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Infinity String

by Sektor 13

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File size: 36.6 MB
Downloaded: 34,706 times
Graphics: 320x240, 32-bit color
Operating System(s):


Game Genre:
Game Type:
Story Type:
Release Date:
2 Jul 2007
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 87% by the community (61 votes)Rated 87% by the community (61 votes)Rated 87% by the community (61 votes)Rated 87% by the community (61 votes)Rated 87% by the community (61 votes)
Full Length Game
Short Game Can be completed within 30 minutes
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Full Length Game As long as a Sierra / LucasArts classic
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Content Advisory:
Bad LanguageMild
SexFrontal nudity


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Overall Enjoyment:

About this game

Your name is Yerik Elnar. You are scientist working for United States.
In late 2009 a ruins were found in Antartica by Russian explorers. A year later a complete research base was built to study the findings.
Team consisted of 7 russians, 5 americans and 2 germans. 1 year later USA send you as an additional help. You arrive with the helicopter.
But strange things begin to happen...

Newest version v1.04


*ITALIAN VERSION (full game) at:

AGS Awards Wins

Won, Best Background Art 2007

AGS Awards Nominations

Nominated, Best Game Created with AGS 2007

Nominated, Best Story 2007

Nominated, Best Use of Sound 2007

36 people commented on this game (newest first):

Just WOW! This game is close to perfection! The puzzles are great, challenging and very logical. A rare feature. Graphics and music are great also. English translation suffers a bit, and item & hotspot descriptions are not always helpful.
A must-play!
2018-05-04 17:03:53 by ZeebaEata
The game is worth playing to unravel the mystery of the alien visitation. But I'd advise anyone to have a lot of patience or consult a walkthrough when trying to solve the puzzles.

+ graphics

+ sound

+ atmosphere

+/- good mystery, but the story needed to unfold better.

+/- puzzles (e.g. the water pipe fix makes no sense - round pipe/flat plate?)

- movement (sluggish)
2015-11-22 20:33:40 by
A very competent and engaging game, but there are distracting mistakes and grammar problems in the dialogue. The story feels poorly fleshed out in places, but the grammar may be a contributing factor.

On my first attempt I encountered an early glitch which prevented me from continuing. Players would be advised to give Wilson the Pulse Reader before exploring his dialogue options (or looking at the blast door), otherwise the option to give it to him will be replaced with something else. There is seemingly no way around this once it happens.

The puzzles are logical and enjoyable for the most part, but are not informative enough. Telling the player "I won't touch that" or "Nothing special about it" (paraphrased) when they examine something important doesn't give them enough information, or any idea if they are on the right track. (For example - trying to cut an important-looking cable gives a standard "That won't do anything" without any suggestion that you can cut another identical one nearby.)

There are a lot of good things about this game and I recommend playing it, but it has plenty of glowing praise already. I wanted to point out some of the frustrations I had with it
2011-08-03 06:38:59 by Rakarr
Its really a great game, played it like 3 years ago and just remembered of it somehow. But it was really hard to find again. I searched the internet about 2-3 hours, untill I found it again, and just because I remembered that there was something like "infinite" in the game title. I searched for "adventure" "north pole" and such things. and I just saw that there are 2 other games of sector 13 now, have to try them too ;)

Really nice and scary atmosphere.
2010-10-19 21:30:22 by Dereknor
Very well made, perfect atmosphere and I appreciate good one-click controls.
Only drawback is lack of communication with other characters and sometimes too difficult puzzles.
2010-07-19 15:01:16 by Biges
It reminded me of Yahtzee's style which I really love.
The backgrounds were great.
And I love the different endings.

I took a few hints from a walkthrough, but that's just because I'm a lazy ass... I bet it works perfectly without.

Only thing I don't get is the action at the swamp (o_O).
But whatever... thanks for this great game.
I already recommended it to friends.
2010-03-14 08:28:22 by charly
Amazing background art and some good puzzles, but I didn't think that the story was really all that good. After a great, intruiging built-up the ending felt pretentious - it doesn't really work and just seemed to be a forced way to get a big shocking revelation in.
I really enjoyed working my way through the first half of the game, but finished it feeling more frustrated than anything else.
2010-01-31 21:08:59 by Valentijn
Am a HUGE adventure game fan, this was one of the first games I've downloaded to play through AGS - and can HIGHLY recommend this game to any Sci-Fi fan. Interface, graphics, sound, game-play was comparable to any commercial game (better than some!).. puzzles were well thought out, although not as hard as I'd like - but still a definite MUST if you're trying to find a top medium length game
2010-01-13 07:12:45 by Simon (q_bs)
Not all good ends are meant to be happy.

