of which began
when Keller was last seen there.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
6 Awards
The jury of Los Angeles County District has ruled in favor of four
police officers accused of abusing their power against coloured citizen
Rodney King, and thousands of people take the streets to protest,
causing an unprecedented riot.

Tonight, amongst riots and builidings ablaze, officers John Barker
and Al Jackson respond to a call in the South Central district. The
children of an old friend have gone missing. The only lead they have is a
dangerous criminal who’s got all prostitutes fearing for their lives.
In a battle against time, they will face violent street gangs, their very own colleague officers, and even the supernatural.

6 Awards
A dead man's soul cries out against the force of a ferocious blizzard. He cries for help. He cries for answers. Then he screams as he is torn apart like damp tissue paper.

This wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

The police are powerless to stop it, so the duty falls to the only ones who can. What force could be so powerful – and so malevolent – that it would destroy the very core of a life in order to get what it wants? Rosa Blackwell and Joey Mallone mean to find out, even if it means risking themselves in the process.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
6 Awards
King's Quest II was the sequel to the original King's Quest game designed by Roberta Williams. Several people were discontented with this sequel, believing the puzzles were illogical, and the storyline was too sparse.

The King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones remake includes additional storyline, puzzles, enhanced artwork, digital music, lip-synced character speech portraits, fully narrated audio track (over 3,800 lines), atmosphere, depth, and more -- basically, the whole nine yards!

5 Awards
Kathy Rain tells the compelling story of a strong-willed college girl with a knack for detective work (and a Harley) who returns to her hometown after being gone since childhood. Set in the 90's, Kathy starts investigating a local mystery and the legacy of her recently deceased grandfather.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
5 Awards
Martin is a bachelor and sculptor struggling to make a living in the city. One evening he finds in his mail a strange white envelope, unmarked except for the number "1011" written in the top right corner. Inside is a photograph of a room with ropes hanging from the ceiling. He has barely registered that fact when he is struck unconscious, and later wakes to find himself in completely unfamiliar surroundings, with only a house nearby to offer any hope of help...

5 Awards
Nelly Cootalot, fearsome pirate and lover of tiny and adorable creatures, is charged by the spirit of a dead buccaneer to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a fleet of birds known as spoonbeaks.

Her adventure will bring her face to face with the nefarious Baron Widebeard as she uncovers corruption and wanton punning in the Barony of Meeth.

This is my first complete AGS game. It is around medium length, and should take a few hours to play. I made it for, and about, my girlfriend. She enjoyed it and I hope you will too!

The game features:

English, French, German & Spanish Language

Soundtrack by Mark "m0ds" Lovegrove

640x480 Resolution

Verb Coin Interface

32bit Graphics & Anti-Aliased Sprites

English & Spanish Language

5 Awards
Get in, get the loot, get out... that's how it usually goes for master cat burglar Trilby. But after he breaks into the supposedly vacated country manor erstwhile of the aristocratic DeFoe family, he quickly finds that things are not that simple. Together with a group of strangers, he finds himself imprisoned by some invisible intelligence. A force prepared to do anything to keep them there.

5 Awards
You play as detective Jake McUrk working for the Police Detective Agency. The citizens got rid of the old corrupt police system and organized the PDA, consisting only of detective investigators. Despite there not being any policemen patrolling the streets anylonger, the crime rate dropped by nearly 50%. However, one morning Jake is put on a case that sounded like just another false alarm. But he is suddenly thrown into a nightmare consisting of brutal murders and danger lurking around every corner and nolonger being sure of who he can trust.

4 Awards
“Strangeland is a surrealist, psychologic horror adventure that feels like it was drawn by H.R. Giger, designed by M.C. Escher, and written by Aeschylus.”


Full games page entry (commercial game)
4 Awards
One year ago, a demon possessed you; forcing you to tear a trail of bloodshed through New York City. Your salvation finally comes in the form of the Unavowed – an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil. You are free, but your world is in tatters. You have no home, no friends, and are wanted by the police. Your old life is gone, but perhaps you can start a new one. Join the ranks of the Unavowed, and fight against the oncoming darkness.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
4 Awards
The Gateway to Vespuccia, the City of Air and Light, Lamplight City - the thriving port city of New Bretagne is a beacon of progress and industrial advancement in the New World. Yet beneath the promises of a shining 19th-century future, the city rests upon foundations of poverty, class struggle, and crime. For police detective turned private investigator Miles Fordham, Lamplight City's shadowy corners are just part of the territory. But with his former partner constantly speaking to him from beyond the grave, his grip on sanity is slowly loosening. Can Miles find justice for his clients and track down his partner's killer before his entire world comes apart? Lamplight City is a detective adventure set in an alternate steampunk-ish "Victorian" past.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
4 Awards
In the vaguely 19th century, in vaguely Eastern Europe, a vampire menace grips the countryside! The menace of superstition and the belief that vampires exist!

Join Dr. Ego Goodmind, BHD, as he does research for his newest psychology book, The Empirical Vampirical. But is he in over his incredibly big head this time?

Featuring 8-bit graphics and MIDI music.

4 Awards
The world ended on the day the bombs fell. Since then, it's always been like this: disease, hunger, death. The ruling Aristocrats — a faceless oligarchy that controls all resources have unchallenged authority. There's never enough food, water, or vaccine to go around. The rich receive regular doses of vaccinations in exchange for their unconditional government support. The poor live in fear, superstition, and squalor until they die. Amy Wellard, a young woman reluctantly working for the government to qualify for the vaccine lottery, believes there's a cure and she's going to find it. Even if it costs her her life.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
4 Awards
Quest For Infamy is a classic point and click adventure game, in which you assume the identity of 'Mister Roehm' a man trying to start over after running away from a shady past. Welcome to the little town of Volksville only to discover there is so much more going on in the valley than meets the eye! Come along and take a walk on the wild side with Roehm and discover just how infamous you might be.

Quest for Infamy is available to buy from www.QuestForInfamy.com.

A mysterious man from the north arrives into a sleepy valley where there is a little town. He is stuck there because he is on the run from the baron of a previous town. His only way out is to go back the way he came or go through a bridge that stands over the great river that leads to the north and out. He finds himself embroiled in the events that are starting to unravel in that valley.

Featuring three different character classes, why not take on the sly and cunning path of the Rogue, or behold the wonder and limitless power of the Sorcerer. Or maybe you'd prefer the brute strength and brawn of the Brigand. Each class takes you on a different course throughout your quest making it ever so unique.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
4 Awards
A film-noir inspired, supernatural detective story.

Rick McCarthy is a private detective marred by a secretive and destructive past.

He is pulled into a world of blood sacrifice and invocation.

Can he hide his past, solve the crime and get the girl?



Left click to move,

Hold the left button to interact,

Move the mouse to the top of the screen to access the inventory.



The McCarthy Chronicles is quite processor intensive due to all the visual effects used. Do no run the game in a higher resolution than necessary. 320x200 is ideal though some LCD monitors may require 640x400 to avoid non 1:1 pixel mapping (Change it to 640x400 if the image appears blurry)

Ensure 'Enable Alternate Letterbox Resolution' is enabled.

The McCarthy Chronicles does not support Directx9 acceleration. Use Direct Draw mode


4 Awards
The sequel to 2008's Award Winning 'Ben There, Dan That!'.

It's a comedy adventure game! Sit back, relax, and put your mind to work solving puzzles, and reading funny dialogue. It's like a book, only good!

What's worse than finding out that your future evil selves have set about a series of events that wipes out all human life on the planet? Going back in time to fix things with half a mind on preventing coathangers from ever being invented, and accidentally setting up an alternate-universe Hitler with an unstoppable army of dinosaur clones instead, that's what! Whoopsie!


Full games page entry (commercial game)
4 Awards
It's Christmas Eve in Rome. What should be a joyful occasion becomes a senseless tragedy as a priest is murdered in cold blood. Back home in Philadelphia, Ben Jordan receives a phone call from the man accused of the crime, begging him to go to Rome and clear his name. Seeing this as a chance to prove his career choice to his disapproving family, Ben calls up his friends and starts another investigation. However, Ben doesn't realize that this will be the toughest case he's ever had, as many questions will be answered, and some lives will be lost...

4 Awards
ColourWise, a clever puzzle game about colours!

3rd Prize Winner at Eegra gamemaking shindig!

Visit ColourWise's site for more info and levels!

4 Awards
This version of A Tale of Two Kingdoms is no longer available. It was remade as a commercial Deluxe Edition – see here: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/2207

A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an epic faerie tale, in the classic style of the famous Sierra and LucasArts graphical adventure games. It is a full-length game with an atmosphere of fairy tales, magic, and intrigue.

Featuring five different endings; several sidequests and alternate solutions; teamwork with non-player characters; 75 minutes of high quality music; and director's commentary.

PC Zone UK has named it the Freeware Game of the Month, November 2007.
Games For Windows magazine has done a feature on ATOTK, January 2008.
GamePro magazine has done a feature on ATOTK, January 2008.

The ancient kingdom of Theylinn is beset by enemies both from within and without. Within the castle walls, nobles vie for the old King's favor, and not everybody is happy with the sole heir to the throne, princess Rhiannon.
Meanwhile, danger approaches, in the form of an invading army, a hostile giant, and a mercenary troop who are ancient enemies of the Theylann king.
And there is mystery yet. For hidden within the borders of Theylinn lies a second kingdom, named Thierna na Oge, where the faeries reign. Little is known about this shrouded, exotic realm.

4 Awards
My name is Trilby. Four years ago I was involved in the DeFoe Manor Incident. I and four other individuals were trapped inside a manor house by some kind of supernatural intelligence; a dark wraith with murder on its mind, the ghost of the original owner's youngest son. I was trapped inside DeFoe Manor for five days. I was forced to do something I can never forgive myself for. Possessed I may have been, but I was still watching through my eyes a man dying at my hands...

4 Awards
For centuries, there have been tales of a vicious spiritual entity known only as "The Horror" at Number 50, Berkeley Square in London. The Horror has been dormant for years...that is, until now.

Ben Jordan is contacted by the current owner of Number 50, to investigate the reappearance of the Horror. He soons finds he's not alone, as four other paranormal investigators join him on the case.

In the past, the Horror has claimed several victims. Make sure you aren't the next one.

4 Awards
Mortimer "Pib" Pibsworth wanted to become a magician for as long as he can remember. He even sweeps floors for one. But today, something is different...


3 Awards
Abscission is a Lovecraftian, story-driven horror point-and-click investigation game. It involves searching crime scenes for evidence, combining clues and questioning suspects. Puzzles can have multiple solutions as you guide the protagonist - Detective Will Stanhope - through the story.
This game adapts to your choices. People will remember how Stanhope spoke to them and may respond differently in the future, so consider each response carefully. Will Stanhope's destiny is in your hands. Choose wisely.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
3 Awards
Strange things are happening in the animal kingdom of Velehill. Unknown shadows of large appearance are seen roaming through the forests and making the ground shake with every step of their steel feet. Houses and trees are destroyed and one animal after the other seems to disappear mysteriously. Finn, a young roebuck, soon finds out about the disappearance of his family as well. Without hesitation, he goes on a journey to find them, not knowing he and his new friend Gwen the owl will soon uncover a dark secret that should have been kept hidden for all eternity...


