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Mind's Eye

by ProgZmax

Screenshot 1 of Mind's Eye

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File size: 1.6 MB
Downloaded: 32,113 times
Graphics: 320x200, 32-bit color
Operating System(s):


Game Genre:
Game Type:
Story Type:
Release Date:
22 Nov 2005
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 83% by the community (65 votes)Rated 83% by the community (65 votes)Rated 83% by the community (65 votes)Rated 83% by the community (65 votes)Rated 83% by the community (65 votes)
Medium Length Game
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About this game

Your name is Noah, at least that's what you are told. You awaken in a dank padded cell with no memories of your past and no idea why you are in a sanitarium. Your only desire is to reclaim your memories and find out who you really are, but some things may be better left hidden.

The soundtrack is now available at the link below!

Courtesy of Yesterday's Salad is a review if you're on the fence about downloading:

And another review from Storygamer:
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Shane 'ProgZmax' Stevens
Privateer Puddin'
Lead Tester

AGS Awards Wins

Won, Best Character Art 2005

Won, Best Animation 2005

AGS Awards Nominations

Nominated, Best Game Created with AGS 2005

Nominated, Best Story 2005

Nominated, Best Music 2005

Nominated, Best Programming 2005

24 people commented on this game (newest first):

Dead link here!

At http://www.izzygames.com/minds-eye-t365.html, I found this download link:


(Also, the indicated file-size above of 1.6 MB is incorrect: it's ~12.5 MB.)
2017-08-30 16:21:49 by Rubber Ducky
The strengths of this game are not apparent until nearer to the end, but they do shine through. It does reward patience, so I recommend giving it a play, even if it does not immediately grab you. There is some truth to the criticisms about poor control, as it does become difficult to figure out exactly what action needs to be done, or even what you're doing when you click a given icon. But muddle through those problems, and you won't be disappointed.
2009-08-30 01:44:06 by Jester
I really liked every bit of this game.

great work.
2009-01-16 21:33:27 by ALPHA2T (Wtcq)
You did a great job with this game. The plot was amazing, and the graphics were pretty good too. The music was appropriate and helped set the mood.

I definitely think this is one of the best games plotwise in a while. Plot twists are hard to execute well, but you did it.

Some of the scenes ran a bit slowly on my computer (the delirium scenes), and my computer is not slow. Other than that, great game.
2008-04-18 19:58:50 by HR (hrearden)
A very snazzy game, although not particularly long. You may need to play through it a few times like I did, though, so this isn't a bad thing. I enjoyed the story thoroughly, and the characters were engaging. Music is very cool and appropriate to the game's atmosphere.

The sprites are really great -- especially the way everyone's eyes flare up when they react dramatically to something :)... I kinda get the impression the creator is into anime (not a bad thing) :-p, but he may also just be a fan of dramatic eye movements.

There were some problems with the interface and font in the older versions, but 1.4 (the version offered for download today) fixes these problems almost entirely. I still think the action icons are a little strange, however. You may have some trouble with the memory scenes -- where transparent overlays are displayed -- and by that I mean the game may slow down just a little, but it's not a huge problem and doesn't cause much trouble.

Overall, an enjoyable and well-made game; I'm very impressed with it :). I'd love to make game(s) with this kind of atmospheric/artistic integrity to them one day... if I can get the motivation for it - haha
2008-03-30 11:34:23 by Honeydew Huey
A good game overall, however saves didn't work for me.
2007-03-07 09:24:58 by Det (Detti32)
A very good game. Like some other people, I downloaded this game when it came out, tried to get it started and was put off by the slow start-up screen and tiny text. Don't be. Run set-up and choose 640x6400 or run the game full-screen, and set "Downgrade 32-bit graphics to 16-bit" and the game becomes easier to handle.

There's a good storyline here and exceptionally well done animation. The puzzles are fairly straightforward, and the plot is developed through cut-scenes. There are a few cut-scenes like the opening screen, so be patient.

A couple of minor criticisms: some of the cut-scenes are very dark, and the interface is so small it is fiddly to use. The save/load dialog could do with being separated into two as on more than one occasion I accidentally overwrote a saved game instead of loading it. The save button should certainly be disabled at the opening screen.

Otherwise an enjoyable game that builds up the tension all the way to a shocking revelation at the end.
2007-02-21 14:55:16 by paolo
The graphics and animations are very good, but gameplay was very hindered by the "brain" cursor which behaves like "use" or "think" in a very random way, e.g. with doors. The plot was pretty obvious, but I'm not gonna complain about this since it was kinda fun.

Another thumbs up is that you don't get killed easily, but that flashing lights sneaking was frustrating and the solution is extremely unlikely in the fashion that I tried it only out of desperation. And another good one is that there's no getting stuck in this game, except for getting the good ending, which was a bit tricky. SPOILER: more time or more brightness on that scene would have sure helped.
2007-01-08 01:21:14 by David (adepto)
Unique and outstanding! Probably the best "short " game i have ever played.
Graphics and animations were almost on par with commercial titles and the story sucks you right in from the wery beginning. The puzzles, though very easy and few, felt just right for the game. Characters are also well portrayed and thought out. I also liked the original GUI with a brain as an action and the "memory meter". My only gripe with this game was getting the "good" ending. It wasn,t really clear what you had to do to get it and it was possible to miss it.

Overall, it,s more of a point-and click game but
i had a blast playing it despite the short lenght.
An excellent game for beginners and adventure veterans alike!
2007-01-02 21:29:37 by accolyte
Wow, I really enjoyed this one. I was totally immersed in the story, and the puzzles were just right. Thanks for giving this to us!
2006-12-30 07:58:20 by releasethefrogs
Just finished the game with the "proper" ending. Great stuff! Most enjoyable - interesting story and great atmosphere!