Self-sacrifice is an good act and it is good for all the man kind - so it is good.

It is not all in good or bad, just choices in life. Some are "right" and some are "left"...
2009-08-16 13:07:20 by Sektor 13
The "Pulse Reader" acts like an unpredictable magic wand.
This game has two endings: one is presented as good, the other as bad; but you die in both!...
2009-08-01 13:52:59 by azerty
This is quite a good game. The plot is an enjoyable variation on a commonly used theme. The game could use a little more background.

The only problem I had was the dialog is obviously written by someone who isn't a native English speaker. It isn't a big deal but there are some amusing phrasing that can take you out of the action.
2009-05-11 19:57:40 by LukeDI
Another masterpiece by Sektor 13. The graphics is as good as in commercial games, the story is great. Puzzles here are wise and logic and not so easy.
I am antifan of StarGate SG1 show, but although I have to play it after experience with Sektor's games.
2009-04-11 15:27:31 by Damned
Hello, my name is Joel, from the french AGS forum.
I want to translate your game in french.
If you agree, send me an email to this address:


and I contact you. Thank you. :)
2009-02-09 18:22:29 by foxyfox555 (foxyfox666)
This was really good! great story and atmostphere and the graphics are ok. i did get stuck a few times and the translation is a bit crappy sometimes which kind of detracts from the immersion. overall tho a great game!
2009-01-06 16:25:30 by Dataflashsabot
fantastic sound and graphic. the only thing that disturbs me, ist that the riddles are too technical. pipes and circuits and such stuff, you know. i like it more on a psychological level. but one of the best games i played, suberb atmosphere! greetings from germany
2008-12-06 22:44:25 by Ewian (Ewianes)
Oh cool! I just noticed there is a german version. SWEET! can i give it an 11/10? :D
2008-08-02 04:24:02 by Gary (LlukaX)
This game has had me hooked for 2 days :) I really dig the music and the scary plots. The graphics are up to par with the sierra games i've always loved. The puzzles are by far the most challenging i've ever encountered. This game is not for the feint of heart, but that's okay this really is my kind of game. GREAT WORK! 10/10. thank you for this wonderful masterpiece!
2008-08-02 04:15:58 by Gary (LlukaX)
This game is perfect indeed. Although I am still playing it, I can give it a strait "A" for everything. The puzzles are cool, not too difficult and make sense, the look of the game is outstanding (The Dig), the story is great and makes you "feel" what's happening on the screen. And the music...Aah, the music is awsome! Each track is just on its place, each sound fullfills the whole picture. This is definetly a MUST-play game! Thank you, man, you are a real tallent!

PS: It would be more perfect if there were voices! Than there will be nothing more to wish.I read that the game should be in Full Games section. I agree. It is longer than a normal medium length game.
2008-03-30 15:20:33 by rbaleksandar
Faultless game... and better than that, fantastically enjoyable. Thanks to the author...

Final note: the game should be in the long games cathegory... - it is not as long as most commercial games, but comes quite close and it's way longer than most medium AGS games
2008-03-11 17:47:45 by ratracer
As The Dig is my favorite game ever, it is not difficult to understand why I consider The Infinity String my favorite AGS game.
Well, even The Dig wasn't your cup of tea, The Infinity String is still a fantastic achievement: the graphics are faithfully reminescent of the golden era of graphical adventures, the music and sounds are second to none, the plot is very compelling and the puzzles are well constructed and logic. I'm playing, right now, Tunguska, Other Worlds and The Infinity String but it is this one that I can't put off. Trylu great game!
2008-03-11 17:44:00 by ratracer
This game brought me familiar feelings as I dove into a new and refreshing classic adventure experience. An open storyline graced with logical puzzles and impressive graphics left me hungry for more. Bravo... Bravo!
2008-02-18 13:43:33 by Paul Wilkinson (subspark)
Well, there's not much I can say about this game that hasn't already been said. It's awesome in each and every way and I recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!
2008-02-13 00:03:31 by CosmoQueen
Okay, this is the best AGS-Game I've played so far. Stunning graphics and good puzzles (Except one or two I never really got stuck). Especially the backgrounds were very well and the animations were smooth.