Full games page entry (commercial game)
3 Awards
Her mother's hatchday is just around the corner and Zniw is trying to find the ultimate gift! This young yellow female dinosaur is armed with a sharp tongue but seriously lacking in navigational skills. As unfortunate events unfold, Zniw ends up far from her hometown of Wajapulka. While desperately trying to find her way back she stumbles in on a major problem in the neighboring village...

Inspired by cartoons, adventure games and edutainment titles from the 90's, Zniw Adventure is a 2D point and click title full of cartoon dinosaurs. It features a comic book-esque art style, frame-by-frame animation, and unlockable goodies like concept art and minigames. The in-game encyclopedia fills as you encounter prehistoric creatures allowing you to read more about them. Enjoy the prehistoric world in an unique cartoony style!


Full games page entry (commercial game)
3 Awards
Nobody believes Billy Masters. He's been accused of taking drugs in
high school and accusing his teacher of serious crimes. Sick of his
attitude, his parents have imposed a curfew on him until he apologizes
to his teacher. Now Billy thinks a sneaky psycho is at work at his
neighbors and he will do anything he can to convince the world that,
indeed, Billy Masters was right.
Billy Masters Was Right  is a short adventure game  in a Maniac Mansion graphic style and a plot inspired by movies like "The Burbs" or "Disturbia".


3 Awards
An epic comedy science fiction adventure awaits!

A seemingly harmless delivery ends up putting the entire galaxy at risk - can the gormless Captain save us all?

The fate of the galaxy couldn't be in worse hands!


Full games page entry (commercial game)
3 Awards
You are called by a kid, asking for help. He is trapped in a mysterious place. Can you help him to get out? I Want Out! is an escape-the-room game. It's a short game that should require about one hour of gameplay. Languages : English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

3 Awards
"If you could save someone, how much of yourself would you be willing to sacrifice? Until I Have You aims to recount a thrilling story of regret, love, corruption, and things gone haywire, under the strong, vibrant neon lights of a metropolitan city that just doesn't give a damn."

Until I Have You, is a story-driven, fast-paced, retro-aesthetic platformer, engulfed in a Cyberpunk setting.

Driving you to the edge of your seat as you run n' gun through enemies, the game recounts a thrilling story of regret, love and corruption, in a city that's gone haywire and just doesn't give a damn.

This is the story of the ARTIST, a talented assassin, who has worked many dirty jobs in a long and successful career. Finally heeding the pleadings of his wife, he has decided it's time to quit this ugly business and live a simple and peaceful life. However the ARTIST's clients know he is irreplaceable, and are unwilling to allow the craftsman to hangup his tool belt. They send him this message by kidnapping his wife, Emily, and make it clear, retirement is not an option! The ARTIST is determined to get his wife back, and prepares himself for one last assignment. He understands to be successful he needs to go all out, and he procures a rare exoskeleton suit. Although this provides him with additional powers, it also can cause hallucinations and affect his judgment.

If you could save someone, how much of yourself would you be willing to sacrifice?


Full games page entry (commercial game)
3 Awards
Now playable in English, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

In the infinity of space there is a planet with two faces turning around an old, white sun to which it always shows the same side. The other is enveloped in total darkness.

On each face life has developed in a different way. The bright side is inhabited by people who call themselves Strefis, the illuminated ones, while the dark side is populated by the Ugeltz, the people of night.

No Ugeltz has ever seen a Strefis however each civilisation remembers the other, in legends.

Extended Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mK_xlqIzfc

3 Awards
Groovy Greg set out to build robots that could love. Instead, he got the nanobots. Although the bots were designed to solve problems as a team, all their trial runs seem to end with the sound of tiny metallic fists meeting tiny metallic torsos. It’s enough to make even the most laid-back hippie want to tear out his dreadlocks. Now, with the evil Professor Killfun threatening to give him a failing grade, Groovy Greg has almost given up on his experiment. Little does he know that his beloved bots are about to meet an even bigger challenge than they had been programmed for... Nanobots is a classic-style point and click adventure game that lets you take control of Hotbot, Brainbot, Tallbot, Audbot, Strongbot, and Chembot as they race to save themselves from being turned into scrap metal. Can they make use of their surroundings, fashion an escape plan, and avoid coming face-to-fist with Professor Killfun? Only if they give peace a chance.

3 Awards
The tiny Scottish village of Smailholm has seen better days. Two local children have been murdered, and the villagers suspect it's the work of witches.

Ben Jordan is called upon to get to the bottom of this mystery, but he may soon find himself in over his head...

3 Awards
A remake of King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown, but this time with full hi-color graphics, point-and-click interface, sound effects and more.

*Full Narrator and character Speech and Digital Music included in the download.

*Features a new (optional) No-Dead-Ends gameplay mode.

2 Awards
On a distant desert planet, a crime has been committed. As Mother Tiabata and sister Ava set out to solve the mystery, they soon find themselves facing an impossible conundrum: how does one murder a god?

2 Awards
Famed for its mushrooming business and idyllic countryside, the land of Fungham has seen better days. A child has gone missing, a demonic witch haunts the woods and if you're not careful, gnomes will take your socks. Also, there is a pig king... don't ask. But why have all these creatures suddenly appeared? Where did the witch come from and what does she want? Could the answer to everything lie behind the ancient gate in the nearby mountains?

The Witch's Lullaby is a classical point and click adventure, somewhat reminiscent of games like King's Quest or Legend of Kyrandia. It was made in two weeks for AdvJam 2022, mainly to scratch a nostalgic itch for lush fantasy forests in glorious 320x200.

2 Awards
Molly dreams of being the bravest matador in France. Explore the city of Arles and enter the world-famous tournament. Uncover corruption, conspiracy, and a load of bull.

Point and click your way around the French city of Arles, famous for:

- bull fighting
- being difficult to pronounce
- being where Van Gogh cut his ear off (and painted some masterpieces, I guess.

With glorious pixel-art animation and quirky puzzles, this is a small game about a girl with big dreams.

DISCLAIMER: No bulls were harmed in the making of this game. (One parrot tried to start a fight.)



Full games page entry (commercial game)
2 Awards
Metaphobia is an investigative mystery game in the style of
classic 1990’s point-and-click adventures.

Shortly after being elected mayor, Carl Elmstat is murdered by a thief who is quickly caught, convicted, and sent to prison – case closed. Carl’s son Richard however, is unsettled by the details and decides to investigate further on his own. His prime suspect? His father’s political rival– Edward Raban. Throughout the investigation, Richard will find out that the truth behind the murder is hidden deep under the ground – deeper than he ever could have imagined.

2 Awards
Enter the surreal, disturbing, and ridiculous world of the Knobbly Crook in this old-school point-and-click adventure. O'Sirus the Snip is a simple paper farmer driven to epic adventure by a spooky face with a spookier voice. He will ultimately seek to become a Knobbcrookian royal guard–a Guffaloon. Stories of their heroic battles against the fearsome Bogold empire echo throughout the Crook. Unfortunately, they're not currently recruiting simple paper farmers. He's going to have to use every dirty trick in his book to cheat his way to the top and that means YOU will need to understand the key elements of the Knobbly Crook - Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Creatures of stone crush the metallic Knobbcrookians. The Knobbcrookians herd and farm paper animals. Fearsome stone giants fear tiny paper animals.

2 Awards
'Last & Furious' is a top-down racing game, featuring single track, two physics modes, wonky collision system and hastily set up opponent AI.

Controls: arrow keys.

Car behavior: can thrust forward, steer and brake (no backpedal, sorry).

Physics setup: when starting new race choose between "Safe" and "Wild" physics mode (they will give you two different experiences!). It is also possible to disable car-vs-car collisions (they still collide with the walls though).

Physics model in this game is actually configurable. If you feel adventurous, go to "Data" subdirectory. There you will find "race_safe.ini" and "race_wild.ini" files which contain parameters for related game modes.

2 Awards
As a Black Morph, use your ability to turn into living things to make your way through an enchanting forest.

Thanks to Kitai and Arlann for the technical help.
Winner of MAGGIES 2017.
Pick of the month May 2017.

2 Awards
When the mayor leaves town and Toffee is in charge of Creamville, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Now with German translation.

2 Awards
You led the revolution that freed the People's Republic of Basenji from the shackles of a corrupt monarchy. But the new regime will be tested. You are the Glorious Leader who must hold onto power by maintaining the delicate balance between the interests of fundamentalists, capitalists, patriots and liberals while your brother, Farouk, consolidates power and influence with intentions to overthrow you. How will you manage affairs with your neighboring countries while ensuring you don't attract too much negative attention from the Americans? Will you be a generous donor to the United Nations or an international pariah building nuclear weapons in secret? The choice is yours in this weird and quirky game.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
2 Awards
Rally on public roads like it was 1990! Run your shiny Ferrari 430 "Scuderia" through ever-changing tracks and through 5 different scenarios. Beware though, the roads are full of other cars, turns and hazard; you got to be an Ace at the Wheel to complete them on time! FEATURES: 5 Different scenarios 3 Difficulty levels AMIGA vibes Ever-changing random tracks Gas station before each checkpoint Car Stereo with 4 different tracks to play (Stunning tracks by Jonas Thiem, Dualnames, FSi and Peder) Spacebar to honk at other cars Totally NOT playable with mouse Customizable controls Cows (please don't crash on them) Snowmen (please crash on them) Green German Cars (Courtesy of selmiak) Note: This game was made for MAGS (September 2014, theme "Cross-country"). The soundtrack of the game, including one bonus-track, can be downloaded here: http://oldgames.arena80.it/arenauta11/RHO/RHO_SOUNDTRACK.zip

2 Awards
The download link takes you to the Internet Archive

2 Awards
The Art of Dying is a really challenging platformer I've made in AGS. It features two difficulty levels (really hard and unbelievably really f*cking hard), a six level campaign and a full-featured level editor.

You can make your own levels, then share them and find others to download and try to beat yourself on the official level sharing platform: http://dkh.agser.me/die. Gamepads and other external controllers are fully supported, although the controls work nicely on keyboard as well.

Current version: 1.1

2 Awards
Following the tragic events in Rome, things are not looking good for Ben Jordan. However, as bleak as things seem to be, all is not lost.

In this final chapter of the series, Ben will learn the truths hidden in the past and the present, which he will use to finally confront the mad man threatening his future.

2 Awards
Street psychics. Their blinking neon signs are everywhere, promising love and wealth and happiness. They make a fortune preying on the gullible and milking them dry. So when these victims begin dying and leaving confused spirits behind, it can only take a genuine psychic (and her wayward spirit guide) to clean up the mess.

From seedy downtown nightclubs to penthouse apartments to a luxury yacht on the Hudson River, Rosa and Joey will unearth the truth about the underground world of street psychics. Including some secrets that Joey would rather be left buried.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
2 Awards
A retail simulation for windows.

2 Awards
The tiny island-chain republc of Vontinalys has been seized by the merciless forces of the Socialist People's Union for Democratic Democracy (S.P.U.D.D.) following the outcome of its first free elections. As a new commander for the League of Nations you must help to lead their elite peacekeeping force, the White Helmets, to victory over the tyrannical military despotism that has ensnared this nation. All the while, getting around the somewhat overinflated ego and reputation of your own leader, Colonel Kraft.