2006-09-12 05:50:10 by CaptainBinky

really good sprites
consistent nice backgrounds.
i thought the whole idea was inventive where you have to use verbs like your mind.
music okay


This game had some really bad game play, game design and puzzles.
It felt more like a chore to play than it actully being fun.
some of the puzzles were illogical, not to mention the 'sneak past
guards' puzzle in a open hallway with you in plain sight. it has to be
prefectly dark for them not to notice you. i mean 100% darkness. the slightest
bit of light from anywhere, and those guys would notice you, even if its just
a movement in their peripheral vision. not to mention they would have heard something.
that puzzle just would not work. And the "have to do it over" part got a bit irrating.
The story was really predictable. I knew what the ending was going to be about midway
through the game, and i was right.
there were some other strange puzzles as well, like the one in the doctor's room near
the beginning of the game. i just end up clicking on everything with every verb
until something happened.
The gui had a lot of design problems. the first time i played i couldnt even find the
save and load. a lot of the times when you want to exit the screen at the bottom the gui
would appear. this was really irritating.

i think with your graphical skill you should team up with someone who is good at the
game design part and scripting, and that way you can make really good games.

Overall it was not enjoyable at all, due to the bad gameplay elements.
2006-05-30 12:44:02 by ebby
Great graphics, great animation, great story, great characters (except for Childs, whose sole purpose was to provide a way for you to die in the game), excellent music and sounds too.

I found it hard to play though. The story is just SO freaking depressing. Though if the author was going for that effect, he really nailed it. Cripes. A haunting game, for sure.
2006-05-24 03:21:15 by ophilius
I agree with everybody else about the amazing graphics and animations, and the very well chosen music. The look/think combo is pretty nice, but I found it confusing that doors were opened with the brain (by thinking) instead of using the hands. However, I find the game's pace is too slow and the puzzles too sparse and simple. I also felt that the plot development was too accelerated towards the end of the game.

One thing I disliked wholeheartedly was the sneaking sequences. They weren't fun due to them being too artificial and hardly beliavable. Furthermore, the first is not very challenging once you find out the trick, and the second one is very hard to time properly (so I just ended up solving it by trial and error).

I'll end this by thanking the developers for this amazing game. In the end it doesn't matter whether I like it or not, but that they put so much effort in it.
2006-04-01 14:59:41 by jkohen
2006-02-18 06:07:00 by hammerite (Hammerite)
A bit too short to call a full length game, but a great ride while it lasts! Very worth the download, it feels more like a commercial game than an AGS game! Great blending of atmosphere and special effects.
2006-01-26 10:08:39 by Trisk
"Mind's Eye" is one of the best games I have played created in the AGS engine. It was immaculate from the graphics to the storyline and, in particular, the pixel work and animations were superb. Congratualtions to ProgZmax on such a brilliant game, and I hope to see more of his work.
2006-01-02 03:39:41 by mozza
This is an awesome game, without any big flaw. The plot is very twisted, and addicting. Anyway, it's quite short (completed in about 30 minutes), and cannot be described as full-lenght game, even if it features at least 2 different endings (I hope I've discovered the best).
2005-12-20 06:05:29 by Abisso
i herd there were 2 endingS.
Could anyone plz PM me with details of both? I fin'd one but i dont know how i shud describe it, thnx.
gr8 game.
2005-12-10 15:23:01 by hammerite (Hammerite)
Overall a good game (it has the marks of ProgZMax all over :) ). There are a few things to note as negatives, mostly with the interface. Characters are frequently hard to read (especially on the help screen, where it's next to illegible.) As noted by ManicMatt, the inventory placing was a bad idea, it interferes with the cursor quite frequently and becomes a big annoyance.

The missing of keyboard shortcuts (or buttons) for each action makes it somewhat hard to get to an action. If you accidentally miss an action, you have to right click again until the desired cursor comes up. This becomes annoying very quickly as well.

All in all, it's a good game, nice graphics, excellent mood and good music. (I haven't finished playing yet.)
2005-12-03 18:51:31 by Traveler
Awesome stuff as usual Shane. :)
2005-11-28 23:21:57 by Cameron (AlecW)
Interesting game. The mood was nice and it had a psychadalic feeling to it. It was not that very long for a Full Length Game but maybe that was just me. Still the whole story and the trippyness feel really gave it a good quality.
2005-11-27 14:11:15 by Blizzaga Dragon
Top marks all round! Good animation, good storyline, great atmosphere!

Criticsm? The text for speech was sometimes, but not often, hard to read. Like the letter "F".
And like many other AGS games, trying to walk off the bottom off the screen often brought up the inventory which was annoying.

But that's it!

This goes in my top ten fave AGS games played so far!

Oh, and I played it twice to get the second ending!
2005-11-23 12:34:50 by ManicMatt
Awesome game! It's clear that a ton of effort went into creating this. The story is interesting, the graphics are very well done, and the music is perfectly fitting throughout, especially the Beethoven Piano Sonata. I liked the use of the think cursor in solving puzzles. That was a nice touch.

My only thoughts are the following: I wished it was a little longer, but I'm obsessed with games being as long as possible, so maybe that's just me. I also think the puzzles weren't quite challenging enough. They were interesting, so I wasn't bored, but I also had very little difficulty finding the solutions. On the other hand, I suppose this is a nice change from games in which you think you've exhausted every possible action, only to resort to a walkthrough to find that the solution was something that you didn't realize you could do. So ultimately, I guess I think the puzzles could have been a little more difficult, but I'd rather the game be too easy than too hard.

Overall, great job!
2005-11-23 02:58:28 by Erenan
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