Well done!
2008-02-10 00:38:12 by matti
Graphically exquisite. Some of the puzzles and the overall plot were too convoluted, which made my game experience a little bit 'bewildered'.
2008-01-30 10:32:30 by Bicilotti (bicilotti)
This game rocks you like hell. If only the walking area problem once you land on the jungle I would rate it 10/10. I've rated the game by the way.
2007-10-19 23:22:26 by Dualnames
This game is a real jewel. Old school :f ) Great idea set in a very interesting place with the best adventure music I have ever heard (hope its original). I liked it a lot. Wish there would be more games like this one.
2007-09-18 22:25:27 by Gepard
Well, having finished this game I have ambivalent feelings towards it. To start with, the graphics are simply marvellous! So good, in fact, that you could easily belive this game to be some forgotten commercial underdog. The puzzles also deserve praise. (most of them anyway) They were intuitive with a very scientific feel about them, even if some of them seemed tacked on.

Were it fails though is sadly in the most important aspect: the story. It simply weren,t explained clear enough and descriptions and dialogues were uniformative and dry. When the game was over I had only a vague grasp of the story, which overall seemed to big for a medium-sized game to handle. Characters were also very flat and lifeless, making it hard to really care and sympathize for any of them.

That said, I would still definitely recommend this game for the top-notch graphics and funny puzzles. Had only more effort went into the story and characters this game would have been an instant classic!
2007-08-31 21:35:57 by accolyte
With no doubt this is one of my favourite AGS games, mixing some of mi best type of plots and graphics; Its a mix of Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis, graphs like The Dig, and Sci-Fi like a good chapter of Star Trek.

Muy heavy recomendations, but I think that the game needs some more action like "shoot before die".... the action seems slow, althought is supossed to be a lot of danger
2007-07-16 12:55:33 by Alarconte
This game has all the elements of a classic: a solid script, and folding story, great graphics, immersive music and well-thought puzzles. This is a very high quality game.

That said, the game has some grammar mistakes (not enough to lose the player, though) and it is really lacking in item and NPC descriptions, like everyone else pointed out. The lack of descriptions might turn the character a bit dull and cause some puzzles to seem harder than they really are. Nothing that cannot be corrected with a little extra work.

Note: I played version 1.00. It seems that the grammar was corrected and some descriptions were added in later releases.
2007-07-14 16:41:59 by jkohen
The graphics are excellent, with beautiful scenery and smooth animations. I agree with Pelican that there needs to be a bit more direction about what needs to be done at some points in the game, and that the language needs to be proof-read (PM me if you would like me to do this) - having your translation into English done by someone whose first language is not English (I assume) is not ideal.

But those criticisms aside, this a good game with gameplay and story that keep the player engaged throughout.

WARNING: It is rated "none" for sex and nudity, but there is actually a scene of nudity - I think the rating should be updated to reflect this, although if you can cope with the gore and violence, you aren't going to be fazed by a brief nude scene.

2007-07-13 14:22:30 by paolo
Puzzles let it down a little, mostly due to lack of direction at times, but other than that, this is a fantastic game! A few minor grammatical errors did disrupt the immersion a little, but I was really sucked into it, and I was scared witless every time the 'monster' showed up. :D
2007-07-13 13:14:42 by Pelican
Awesome game; one of the best I have played here. Superb graphics, interesting story, well designed puzzles; occasional grammatical and spelling errors but nothing too serious. Thanks for a great game!
2007-07-08 16:18:09 by Sam (sam111)
That game was thoroughly frustrating. I didn't ever know how to work out a puzzle on the first try and there were so few comments if you used something in a place where it dind't belong.

The graphics are outstanding, absolutely, and the scripting is also formidable - but there should have been put more effort into the puzzle design or better the puzzle balance. Not that they were stupid or illogical, the puzzles were just plain hard and there was rarely a hint.

And the main character was really flat, I for my part couldn't emphatize with him at any point of the game. Yeah, and the grammar is a bit Slavonic at times, I must add - somebody should proofread this.
2007-07-06 18:52:22 by metha donny (egalotron)
All around great game, I loved everything about it!
2007-07-05 23:17:14 by mr.me
Now that I've completed this, I'd like to say that this is a high-quality game. It would be even better if the English was proofread (once more).
2007-07-04 19:33:40 by Groogokk
I seriously wouldn't give this game a "mild" violence rating. This should be changed to "considerable" ord something.
2007-07-03 21:46:25 by Groogokk
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