A turn-based strategy inspired by games like the Nintendo Wars series (Advance Wars, Famicom Wars, etc), and the handheld version of EndWar. Featuring:

- strategic/tactical gameplay built out of a system for adventure games, with considerations such as terrain, flanking, and supply-line replenishments.
- seven different units to deploy
- singleplayer campaign, skirmish mode, and two-player hotseat gameplay as either SPUDD, or the League.
- four different endings!
- brilliant soundtrack composed by Dan Neshor (ShiverMeSideways)
- 20% more bears than the next leading strategy!
- In-game editor to craft your own battlefields - which you can then share with your friends!

So go on - get to the battlefield! The people of Vontinalys are counting on you!

2 Awards
A tale of love, life and friendship.

2 Awards
Sally is taking a walk outside one fine day when she comes across a strange box. Curious as to who would leave such a strange box lying around, she opens it - only to find herself in a very strange place indeed. Help Sally uncover the true nature of the box and find her way home! Control Sally with your left (use) and right (look) mouse buttons!

2 Awards
1991. Two years before the events of 5 Days A Stranger. The eccentric British cat burglar Trilby is at large in an American city, robbing the rich to give to himself. Distrustful of his fellow man and patiently skilled in every aspect of burglary, Trilby is on an ongoing quest to scare the ignorant rich by hitting them where it hurts - their wallets. But will his arrogance cause him to bite off more than he can chew?

2 Awards
Theo DaCabe, a surveying officer for Buckinghamshire County Council, is assigned to run a routine health and safety assessment on the headquarters of a fad religion called Optimology. Little does he realise that he is about to be caught up in the machinations of destiny, and a plot that has simmered for two centuries.

2 Awards
He never talks to me anymore. He never talks to anyone anymore. His eyes are always closed. I wonder what he sees... Features: -Unique dual story gameplay -Multiple Endings -English and Japanese Language -Loads of graphical effects -A dynamic music system and amazing soundtrack -An exciting and bizarre story -Another exciting and bizarre story -A cool interactive manual -Add your name to the online Hall of Completion -Gods, aliens, samurai, and Charlton Heston *The main download link is in .rar format (42.6 MB). Use Mirror 1 to download a .zip version (71.4 MB).

2 Awards
Follow the adventures of Piet, a local pizza delivery guy, as he embarks on an epic journey to deliver a pizza to a mysterious customer.

edit: There are no dead ends or walk deads in the game. playing with a walkthrough might be a bit misleading. not everything in the walkthrough needs to be done to finish the game. only if you want full points.

2 Awards
There's really no better way to spend a day in the Land of the Dead than at the Carnage-Val...there are rides, games, and a veritable sideshow of quirky employees. However, for one little ghoul named Mortia, things are about to take a dive out of the ordinary. After a smooth-talking skeleton challenges her to a game of darts, she wins the most unbelievable prize she's ever laid eyes on: a live goldfish!

A moment later the skeleton has fled, leaving Mortia with the task of finding her fish Spooks someplace safe to be "alive." If she doesn't help her little Spooks, and soon, he may die.

Apparently, this is rather unpleasant.

Innovative use of colour (you'll see)
A classic point-and-click experience
A hilariously defective cast of characters
Hours of gameplay
An almost unacceptable number of puns

2 Awards
Follow the adventure of Cedric and Victor as they try to get a demonstration up and running. It's not as easy as it sounds and they end up doing something completely different, but hey, at least they tried, eh? CatR is a fairly short and easygoing adventure.

2 Awards
Your name is Noah, at least that's what you are told. You awaken in a dank padded cell with no memories of your past and no idea why you are in a sanitarium. Your only desire is to reclaim your memories and find out who you really are, but some things may be better left hidden.

The soundtrack is now available at the link below!

Courtesy of Yesterday's Salad is a review if you're on the fence about downloading:

And another review from Storygamer:

2 Awards
It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy. Following the disappearance of the Defender of the Universe, the Galactic Presidency has been dissolved and anarchy reigns. With the galaxy divided into three distinct zones, the Galactic Police and the Culthorpe pirate family are engaged in a cold war from across the Lifeless Zone. Life has never been more dangerous for the people of the universe, doubly so for those who make a living flying from planet to planet. And to make matters worse, an invisible conspiracy is threatening life itself.

2 Awards
Sequel to 5 Days a Stranger. Nearly four hundred years have passed since what became known as the DeFoe Manor Incident, when an eccentric cat burglar known as Trilby brought an end to the reign of terror inflicted by a murderous wraith, the ghost of Sir Roderick DeFoe's abused, unwanted son.

2 Awards
You are the crime fighter for the city of Shadowlawn. Just when you're complaining about how dull things have been, a supervillain named Toxicman is created from a botched act of corporate sabotage. It is up to you, then, to tear yourself away from food long enough to save the city from certain destruction. This was the first commercial game to be made with AGS, and is now available as a special edition. The download links above are for the previously released "Free" version (no voices). The voiced version can currently still be purchased from Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/395250


Full games page entry (commercial game)
2 Awards
Rosangela Blackwell is young writer who lives a solitary life in New York City. The death of her only relative inspires her to seek the truth behind her haunted past.

Note: This is an earlier incarnation of a game called [b]The Blackwell Legacy[/b]. Consider this a distant cousin, of sorts.

2 Awards

2 Awards
Norman Cooks is a small game,but features hi-res graphics. The story is about a detective,who will try to uncover the mob underworld of his town.It's my first game ever,but there is plenty to come....!! till then enjoy Norman!

2 Awards
The life of an assassin is not an easy one... and often not a very long one. After receiving a phonecall from a distsressed friend and coworker, you find yourself in a compromising situation. In order to survive, you must rely on your minimal resources, keen sense of logic, and limited number of bullets. Meow, baaaaby!

1 Awards
A classic adventure about being trapped on your own balcony. This
situation will lead you to meet strange people with even stranger

1 Awards

A game promised more than ten years ago, Barn Runner: The
Forever Friday – Chapter 5
tells the story of what Dr. Noriko was doing while
Prick and Harry were off saving the city during the events of chapter three.

The murderous chaos of “The Big Crazy” may be slowly winding
down, but the journey through the sprawling interior of the giant arcology will
provide Noriko with plenty of dangerous obstacles on her journey up to The
Dome, where the police are about to stage a final, apocalyptic battle to wrest
control of Arc 19 away from the rioting citizens, the doomsday cultists, and
the metal claws of the Robot Revolution. With your help, Noriko will determine
the fate of a city where the eternal evening has at long last come to an end
and an unknown future is waiting to be born.

Easily the biggest game I have ever made, Chapter 5 is
packed with silly puzzles, enjoyable mini-games, funny dialog, entertaining
NPCs, and a large variety of detailed places to explore, all set in the goofy
world of Barn Runner, a series that has been going for 20 years now.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for playing!

1 Awards
While looking for the existence of the Great Beyond, Professor Patrick
Moore, aided by a fake medium, will build a device to see the other
side, embark on a search for a millenary artefact, and investigate the
most haunted manor of 1907 England.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
Teleia: a self-sufficient island separated from the outside world that has seen no poverty, unemployment, or crime for 60 years.

Until now.

When a brutal murder is committed, you, Lieutenant Stevenson, are
called from the mainland to investigate. Discover the secrets of the
island, find the killer, and their motives! Not everything is as it

Made in two weeks for the Adventure Game Challenge.

1 Awards
Dreams in the Witch House is a genre-bending mix of point and click adventure and a survival RPG. Guide Walter Gilman, as he prepares to face the dreaded May-Eve witch ritual in the legend-haunted city of Arkham.

Choose your own approach and reveal the secret of the Witch House before it's too late.

Based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
This free fan game is a remake/conversion of the 1978 strategy game Super Star Trek reimagined with the UI of one of my favorite games ever: Star Trek 25th Anniversary.

Super Star Trek was written by Bob Leedom and David Ahl and published in the book BASIC COMPUTER GAMES in 1978. I added graphics and sound to this game some time ago when I ported it to PICO-8. This required some mechanics and user interface changes, but the spirit of the game was left intact.

Being a massive fan of the 1992 Interplay adventure Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, at some point, I had an idea: why not merge the graphics of the Interplay adventure with the mechanics of the strategy game? And since I wanted to learn how to code in AGS, why not create my first space strategy game with Adventure Game Studio?
The result is Super Star Trek but played on the Enterprise's bridge. In short, you will be playing the strategy game on the main screen of the Enterprise, but you will issue commands by interacting with Sulu, Chekov, Spock, Scott, and Uhura. Additionally, I added original voices from the TV series to make things even more nostalgic.

EDIT: Version 1.03 adds an animated bridge of the Enterprise, with Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and the others moving like they do in the 25th Anniversary. There are also more voices and a few bug fixes.

This is not a commercial project. All Characters, all related marks, logos, and associated names and references are copyright and trademark of their respective holders.

1 Awards
Tonight, you are out in the woods. As a cat.

A short game intended to be played at night, using headphones. In this first-person game you use your mouse to look around and scratch things, and WASD keys for walking, shift to run, and you use Esc to show the menu.
After you run you may sit around to breathe a bit and listen to the forest.

Game by eri0o
Music by Jon Paul Sapsford
Ghosts, graves and icon by Haloa
Gameplay Testing by Morgan Willcock, Heltenjon and Newwaveburritos

<Click to Show Spoiler>there are three graves... And maybe more?

1 Awards
The cartoon dinosaurs are back in the second part of Zid and Zniw Chronicles! Inspired by classic adventure games, 


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
Snow Problem is a game in which you collect snow. There are obstacles to stop this being easy of course, so you need to create extra terrain on the game screen to guide the snow to the bottom of the screen. Added some terrain in the wrong place / somewhere that was helpful but isn't any longer? No problem, you can delete it. Oh, and did I mention that there are also different obstacles that will melt your snow?

Many levels contain areas that change the colour of the snow, and you will need to collect a certain amount of each colour to complete the level. As you complete levels, more levels unlock for you to play. The full game will have 100 levels. Every level will be tested by the developer to ensure that it is definitely completable, so if you fail, you know it's your own fault! :-)

You'd think that 100 levels to tease your brain would be quite enough, but no! The game also contains a built-in level editor which will allow you to create up to 100 levels of your own.

The game features 24  pieces of (mostly well-known) classical music  to help you chill out a little while you stress out over how to beat a level.

Playing the game with a mouse is highly recommended, it's designed with precise control in mind which you may find difficult to achieve with a trackpad.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
Antiquarian Thomasina Bateman is writing a book on the barrows of England, documenting the treasures she finds buried within. When an intriguing letter summons her to the small village of Bewlay, tucked away in the remote countryside, she sets off by train with her assistant a day behind.

Upon her arrival, however, the mysterious man who summoned her is nowhere to be found. Her assistant never arrives. A stubborn landowner refuses access to the barrow, and the locals are wary of this woman who is traveling alone and (gasp!) wears trousers.

The excavation of Hob’s Barrow is off to a rocky start. And then Thomasina starts having strange dreams…


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
Alan Goldberg's luck is about to change. He's a frustrated slasher films scriptwriter in the Hollywood of 1985, and Helen Westmore, an eccentric millionaire, will grant him any wish if he can find out about the whereabouts of the last, unpublished work of genius horror director Edward Keller, considered to be the scariest film of all time.

Alan will find his way amongst B-films production companies, VFX workshops, religious cults, and a small haunted town called Serena, the dark reputation of which began when Keller was last seen there.



Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
The woman you love is a refugee from a destroyed planet. She is lonely and desperate and cannot let go of her lost home. Only you can help her grow out of the trauma and enter a new life with you on Trappist-1.

Will you let Zheny walk away?
On Trappist-1, a planet of perpetual daylight, your countrymen desperately try to re-create the art de vivre of their country. Zheny is a refugee from a devastated planet. If you do not help her, she will leave and face dangers beyond imagination.
"Breakfast on Trappist-1" is a story of love and identity on a foreign planet where cultures intertwine.

Written and developped by FormosaFalanster with art by Lorenzo Boni.

1 Awards
Treasure awaits below the waves, deep in the Graveyard Chasm. Dare you dive deep enough to find the most valuable treasures, and are you wily enough to return to surface before air runs out and it's too late?
One More Fathom is a push your luck game of diving for treasure and becoming filthy rich, and maybe, just maybe, also finding a little something more...

Maybe you'll even make a FRIEND on the way...

1 Awards
In this medium-length game inspired by Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis, Indy makes a surprising discovery while searching the Paris catacombs, that will put him on the trail of a Viking with a sense of humour. This is a fun game to lift you up during the winter holidays.

1 Awards
Forget Holmes. Forget Poirot.
Detective Daniel Wilkins is the man for the job!

SLEUTH (2020) is a rebooted "idiotic point and click" version of the original 1983 text-based “whodunit” DOS game of the same title. A murder has taken place at Bastard Estate and you must interrogate the resident houseguests to find the murderer. Be quick, or else the murderer may decide to get rid of you first! As is customary in these sort of detective games, you should also find the murder weapon for good measure.

1 Awards
A combination arcade / puzzle / dating sim set inside the silly Barn Runner universe. Somewhat silly, somewhat sexy, somewhat challenging, this is the first game I've made for AGS in about eight years. It began as a MAGS game but eventually became a lot more. I hope you enjoy it.

1 Awards
Theropods is a point and click adventure game that combines puzzles with a cinematic story, colourful characters and a retro aesthetic. Oh, and lots of dinosaurs!

Well, only one dino in this demo! But you can expect more in the full game which we are currently running a Kickstarter for to help fund development! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theropods/theropods-an-adventure-game-full-of-dinosaurs


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
Investigate the death of a mysterious woman in this short point and click game. Made for Adventure Jam 2019!

1 Awards
Jayvin an unlikely hero, if every there was one, stumbles into a portal and finds himself in the land of Naturnum.
Unbeknown to him, his arrival has been expected. 
Evil forces, commanded by the Dark Lord, Arachemon, are wreaking havoc across the Universe. 
Only Jayvin has the power to fight these forces and put an end to Arachemon's reign of terror.

1 Awards
Detective Gallo is a point&click comic-noir adventure which is entirely hand-illustrated and hand-animated, whose protagonist is a feathered and grumpy private eye struggling with a very tricky case. The story tells about five exotic plants that have been victims of a serial murder. Thanks to the support of his cactus assistant, it will be up to Gallo to investigate, interrogating bizarre characters e solving puzzles that will put his insight and his patience to the test.

Official release date for PC version: May, 30th 2018


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
A cyberpunk tale of marriage and selfdestruction.

You're a cyborg and your wife has left you. To find her you must escape "The Structure" - a dystopian city in which you are imprisoned. The only way of escaping The Structure is to rid yourself of your implants and become a plain-skin.

Made for MAGS August 2018

1 Awards
The Clockwork Labyrinth is a first person point-and-click puzzle adventure. A mysterious message on social media lures you into a weird underground complex to rescue a damsel in distress. You must pit your wits against the labyrinth and find your way to the enigma at its heart?

When you enter the Clockwork Labyrinth (you'll need a ticket!) you will encounter four challenging regions:

The Metal Maze, in which every turn takes you to another puzzle;

The Caves of Confusion, where an ancient mechanism thwarts your progress;

The Cryptic Crypt, a catacomb of Gothic mysteries;

The Museum of Curiosities, a celebration of eccentricity and the bizarre! I have written a User Gide for anyone struggling with some of the puzzles. It can be downloaded from my website: www.elenheart.me.uk/page19.html

1 Awards
A short demo made for the May 2018 MAGS competition "Rats".

1 Awards
Made for the May 2018 MAGS competition, this game is a turn-based strategy game where you manage a colony of rats. Your purpose? To survive, and expand! Forage for food, breed, lay low to fool those pesky humans into thinking you've gone, expand your next, upgrade your foraging, trap evasion and digging skills... don't let your food supply run out or your rats all die off, and if you can, expand your colony to a thousand rats to win the game!

1 Awards
A mysterious and atmospheric adventure game from the creators of A Date in the Park, Legend of Hand and Mudlarks.

East Bend, Purchase County. 1987.
You are Tommy, a local high school football hero in the town of East Bend. It's game night for the Purchase County Turbines and your sweetheart is waiting in the bleachers. Join Tommy for a night you won't forget...

Something is amiss...

- A traditional point and click adventure game aesthetic with puzzles and dialogue interactions familiar to the genre.
- A cast of characters including friends, foes, teachers, and a concerned mother.
- A short, twisted narrative with approximately one to two hours of gameplay, depending on the player.
- Original soundtrack by UK duo JUPITER-C, which is also available on cassette via Ramber Records

Traditional point and click adventure games from the '80s and '90s, the music and films of David Lynch.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
The demo contains the first hour of gameplay in English and French.

Claire regains consciousness tied up and trapped in an unknown room. She does not remember anything, she feels like everything fell apart. How to escape from this nightmare and who is this mysterious little girl who seems to know her?


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
A Tale of Two Kingdoms is a graphical adventure in the style of the classic Sierra games. Set in the world of Celtic mythology and fairy tales, it features many sidequests and alternate endings. This release is a Deluxe Edition with a new interactive prologue, several graphic updates, and professional voice acting.

PC Zone UK has named it the Freeware Game of the Month, November 2007.

Games For Windows magazine has done a feature on ATOTK, January 2008.

GamePro magazine has done a feature on ATOTK, January 2008.

The ancient kingdom of Theylinn is beset by enemies. Within the castle walls, nobles vie for the old king's favor, and not everybody is happy with the sole heir to the throne, princess Rhiannon. Meanwhile, danger approaches, in the form of an invading army, a hostile giant, and a mercenary troop who are ancient enemies of the Theylann king...


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
Neofeud is a Dystopic Cyberpunk adventure game in the vein of Blade Runner, but with an overlay of Game of Thrones-like political intrigue, and 1366x768, hand-painted, stylized visuals.


2033 - We create AI. Sentient robots arrive, but not as our Terminator overlords or our Singularity saviors -- conscious machines are humanity's unwanted bastard children. A few are geniuses who design flying cars, beat cancer, invent teleportation, but millions of defective prototypes roll out of factories -- mentally challenged, motivationally-challenged, criminally-inclined. Legally conscious, but unhirable, these "Defectives" are shuffled through public housing and welfare assistance, straining the already overburdened back of the meager social safety net. The robots who don't end up in prison are dumped, as a last resort, into a massive landfill known as "The Pile".

Humans engage in perfection of their species -- or at least the powerful and well-connected -- genetically engineering children with the human and animal DNA. The failed eugenics experiment "Frankenpeople" are discarded into "The Pile" as well. The new dynasties, 'Neofeudal Lords', live in towering neon glass castles, shuttle around in pristine nanotech-enabled pods, minds and bodies full of cyberware, spending most of their time taking selfies and "optimizing their monetization schemes". A race of supermen concerned only with their own status, their prestige, their success. Where machines have become all too flawed and human, people have become flawless, perfect, cold machines.

Karl Carbon is an ex-cop, dishonorably discharged from Coastlandia PD for disobeying an order to shoot an unarmed sentient humanoid. Karl is exiled to "The Pile" as a lowly social worker. There he counsels gangbanging foster-kid robots and confiscates chimera-children from deadbeat half-wolf parents. Till one day a case goes horribly sideways and and Karl is drawn into a sordid conspiracy that could threaten the strained fabric of Human-Robot-Hybrid civilization -- or save it.


-15+ hours of gameplay.
-An original dystopic sci-fi world and story that will (hopefully) make you question some of your core beliefs. Or at least my sanity
-Tricky yet satisfying, point-n-click detective work, interspersed with tense action shootouts.
-Handpainted, uber-gritty, noir futureland. Makes Mad Max and Rick Deckard crap their pants.
-Endless bombardment of witty one-liners from hardboiled cyberpunk.


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
This is a demo of The Journey of Iesir. The game takes place in a land reminiscent of the medieval ages, yet has a story that integrates ideas as old as the legendary Vikings, and as modern as the hippie movement in the 1970's.

The player takes the role of Michael, a wandering playwright among other things, and he sees Iesir and its troubles through the fresh eyes of a stranger, yet he becomes pivotal to the events that unfold in Iesir. Seeking both adventure and inspiration for his new screenplay, under the guidance of his mysterious Mentor, Mikael seeks out a Viking called Daniel Trondhjemsfjord, who needs help with a task that seems adventurous. What seems like a simple quest of stealing a old Viking painting soon turns out to be more then Mikael could have ever imagined...

Who is his mysterious Mentor, who has set Mikael on a path that leads him to places he never imagined? How do the recent viking attacks along the coastline fit into Daniel's past, and Iesir's future? Why is there a demon-possessed, moose-headed alchemist in town? The game delivers a rich and detailed plot dealing with some hefty issues along with a a large dollop of humour. The Journey of Iesir is a tale of discovery and change on many levels.

1 Awards
An uncontrollable pest plagues a village and the only one who can help is Cornelius Cat's Pest Control.

Take control of the finger puppets and help to solve the mystery.

This game was made for OROW 2015

The resolution of the game is 1280x720. If you encounter any display problems, please run winsetup.exe and choose other setting options.

1 Awards
Join Leopold on his incredibly short adventure on the lovely island of Peanut Wharf.

Made for MAGS, July 2015.

1 Awards
Enter the world of Jimi Hendrix, police detective. In a world where everyone is Jimi Hendrix, only Jimi Hendrix can piece together clues and find out who killed Jimi Hendrix. Created for MAGS July, 2015.

1 Awards
Former pilot, inmate Korski is doing his last ground-to-orbit shipment at the Camp 1 geological trial drilling site, a four man strong mineral prospecting operation setup by the People's Mining Company. All is not well at the camp, however
and things start going horribly wrong.

1 Awards
Have you ever wondered how your room got so messy? In the aftermath of a party have you ever questioned the level of destruction "Did we really trash the house? I don't remember throwing a pizza on the ceiling, and why are there cigarette burns on my couch when nobody I know smokes?" It's almost as if somehow, overnight, mess and disorder have multiplied without your consent.

What if we told you that you and your friends are not responsible for the profanities scrawled in lipstick on your bathroom mirror? What if we told you that, in the wee hours of the morning when you are passed out in a dreamless drunken stupor, little beings we like to call Mess Goblins come out and dirty your home.

That's right my friends, you have a Mess Goblin problem.

Join the Mess Goblins on their first adventure with Dropped Monocle Games. As plucky protagonist Pippup Binbasher, it's your job to mess with Harry Flemming, a teenager who thought he could get away with hosting a house party while his parents are out of town.

Cause chaos, confusion, and disarray in the aftermath of the festivities. Let your inner Mess Goblin out and give Harry a hangover he'll never forget!

1 Awards
The first verse of Troll Song, released as freeware.

This gives a good taste of what the full game will be like, and lets you in on some of the storyline.

1 Awards
A surreal and creepy little point and click game.

You are Lou. You've recently moved to Lisbon, in Portugal, to take up a new job and start a new life. Within days of arriving, you meet an enchanting woman, Catarina, at a bar on a night out. After a few hours of getting along swimmingly, you agree to meet her the next day in her favourite park.

You arrive at the stunning park on a beautiful sunny day, with high hopes. Lou soon finds the atmosphere is a little off... it's not going to be an average date.

- A cast of several characters
- Language confusion - Lou does not speak Portuguese.
- 20+ screens to explore
- A short, narrative experience, with puzzles as well. I think it will take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, depending on the player
- Twists and turns - shocking moments! (there's a horror element to the game)
- 90s style digitised graphics and animated sprites
- 640 x 400 resolution
- Real world location to explore- Tapada das Necessidades in Lisbon, Portugal
- 2 click interface, with inventory etc


1 Awards
"A mysterious point and click adventure game... a tale of friendship, the supernatural and unravelled secrets"

Your name is Winston. You are very much a regular, normal chap - living in London with your girlfriend and holding down a 9 to 5 office job. Among your various hobbies, you are a mudlarker. That is, the practice of combing the shore of the River Thames for historically interesting objects that may have gone underwater hundreds of years ago. One day, you and your co-mudlarker Vincent stumble upon what appears to be a valuable golden locket - and your destiny is changed forever. Two days after the find, Vincent disappears on the shore, leaving only the locket behind...

What follows is an atmospheric dialog and puzzle driven adventure game, bringing together elements of science fiction with a strong supernatural theme as you undertake your quest to find your friend and unravel many secrets along the way. Winston finds himself as an ordinary man in a very extraordinary situation...


- Over 40 locations to explore
- A mysterious and complex plot set in modern day London
- A cast of over 40 intriguing characters
- A full length adventure game experience, five to ten hours of gameplay
- Thousands of lines of dialog
- Moments of spookiness
- Over 60 inventory items
- Virtual mudlarking - yes, that is a thing now!

Works best with headphones.

1 Awards
An out of work layabout, Alfred Walsh, thinks he has found a cushy job as the custodian of a private library. He has no idea how wrong he could have been. When otherworldly forces intrude he is forced to abandon his career path: the casual dusting off of books between well-earned naps, and is thrust into a battle to save the very heart and soul of what makes humanity what it is. Languages: English - German - Italian - Czech FULL GAME has been released in November 14th 2016 - check it out here: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/2106/

1 Awards

1 Awards
Time Stone is a short adventure game made with Adventure Game Studio. With wonderful low-res art, it hopes to help you find the enjoyment you found when playing those awesome classic adventure games of years past, such as Day of The Tentacle and Simon the Sorcerer.

The Story In a fantasy realm, Elle, a young Wizard's apprentice, arrives at the Professor's house house one day for her potions lesson, only to discover that the Professor is in terrible danger and an evil Warlock is looking for something that holds tremendous power. Will you be able to uncover the Professor's secret and rescue him from the evil clutches of the Warlock? Only time will tell. Time Stone was designed and created by Stuart Lilford. Original Soundtrack by Mark Lovegrove

1 Awards
A girl meets a rabbit called Bunny in a forest. He kindly teaches her all sorts of interesting and important things. What does she learn from it all? Who does she become? It remains to be seen.

Girl & Rabbit is the winner of BEST GAME and BEST CONCEPT/WRITING in the OROW8 competition.

1 Awards
The game tells a story of a homeless man who communicates with the world using an old sock on his right hand. He's a huge football fan and plays it a lot near his backalley. One day he gets mugged by a wandering bully and looses his precious ball in the process. Now he must pull himself together, team up with a local superhero, find a new ball and confront his oppressor again.

Available in English, German & Polish

1 Awards
The (short) playable demo of Troll Song - Verse One - the first part of an episodic freeware adventure game series by Tino Bensing and Dave Seaman. This game will show you the troll race as you've never seen them before, taking them on an epic journey of self-discovery and salvation from a terrible betrayal.

1 Awards
Short demo of the full commercial game (http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/2227/)


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
Originally made and sold as part of the AGS Bake Sale in 2012, RAM Ghost is now re-released in its original form as freeware! Adopt a RAM Ghost! With our self-installing Hopelessly Oldfashioned, User-Supported Environment (H.O.U.S.E.), you can lure a bit of abandoned game code into a simulated house. Just like you and me, these ghosts love fun and entertainment, and it's up to you to take care of your little guest. Who knows... maybe you can even make it into the game it was once supposed to be? April 19th- Threads updated!

1 Awards

Julian has been turned into a werebunny and is quite cross about this! His human abilities have been replaced with only animal instincts! Bite, headbutt and shout your way as Julian in order to find a way to change back!

1 Awards
When a fallen arch-nemesis returns to wreak vengeance on the galaxy, it's up to space janitor Roger Wilco to tread the treacherous ice world of Radon, outwit an army of simian commandos, and lead the indigneous people in a revolution to take back the planet and defeat the diabolical mad scientist Sludge Vohaul.

1 Awards
A famed archaeologist commits suicide, leaving behind his mansion and all of its possessions in the hands of his niece Aileen. Together with her friend Keith, they seek to unravel the mystery behind his death and the dissappearance of his wife.

A darkness cast its shadow over the mansion with more than just secrets awaiting to be discovered.

1 Awards
Young Jeffrey Carter has it all: a great flat, a good job and a beautiful (and rich) fiancee. One day however his peaceful life is turned upside down when he receives a mysterious message from his estranged sister. What starts as a journey to atone for past failings soon takes a sinister turn. Little does Jeff know that the adventure of his lifetime is about to begin... November 17, 2011: Version 1.1 uploaded

1 Awards
Riel must embark on a dangerous quest to save her sister, who is on the brink of death, by stealing a magic stone with healing powers from an evil enchanter. After infiltrating the enchanter's castle, she must survive sinister traps, talking gargoyles, nearly logical puzzles, terrible puns, and finally the enchanter himself in order to get the stone and save her sister.

v1.1 Released Oct. 7, 2011! Includes improved animations, new music, an additional way to end the game, and more! Enjoy!

1 Awards
Thalia James is back for another behind-the-scenes adventure. Though she is an experienced agent in the CGMS (Computer Game Maintenance Squad), her skills may be pushed to the limit when she is asked to be a tutor to a potential new recruit to the CGMS. However, trouble is brewing in the genre again, and Thalia will need some serious luck if she is to put a stop to it.

1 Awards
Elodie Major has been running a little indie radio station called Airwave Radio with her friend Zak for 5 years now, and they've manage to win a strong following amongst the people of the small town of Wave. Recently, however, they've found themselves under pressure from mainstream record labels to play their music, and have resisted quite forcefully, but they haven't seen an end to this attempted interference just yet... This is the first part in the ~airwave~ series of games.

1 Awards
Much like the remake of Case 1, Case 2 gets a better presentation. Updated graphics, full voice acting, and extended story make this an "official" version in the series storyline.

1 Awards
Matthew Pike has gotten himself into quite the predicament this time; He's managed to inadvertently create a zombie apocolypse on Christmas Eve! To make things worse, Matt gets bitten and is slowly turning into a zombie himself. Being the only one who can save Christmas, and the demise of human kind, Matt must travel back in time and prevent himself from making this horrible mistake... before time runs out!

1 Awards
As every Friday, Elfie McMillen wants to visit her dad at the military base where he is working as a scientist on a covert mission.
Unfortunately, the Army is not the only one interested in McMillen's brain power. Baron Borisov, always mean and greeding for power, doesn't hesitate to get him under his thumb. So he and his henchmen hijacked Elfie's father and brought him to his secret sea fortress.
But Elfie sticks to her guns and tries to find her dad... with your help!


50% classic low-res adventure
* tricky objectives
* classic LEC-style GUI and still no push'n pull puzzles

50% Retro Arcade
* insane boss fights
* cutscenes like it's 1995 again!
* adjustable difficulty

The newest version also contains a reworked collision detection.

Have fun!

* Winner of the MAGS Competition Nov'09 *
* Winner of the MAGS favourite 2009

1 Awards
Jakob is a hacker for Sector H, a new branch of Black Sun, a crypto-anarchistic organisation that looks after its own.

Funded by mysterious benefactors, Jakob and the rest of Sector H break open ractives to ensure that everyone can play them. It's a dog-eat-dog political minefield that Jakob wants no part of.

All Jakob wants to do is play ractives, watch the new Ripsaw Bloodgore concert, and have fun. He has no place in this war - but fate conspire against him, dragging him into the very core of this matter. He will never forget the day

DEATH WORE ENDLESS FEATHERS Ed: This is the 0-day release of Death Wore Endless Feathers.

1 Awards
English :

"Star Wars" fan game.
Shai-la of the Sith is a young girl who worked in the first Death Star construction during the Imperial era...
until the Dark Lord of the Siths, Darth Vader, detected her because of the Force he felt in her.
She then became his apprentice and discovered her new life and new powers.
Take control of Shai-la during several missions on different planets, and live the two trilogys events through her eyes!
This game is fully playable with keyboard.

Français :

Fan-game Star Wars. Shai-la du Sith est une jeune fille qui travaillait comme simple technicienne, aidant à la construction de la première Etoile Noire durant l’ère Impériale… jusqu’à ce que le Seigneur Noir des Siths, Dark Vador, la repère, car il sentait la Force en elle.
Elle devient alors son apprentie et découvre sa nouvelle vie et ses nouveaux pouvoirs.
Dirigez Shai-la à travers plusieurs missions qui vous amèneront sur différentes planètes de la galaxie, et revivez les différents événements des deux trilogies à travers ses yeux!
Le jeu est entièrement jouable au clavier.

1 Awards
Frantic Franko is a tale of a nasty dwarven warrior (big axe and all that) and his quest for revenge. It's a classic heroic fantasy with a touch of Kafka and Twilight Zone. With Justin Franklin as the voice of Franko. Franko also sports an usual interface and some unique gameplay ideas... 0) hack, smell and bite your way through problems 1) a persuasive dwarf's bag of junk conversations system - you can physically modify and expand your conversation interface! 2) alternative puzzle solutions 3) Bone Death Pean special ability This is only a first taste of the Frantic Franko epic. The complete game - besides presenting the whole story - will offer alternative/modified puzzles.

1 Awards
features: * customizable game mode * every player has his own profile * small statistics * 1 button gameplay * AI with 3 difficulties

1 Awards
In deep space, one waste-processing employee stands above the rest: Limey Lizard, an incredibly lazy but lovable bloke who always seems to find himself in trouble. In episode 72, this is no exception, and if he doesn't fix the waste disposers the ship'll be flooded with filth, so get out your spanner and your chemically-resistant overalls -- it's gonna be a mucky ride! NOTE: The main link is a self-extracting installer. If this does not appeal to you, the mirror has the game in a convenient RAR package. I've included a rundown of the controls below for people who don't read readmes: 1. F1 will bring up the options menu, where you can adjust music volume, sound volume, game difficulty, and turn speech on and off. 2. Left click your mouse to walk or on an item to interact with it. Left clicking on an inventory item will pick it up. 3. Right click your mouse to examine things, including your inventory. Right clicking on an inventory item when you have one picked up will try to use the items together. 4. Space allows you to talk to things that can talk. 5. The arrows on the right of the gui are for moving through your inventory. 6. The button on the upper right of the gui is to quit the game; CTRL-Q works the same way. 7. The S and L buttons on the gui are for saving and loading.

1 Awards
Summer of [YEAR CLASSIFIED] Top Soviet scientists discover copy of "American McGee's Alice." Then, in unrelated happening, they make this game. "Little Girl in Underland" was created for the TIGS (The Independent Gaming Source) bootleg demakes competition. Voice acting generously provided by attendees of Mittens 2008. Okay!

1 Awards
Our hero returns to Shapeir to battle against evil in this new VGA remake of Sierra's classic second game in the Quest for Glory series. Take on the role of a fighter, magic user or thief as you save the town from certain destruction.

1 Awards
The last chapter of humanity will soon begin. A game about transformations and destiny, that confronts ourselves with our own existence. (You need the Indeo video codec and a fast machine for this demo)

1 Awards
You must win a beauty pageant AT ANY COST...

this may get a little ugly.

Made in a week as an entry for the 2008 OROW competition :)

1 Awards
Join Red (the PI formerly known as Little Red Riding Hood) on a chase to solve a most terrible crime. With magical potions, sharp wits and a sweet pout, there is no telling where the chase may lead! NOTE: 1.3B is up, adressing a bug that made it possible to get stuck in the endgame. Please get the new version for a much better game experience.

1 Awards
The year is 1973. The sound of a lone, ethereal saxophone drifts over the Roosevelt Island promenade, while a series of accidents plague a midtown construction site. The citizens of Manhattan take no notice of these events, let alone think they are connected. Embittered medium Lauren Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone are the only ones who believe that there is anything strange going on, and they are the only ones who can stop an enigmatic killer from striking again… Price: $9.99 (digital download) or $20.00 (CD-ROM)


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
A Locked Room Mystery Story: Roderick, Lady Blackwin's beloved Hamster, was murdered. It is up to you to solve the crime and find the killer.

MiaW can be finished in half an hour if you rush through the conversations. The game is based on LucasFan's MMM Starterpack. Story & Graphics were done by me, and the midi music was borrowed from several old games.

1 Awards
Your name is Yerik Elnar. You are scientist working for United States.
In late 2009 a ruins were found in Antartica by Russian explorers. A year later a complete research base was built to study the findings.
Team consisted of 7 russians, 5 americans and 2 germans. 1 year later USA send you as an additional help. You arrive with the helicopter.
But strange things begin to happen...

Newest version v1.04


*ITALIAN VERSION (full game) at:

1 Awards
Winner of the "Best Innovation" award in 2007. Yays!

Be the hacker you always wanted to be.

Language and Sex/nudity ratings due to in-game chat channels.

UPDATE 2012/09/13: I've re-uploaded the game to Mediafire. I hope this fixes the persistent trouble with eSnpis.

The graphics are partially stolen from Uplink. Go to its website. Now. (http://uplink.co.uk)

The Knoll image was stolen from the Kingdom of Loathing. Go there, too. (http://www.loathing2.com)

V 1.2! Yee haw!

1 Awards
It's the feel-good hit of the summer, winter and autumn! Or so it would be if it existed. It's been a long time coming and it'll probably be a long time gone, so don't hold your breath for the finished product. All the same, the demo is downloadable in all of its buggy-goodness.

1 Awards
The Blackwell Legacy is the first case in a miniseries of games that stars a medium named Rosangela Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone. Their mission, it seems, is to assist tormented spirits and investigate supernatural goings on. They don't understand why they are thrown together, but they do the best they can.

The duo's first case will involve a series of suicides at a local university. Something unnatural has forced these students to kill themselves, and nobody knows why. Rosangela, who is just coming to terms with her new status as a medium, finds herself cast as the unwilling detective in this gruesome mystery. Price: $14.99


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
A long journey gives an interresting conversation.

1 Awards
Call it a remake, call it a director's cut, or call it a deluxe version. The point is, this is what Case 1 should have been.

Revamped graphics
Extended storyline
Full Voice Acting

1 Awards

1 Awards
Russell Stone works as a Jewish Rabbi at a poor synagogue in New York City. He is a devout man with a problem. Membership is way down and he lacks the funds to keep his synagogue open. Things are looking very bleak, and he has grown progressively more cynical and bitter with the passage of time. Just as he is on the verge of packing it all in, he receives some interesting news. A former member of his congregation has died and left the rabbi a significant amount of money. A blessing? Or the start of something far more sinister? Can Rabbi Stone just accept the money and move on? His conscience says no. Step into his shoes as he travels all over Manhattan in his attempt to uncover the truth. Features rabbinical conversation methods, a unique method of fighting, an original score, and three different endings! Demo: FREE! Full Version: $4.99


Full games page entry (commercial game)
1 Awards
A remake of Sierra On-Line's 1986 game, King's Quest III - given a "VGA" make over, and newly presented for a generation of adventure game lovers to discover and enjoy.

1 Awards
2011: Version 1.2 available.

In this demo, you play Indiana Jones as he explores the island of Bimini - to try and un-cover something the Nazis may have missed! But does he have all the right clues, or is it too late? Find out in this 10 room playable demo!

1 Awards
Walkcycle generator and Paint program, written in AGS.

See forum thread http://www.bigbluecup.com/yabb/index.php?topic=26501.0

1 Awards
Hounded from all sides by hostile strangers and his own debilitating illness, 1213 strives on for a final confrontation with his mysterious captor, and a truth he may not be ready for.

1 Awards

1 Awards
An epic horror/thriller game with a story that spans centuries, Prodigal is the tale of two estranged brothers thrown into a world of darkness and deceit beyond anything they could have ever conceived. Will they reconcile their shadowed and twisted past and survive the night? Update for 6/3/2010: Prodigal has a new home on the web! Weblinks are all updated! *****"If you are looking for a lengthy adventure title, that really has had a lot of effort put into development, look no farther than Prodigal..."***** -reloaded.org

*****"The story itself really drew me into the game and really made me want to keep playing..."***** -reloaded.org Prodigal features in-engine FMV, a first for an AGS game! It also features a soundtrack containing a wide range of music from horror beats, to classic blues, to the featured goth music band "Shadowplay." It contains a wide range of beautiful character art created in the Sierra style, drawn by the endlessly tallented Edgar Rocha. *****"...the game...sometimes even changes the graphic style to a sort of comic book style, which was very nice to see and really gave the game that much more polish..."***** -reloaded.org version 1.1 is out and recompiled on AGS 2.71 RC4. many bug fixes included, which you can read about in the version history document that comes with the game.

1 Awards
Extra Credits:
Kitoslav:Help with the story
CoyoteJack for complete grammar and spell fix (v. 1.2 and above)
Rui "Brisby" Pires:For 2nd Mirror (Forum section)
DeepHitz for another mirror and support

1 Awards
Are you actually Spartacus or are you a fraud trying to claim that you are Spartacus?! Guide yourself through and try not to be strung up on the cross... IF YOU CAN!

1 Awards
Cannon fodder inspired shooting game.....Its incomplete and not as playable as i would have liked.But that said still worth a look.

1 Awards
Welcome to Outpost Station. A deep-space lookout intended to serve as an early warning system in case of attack by "the enemy." You are Hero, a clean-room technician charged with the maintenance of all the station's systems including Anna, the intelligent computer system that runs the station. The day starts as routinely as any other, but ends with Homeworld's very survival in jeopardy.

Anna was one of the joint winners of the One Room One Week Competition 2. The game is presented in pseudo-3D with a keyboard interface. This version is spruced up with sound, music, and a flash manual that keeps track of your progress in the game and can provide hints if you're stuck.

1 Awards
Emily Enough: Imprisoned is the touching story of a misguided but brilliant child heiress turned murderer, and her descent into the corporate underbelly of a New York State asylum.

1 Awards
Finally, you can experience the Willowbean world with full voice. And in French or German. The deluxe version also features improved graphics, a totally redone soundtrack, and several bug fixes.

1 Awards

1 Awards

1 Awards


1 Awards
Tatooine. You're Luke Skywalker, and you must find Chris Jones' mysterious Blue Cup, somewhere near Ben Kenobi's hut... R2-D2 and the Force are your allies.

Gag-packed parodical short game that shows the in-production "Shadows of the Empire: Graphic Adventure" full game features.

1 Awards
The Historical League of Bouncy Boxing is a sporting club for figures of high historical significance. Members don gloves, and battle it out in a variety of arenas.

HLoBB is a hotseat multiplayer platformer type thing, kindof 'jump-n-bump' meets 'little fighter'. The aim is basically to wipe out all the other players by picking up speed and timing your punch to hit them. The faster you're moving the more damage is done.

Features: - 640x480 hi color - 6 historical figures to choose from. - Battle it out with 2 friends on the same keyboard, and against up to 5 computer players. (Max of 6 players in a game) - 10 zany powerups. - 4 mind blowing arenas - Awesome digital musical score by Modgeulator - High score system thingy - Dynamic crowd cheering reward a good volley of punches. (I mainly put this in so I could use the word 'dynamic')

1 Awards
Bluff City is a town of unusual people, with unusual abilitles. Tim and Tiffany Walters are fraternal twins, born and raised in Bluff City. After a traumatic childhood (which they don't talk about), they became extremely close and depend on each other for everything. To pay the bills, they have opened a Private Investigator business. Their current case is to locate a mysterious crystal. The price of failure? Only the end of the world. (more details on the game page)


Timothy Walters - Special Power: Levitation

Tim acts like an older brother to his sister Tiffany, despite the fact that he was born three minutes after her. He is strangely overprotective of her, and is constantly making sure that she's okay. He is very moody, often depressed, and looks at the world through jaded, cynical eyes. His one joy comes from listening to rock music. He is particularly fond of KISS; he has all their CDs and has even met some of the members.

Tiffany Walters - Special Power: Talking to Animals

Tiffany is cheerful, happy-go-lucky and childish. Not only is the glass constantly half full for her, but it's also pink with smiley faces drawn on it. She is obsessed with stuffed animals, of which she has many, and believes that she can always get her way by saying "Please!" often enough. Tiffany is always trying to get her brother Tim to have fun, which usually consists of a game of Candy-Land.


This game was originally made for the AGS Team Competition, which ran for six weeks in the summer of 2004. The team consisted of BerserkerTails, Dart, Scotch, Yoke and myself. We managed to make the deadline, but decided that the game was still too empty and full of bugs to justify an official release. Three-and-a-half months later, it's sweet and sparkly and ready for public consumption. Creating this game has been a fantastic experience. We all hope you enjoy it.

1 Awards
Ever since a meteor landed in the back yard of Dr. Fred and Nurse Edna's Victorian mansion, bizarre things have been happening. First, their mutant son, Weird Ed, dropped out of school. Then patients started disappearing from Country Hospital. And now this strange event is affecting the lives of innocent (and even some not-so-innocent) teenagers. In fact, a girl named Sandy is being held captive in that musty old mansion right now. Sandy's boyfriend, Dave, has lots of friends who need you help to sneak in - and sneak her out. Now exactly how it all ends up depends entirely on which trio of friends you send in there. And which inhabitants you encounter. In fact, the farther you get inside the mansion, the more weird characters you'll meet. There's Nurse Edna - who's as nasty as she is ugly. There's a disembodied Tentacle who wants you to make him a rock star. And a host of others, who all have their own crazy quirks you'll have to deal with. Everyone in there seems to be working for Dr. Fred. But the question is: “Who is Dr. Fred working for?”

The game is available in English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Maltese, Bulgarian and Russian.

Downloaded more than 100.000 times during its first week after release.

1 Awards

1 Awards
It's a single level ags shooter, starring a bunch of folks from the forums. Don't expect too much...

1 Awards
You are Clive Mandrake and this is the final episode of your 12 part adventure! This is version 1 that was released for MAGS so more to come. the music problem would be fixed in the new upload.

1 Awards
A short game about a drug dealer who gets visited by the weed police and now he has to escape out of his own house.

1 Awards
I dared myself to write a platform engine in AGS. It went pretty damn ok so here it is, open source for all you interested developers. Maybe now, AGS can get rid off that horrid "not so powerful creation tool"-stamp it has been suffering. I dare anyone to write a platform engine in AGAST! ;)

1 Awards

1 Awards
Satan Quest, the game where YOU are Satan!

This is my short game. My goal with this was just to get something out there. Now I'm able to say that I made a decent, completed game in AGS, and it's just a wonderful, tingly feeling.

The game is about Satan, who is summoned from Hell by a timid man who wants to trade his soul. Satan's a businessman at heart, so he'll go to fair lengths to carry out this man's wish.


1 Awards
Odysseus has arrived in a small village community in search of a bonanza called the Lost Treasure of Randolph McBoing. He has tracked the burial site down to a plot in the local churchyard, but the parish priest won't let him dig there. Your task is to gain access to the burial site.

1 Awards
Oh no! The madness never seems to come to an end for poor Tork as he once again gets sucked into his wardrobe. This time, he arrives on another wierd island. Only this one suffers from constant winter. Tork won't be able to last long in his bare underwear. Can you help him find a pair of trousers and find his way back home before it's too late? Calsoon 2 now includes a speech pack with over 500 lines of recorded voices!

1 Awards

1 Awards
Perpetrator - the official AGS Mix'n'Match game

Ever had wet dreams about a person with Chris Jones' eyes and nose, Helm's sexy chin and Mods' flat forehead? Ever wish you could hold on to that dream when you woke up, print it out in lush pink colours on a photoprinter and staple it to your chest and carry it with you always? Well, rejoice, NOW YOU CAN!!

1 Awards

1 Awards
A spin-off of a very well-known pirate game, NoH is about a hermit who receives a message in a bottle, announcing his inheritance of his deceased grandpa's mansion. Upon arrival, however, he discovers the mansion has already been claimed and remodeled as "The Crippled Badger Motel." Now, it is Herman's quest to claim back his family's mansion and prove himself as the man he is.

The download is split into two files, the game itself (as the download link) and an optional talkie version (as the mirror link), so click on both if you've got the bandwidth. in any case the talkie version does not replace the game download.

Note that the games are compressed using ACE, so you'll need WinAce to extract them.

1 Awards
Larry Vales is an officer in the traffic patrol of Stagnant, Tennessee. Experimentation in the field of parking enforcement has been in full-force for years now, but just recently has local insane scientist Professor Semprini unveiled the new Lovely Rita 4200 Parking Enforcement Cyborg. Unfortunately it has gone slightly berserk and has been sentencing citizens to death for even the most minor traffic violations.

1 Awards

1 Awards
Earwig has been locked up in a nut house for too long. He (along with a little friend) has decided that enough is enough. Time for some chaos! (Contains some, er, bad things. Kids, Earwig is not a role model!)

1 Awards
Imagine a plot that's been used so much it always is considered a parody nowadays.. It's a mad scientist who's detroying the world! It feautures Dieter Kartoffelbrei as the hero, Dr. Really Really Evil Ed as the mad scientist and an amount of other characters which will mock you on your quest.


Award Nominees

14 nominations A Second Face - The Eye of Geltz is Watching Us
13 nominations Eternally Us
12 nominations Apprentice I
12 nominations Two of a Kind
12 nominations A Tale of Two Kingdoms
12 nominations The Journey Down: Over the Edge
12 nominations Gemini Rue
12 nominations Shardlight
12 nominations Metaphobia
11 nominations King's Quest II+ VGA
11 nominations Apprentice II: The Knight's Move
11 nominations Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!
11 nominations Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 7 - The Cardinal Sins
11 nominations Resonance
11 nominations Blackwell Epiphany
11 nominations Quest for Infamy
11 nominations Kathy Rain
11 nominations Whispers of a Machine
10 nominations 5 Days a Stranger
10 nominations Trilby's Notes
10 nominations Nanobots
10 nominations Limey Lizard: Waste Wizard!
10 nominations Space Quest Incinerations
10 nominations A Golden Wake
10 nominations The Samaritan Paradox
10 nominations Technobabylon
10 nominations Lamplight City
10 nominations Guard Duty
9 nominations Grr! Bearly Sane
9 nominations Reactor 09
9 nominations Shifter's Box - Outside In
9 nominations Snakes of Avalon
9 nominations ~airwave~ - I Fought the Law, and the Law One
9 nominations Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 8 - Relics of the Past
9 nominations Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok
9 nominations Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor
9 nominations Until I Have You
9 nominations Unavowed
9 nominations Feria d'Arles
9 nominations Off The Clock
9 nominations Nightmare Frames
9 nominations Beyond The Edge Of Owlsgard
9 nominations The Excavation of Hob's Barrow
8 nominations The Uncertainty Machine
8 nominations 7 Days a Skeptic
8 nominations Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 4 - Horror at Number 50
8 nominations Emily Enough: Imprisoned
8 nominations Time Gentlemen, Please!
8 nominations The Journey of Iesir Demo
8 nominations A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Deluxe Edition
8 nominations The Knobbly Crook
8 nominations Stranger in Utopia
7 nominations 6 Day Assassin
7 nominations The Trials of Odysseus Kent
7 nominations No-Action Jackson
7 nominations Stargate Adventure
7 nominations Spooks
7 nominations The Shivah
7 nominations The Marionette
7 nominations The McCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1
7 nominations !
7 nominations Technobabylon - Part II
7 nominations Space Quest II VGA
7 nominations Camp 1
7 nominations Tales
7 nominations Terror of the Vampire!
7 nominations Zniw Adventure
7 nominations Shards of God
7 nominations If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers
6 nominations Calsoon 2
6 nominations Bestowers of Eternity - Part One
6 nominations Cirque De Zale
6 nominations Cedric and the Revolution
6 nominations Mind's Eye
6 nominations Duty and Beyond
6 nominations 6 Days a Sacrifice
6 nominations Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 6 - Scourge of the Sea People
6 nominations Earl Bobby is looking for his Balls
6 nominations Ben There, Dan That!
6 nominations Technobabylon - Part I
6 nominations Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks!
6 nominations King's Quest III Redux: To Heir Is Human
6 nominations Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator
6 nominations The Cat Lady
6 nominations Goat Herd and the Gods
6 nominations Toffee Trouble in Creamville
6 nominations Black Morph
6 nominations Detective Gallo
6 nominations Commissar's Contrapasso
6 nominations Tales of Jayvin
6 nominations Urban Witch Story
6 nominations Billy Masters Was Right
6 nominations Dreams in the Witch House
6 nominations Strangeland
6 nominations Breakfast on Trappist-1
5 nominations Pleurghburg: Dark Ages
5 nominations Permanent Daylight
5 nominations SOL
5 nominations Norman Cooks in 'Search for the Don'
5 nominations Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 3 - The Sorceress of Smailholm
5 nominations Great Stroke Off!, The
5 nominations Blackwell Legacy, The
5 nominations La Croix Pan
5 nominations Mudlarks
5 nominations The Visitor 3
5 nominations Stair Quest
5 nominations Neofeud
5 nominations Legend of Hand
5 nominations Clotilde Soffritti in: Never Buy a Used Spaceship
5 nominations Indiana Jones and the relic of the Viking
5 nominations D-List Diva
5 nominations The Witch's Lullaby
5 nominations Clotilde Soffritti in: Never Double Park your Spaceship
4 nominations Larry Vales II: Dead Girls are Easy
4 nominations King's Quest I VGA
4 nominations Satan Quest
4 nominations The Adventures of Fatman
4 nominations Prodigal
4 nominations Knightsquire
4 nominations Infinity String
4 nominations Murder in a Wheel
4 nominations Once Upon A Crime
4 nominations Little Girl in Underland
4 nominations Awakener
4 nominations By the Numbers
4 nominations Blackwell Deception
4 nominations Chance Of The Dead
4 nominations Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back
4 nominations Arden's Vale
4 nominations The Bum
4 nominations Red Hot Overdrive
4 nominations Dustbowl
4 nominations Jacqueline White; Bad Trouble in the Red Desert
4 nominations The Knobbly Crook:Chapter I - The Horse You Sailed In On
4 nominations Rogue State
4 nominations Bitstream
4 nominations Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots
4 nominations I Want Out!
4 nominations Last & Furious
4 nominations Football Game
4 nominations Wilfred:2088 [MAGS Feb. 2018]
4 nominations Abscission
4 nominations Perfect Tides
4 nominations Space Quest: A Son of Xenon - Full Version (2022)
3 nominations Larry Vales : Traffic Division
3 nominations Rob Blanc I - Better Days of a Defender of the Universe
3 nominations Little Jonny Evil
3 nominations Conspiracy of Songo
3 nominations Principles of Evil I
3 nominations Da New Guys
3 nominations Anna
3 nominations Sydney Finds Employment
3 nominations What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed
3 nominations Super Jazz Man
3 nominations Back Door Man
3 nominations Danny Dread is On Call
3 nominations Heed
3 nominations Professor Neely And The Death Ray Of Doom
3 nominations Earl Bobby is looking for a Loo
3 nominations Gray
3 nominations Anna's Quest Vol. 1: Winfriede's Tower
3 nominations The Art of Dying
3 nominations 2034 A.C. (After Canada) (MAGS)
3 nominations Sepulchre
3 nominations Ancient Aliens - The Roots of Sound
3 nominations Tales From The Outer Zone: Cyborg Seppuku
3 nominations Tea For Two: A Detective Logan Case
3 nominations Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements
3 nominations Bartolomeo, misled by circumstances, learns that appearances can be deceptive
3 nominations Barn Runner: Pucker Factor
3 nominations Tunnel Vision
3 nominations Chronicle of Innsmouth - Mountains of Madness
3 nominations Absurdistan
3 nominations Ossuarium
2 nominations Night of the Hermit
2 nominations Richard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time
2 nominations Reality-on-the-Norm: The Postman Only Dies Once
2 nominations Who killed Kenny Rogers?
2 nominations Robert Redford Saves The Day Deluxe
2 nominations Rode Kill: A Day in the Life
2 nominations Bert - The Newsreader
2 nominations Granny Zombiekiller in Mittens Murder Mystery
2 nominations Book of Spells 4
2 nominations Exile
2 nominations Spellbound: A Clive Mandrake Adventure
2 nominations A Friend Indeed : The Adventures of JP & Cosmo
2 nominations Soviet Unterzögersdorf
2 nominations Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy
2 nominations META
2 nominations Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment
2 nominations The Winter Rose
2 nominations Zugzwang
2 nominations Frank the Farmhand Part 2
2 nominations Automation
2 nominations Heartland Deluxe
2 nominations King's Quest III
2 nominations The Family Treasure
2 nominations TiLTOR
2 nominations Blackwell Unbound
2 nominations Earl Mansin: The Breakout
2 nominations Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow
2 nominations A Cure for the Common Cold
2 nominations The Art of Theft
2 nominations Life of D. Duck II
2 nominations Quest for Glory II VGA: Trial By Fire
2 nominations Man Boy vs Doctor Sock
2 nominations Road Racer
2 nominations Damsel
2 nominations ColourWise
2 nominations Murran Chronicles Episode 2: Talons of Terror
2 nominations Annie Android: Automated Affection
2 nominations Aeronuts
2 nominations Featherweight
2 nominations Blades of Passion: An Oceanspirit Dennis Adventure
2 nominations rein
2 nominations Operation: FORKLIFT
2 nominations Space Pool Alpha
2 nominations ∞ bit
2 nominations Technobabylon - Part 3: In Nuntius Veritas
2 nominations The Far Corners of the World: Chapter 1 - The Book, the Box and the Key
2 nominations Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday 3
2 nominations The Unicated
2 nominations Concurrence (MAGS)
2 nominations Barely Floating
2 nominations Educating Adventures of Girl and Rabbit
2 nominations The Path of the Pumpkin
2 nominations A Cat's Night 2
2 nominations Time Stone
2 nominations A Date in the Park
2 nominations Sisyphus Reborn
2 nominations All Pigs Deserve to Burn in Hell
2 nominations Alien Cow Rampage: Orion Needs Your Milk!
2 nominations Troll Song Verse One - Completely Stoned
2 nominations Blue Lobe Inc.
2 nominations The Jimi Hendrix Case
2 nominations Cornelius Cat in: The Uncontrollable Pest
2 nominations Before the Dark Crystal 2
2 nominations The Charnel House Trilogy
2 nominations CGA: Christmas Game Arcade
2 nominations Among Thorns
2 nominations The Man From Fugue State
2 nominations Monkeys to the Moon!
2 nominations Archeos
2 nominations Jorry [Demo]
2 nominations The Shaft
2 nominations Tales From The Outer Zone: Fleshworms
2 nominations Sumatra: Fate of Yandi
2 nominations Hell's Puppy
2 nominations Broken Windows - Chapter 1
2 nominations Falling Dark 2: Relapse
2 nominations The Ancient Art of Staying Alive
2 nominations Barn Runner 5: The Forever Friday 5
2 nominations METRO CITY: Night Shift
2 nominations M*A*S*H: Point n' Click adventure game
2 nominations Gem Collector
2 nominations The Rat Pack (Full version)
2 nominations I Rented a Boat
2 nominations Where Did the Humans Go?
2 nominations Don't Give Up the Cat
1 nomination Quest for Glory 4 1/2
1 nomination Rob Blanc III - The Temporal Terrorists
1 nomination Aaron's Epic Journey
1 nomination The Crown Of Gold
1 nomination Larry Vales III: Time Heals All 'Burns DEMO
1 nomination A Christmas Tale DEMO
1 nomination Dirk Chafberg
1 nomination Eyes of the Jade Sphinx
1 nomination James Bondage
1 nomination The Journey Home: Part 1
1 nomination Tulle's World III
1 nomination Earwig is ANGRY!
1 nomination Revenants
1 nomination Artie Solomon: What Time Is It?
1 nomination PD
1 nomination Max: The Dark Hero
1 nomination Inferno: The Demo Of A Rotten Bastard
1 nomination Good Santa, Bad Santa
1 nomination FLASHBAX:
1 nomination By the Sword: Conspiracy (Playable First Chapter)
1 nomination Byzantine
1 nomination The Case (Demo)
1 nomination Jon Stickman demo
1 nomination Time Out Teaser Trailer
1 nomination Maniac Mansion Deluxe
1 nomination Apprentice I Deluxe
1 nomination Lost In The Nightmare v1.1
1 nomination Magsic II
1 nomination Barn Runner 3: Don't Jerk The Trigger of Love
1 nomination Labyrinth
1 nomination Missing In Action
1 nomination Operation Novi
1 nomination Rapstar 1.5
1 nomination Saturday School
1 nomination The Bar
1 nomination Zooreal
1 nomination Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine
1 nomination Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 1 Deluxe
1 nomination Indiana Jones and the Crown of Solomon demo 2.1
1 nomination Indiana Jones™ and the Fountain of Youth DEMO
1 nomination Kinky Island DEMO
1 nomination Prototypical
1 nomination 1213 Episode 3
1 nomination Bullet Train
1 nomination Quest Fighter
1 nomination Snakes on a Plane
1 nomination Chicken VS. Road
1 nomination Hallway of Adventures
1 nomination Cayanne Pepper
1 nomination _Access
1 nomination Chinese Checkers
1 nomination Gesundheit! Demo Version
1 nomination Quest Fighter II
1 nomination Trance-Pacific
1 nomination Trevor Daison in outer space - Chapter one
1 nomination Sydney Treads the Catwalk
1 nomination The Vacuum
1 nomination Beauties And Beasts
1 nomination Shoot, I Got Abducted!
1 nomination Quest For Yrolg
1 nomination Chatroom
1 nomination The Jackyard
1 nomination Super Pitstop Racing
1 nomination PlumberBoy
1 nomination Downfall
1 nomination Ghost Voyage
1 nomination Cold Meat
1 nomination Death Wore Endless Feathers (0 Day Disk 1)
1 nomination Mr. Danger's Contest
1 nomination AGS 180 Darts
1 nomination Shai-la of the Sith
1 nomination All the Magical Things
1 nomination Medieval Prisoner
1 nomination WOO - World of our own
1 nomination DuzzQuest2
1 nomination A Woman for All Seasons
1 nomination Death - Episode One
1 nomination Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 2 Deluxe
1 nomination Blockz [Demo] - A Slider Puzzle Game
1 nomination Matt to the Future (demo)
1 nomination Indy and the Crystal Cursors DEMO v1.2
1 nomination Quantumnauts
1 nomination Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold Demo
1 nomination 1st Drop
1 nomination Barn Runner Halloween: Fully Automatic Mojo
1 nomination Kuma Story
1 nomination Head over Heels
1 nomination The Visitor
1 nomination Adventure: All in the Game
1 nomination Submerged - LaSol (MAGS)
1 nomination The Unfolding Spider
1 nomination AGS Awards Ceremony 2010
1 nomination Cart Life
1 nomination 9 Months In
1 nomination UNGA needs MUMBA
1 nomination Patchwork
1 nomination ^_^
1 nomination Sheep Quest
1 nomination Pledge Quest II: Noodle Shop of Horrors
1 nomination Pledge Quest I: The SpaceVenture Adventure
1 nomination Indiana Rodent: Raiders of the Lost Cheese
1 nomination RAM Ghost
1 nomination Conspirocracy
1 nomination Richard & Alice
1 nomination Barn Runner: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese (Bake Sale)
1 nomination Cross Stitch Casper
1 nomination The Rebirth/The Reaper
1 nomination Eternal Chrysalis
1 nomination Heatwave
1 nomination Draconis
1 nomination AGS Mastermind
1 nomination AGS 180 Darts 2
1 nomination Bubble Wrap Popping Simulator 2013
1 nomination Witchy Woo
1 nomination Monty the Komodo Dragon
1 nomination The Apotheosis Project
1 nomination Beer!
1 nomination Floaty Rog'
1 nomination Haunted Castle
1 nomination Don't Drink the Pink
1 nomination The Unprintable MAGENTA
1 nomination Feng Shui And The Art Of TV Reception
1 nomination All The Way Down
1 nomination Mess Goblins
1 nomination The Surprisingly Short Adventure of Leopold Kettle
1 nomination A Landlord's Dream
1 nomination Song Animals
1 nomination Aractaur
1 nomination NOSTALGIK ( demo release 0.1 )
1 nomination Reality on the Norm: Reality Check 4 DEMO (Cancelled)
1 nomination Shadow Wars [DEMO]
1 nomination Zniw Adventure (demo)
1 nomination Let's Cook: with Koala
1 nomination The Decorcist
1 nomination Sniper and spotter being patriotic
1 nomination Fallen soldier
1 nomination Order of the Thorne : The King's Challenge
1 nomination Jacqueline White - Curse of the Mummies
1 nomination Legend of Hand - Demo
1 nomination This City at Night - DEMO
1 nomination Columbus Lander
1 nomination Predators Prey For Plants
1 nomination Space Tunneler
1 nomination GNRBLEX (MAGS version)
1 nomination Graveyard
1 nomination 10 Ways From Sunday
1 nomination Rat Channel
1 nomination Dysmaton (Formerly "Forgotten City") Demo Version
1 nomination SRAM 2 - Cinomeh's Revenge (demo)
1 nomination Stable Pete and the Joust (DEMO)
1 nomination Detective Gallo Demo
1 nomination Astron
1 nomination AGS Cycles
1 nomination Dungeon Hands
1 nomination Pickpocket RPG
1 nomination Hang On
1 nomination Memories Fade
1 nomination Kanji Gakusei
1 nomination Adventure: Welcome to the Genre
1 nomination The Rat Pack (MAGS version)
1 nomination BlindSweeper
1 nomination Space Tunneler Deluxe
1 nomination Racist [MAGS]
1 nomination Lab Rat Maze!
1 nomination Tales From The Outer Zone: The Goat Crone
1 nomination Don't Ice Your Cool
1 nomination Mr Bear Teaches English
1 nomination AGS Awards Ceremony 2018
1 nomination Vivarium
1 nomination A Christmas Nightmare
1 nomination The World is Weird
1 nomination Broken Windows - Chapter 2
1 nomination Lord of Light
1 nomination The Cabin
1 nomination Elia, Ilaria & the Kids Having a Good Time at the Sea (or at least they try)
1 nomination Rain & Snow - The Bouncer
1 nomination Futurama: Who Said That!?!
1 nomination The Mind [MAGS March 2020]
1 nomination Dangerous Derek's Livestream
1 nomination A Prelude to an Adventure
1 nomination SLEUTH
1 nomination Trapped On The Balcony
1 nomination Yip Quest
1 nomination The Distant Door
1 nomination Super Author Simulator 2023
1 nomination Mad Jack: Breakdown Shakedown
1 nomination Super Star Trek (1978) meets 25th Anniversary
1 nomination How to: Witchcraft Cuisine
1 nomination Lost & Found
1 nomination King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Retold
1 nomination Broken Windows - Chapter 3
1 nomination The Garden of Hades
1 nomination Nightmare Frames Demo
1 nomination Sphonx Tech Demo
1 nomination The Phantom Fellows (Demo)
1 nomination Lucas Mendoza - Amateur Detective
1 nomination Graceward (Early Access)
1 nomination Shoaly You Can't Be Serious! (Deluxe version)
1 nomination Desolate
1 nomination One More Fathom
1 nomination Content
1 nomination Contact
1 nomination Thinker
1 nomination Highland Spirit
1 nomination Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die!
1 nomination Zid Journey (demo)
1 nomination There's Something in the Pipes
1 nomination Snow Problem
1 nomination Signal & Echo: Iris is Missing (demo)
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