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Richard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time

by Captain Mostly

Screenshot 1 of Richard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time

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Download Options for Richard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time

File size: 1.4 MB
Downloaded: 8,865 times
Graphics: 320x200, 8-bit (256 col)
Operating System(s):


Game Genre:
Game Type:
Story Type:
Release Date:
4 Sep 2000
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 66% by the community (22 votes)Rated 66% by the community (22 votes)Rated 66% by the community (22 votes)Rated 66% by the community (22 votes)Rated 66% by the community (22 votes)
Joke Game
Short Game Can be completed within 30 minutes
Medium Length Game Takes at least 30 mins to finish
Full Length Game As long as a Sierra / LucasArts classic
Non-Adventure Game Using Adventure Game Studio for something else?!
Joke Game You know when it fits this category ;)
Demo Unfinished Games / Commercial Games
Training Game Games made just to try out AGS
<Category Not Set> Not yet categorised
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Content Advisory:
Bad LanguageNone


Public Opinion

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Puzzles & Pacing:
Overall Enjoyment:

About this game

The most sorely underappreciated epic from the folds of AGS and yet the greatest storyline told within it. Captain Mostly's work has remained underappreciated except within a cult circle.

AGS Awards Nominations

Nominated, Best Story in an AGS Game 2001

Nominated, Best Supporting Character in an AGS Game 2001

AGS Panel Review

"Yes, I realise there are those in this community that hold these in-joke games in some esteem, but personally I believe this game, like others of it's kind, to be crud. Enjoy."

21 people commented on this game (newest first):

Music is annoying, graphics hurt your eyes after a while (seriously) and the plot could be summed up as "the Matrix by the mentally-challenged for the mentally-challenged".

Like the AGS Panel Review states, and wisely, it's crud (and I believe they're being too nice, to be honest).
2013-05-24 09:03:59 by Saga
I love it! Cpt. Mostly, you're one of my favourite game authors! (ESPECIALLY Davy Jones C'est Mort, of course)
2008-01-19 11:40:47 by Mr. Waht (firsov_ivan)
I liked the weird atmosphere, but was put off by the annoying controls.
2006-03-26 09:05:35 by Radiant
great game -really weird, dazzling and downright compelling -you gotta play it!
2004-08-02 23:04:29 by Jake T
A nice piece of art... and a very nice game too. :)
2004-07-17 17:00:24 by mere
Im stuck. I dont know what to do. Can you give me a walkthrough? LOL!
2004-07-15 11:56:45 by sp
I love it! Cpt. Mostly, you're one of my favourite game authors! (if we ignore Davy Jones C'est Mort, of course)
2004-06-09 06:14:29 by Illdo
its wacky but it dosent work for crying out loud
2004-04-14 02:51:43 by grant
If you don't like this, play the VEGETABLE PATCH EXTREEM TURBO games. they're much more mature, although perhaps no less confusing...
2004-03-17 08:30:11 by captain mostly
Don't be scared by it, it's fun. Play it.
2004-03-01 23:52:34 by Gilbot
Its weird and annoying, but absolutely hilarious. 8/10.
2004-02-14 22:45:14 by Erik Hogan
absolutely crazy game!
2003-12-22 08:31:02 by jane
My laptop overheated after running it.
2003-03-19 22:40:38 by Quikstrike
I don't like it. More annoying than funny. I couldn't make it past the first puzzle and I didn't want to if all I could expect was more bad graphics and ANNOYING music. Butcher's Robert Redford games are far superior.
2003-03-05 16:05:33 by Trapezoid
This is to date my most favorite AGS game I've played, and I've played a few. It has the most creative use of story I've seen and the beard thing ha ha. I've yet to see a funnier more weird use of sprites.
2003-02-22 17:51:22 by Mr Frisby
This game is so important, my computer made a fan game about it.
2003-02-20 17:24:29 by rodekill
This is, quite simply put, the funniest game I have ever played ever. I cannot find any greater praise than that.
2003-01-11 05:04:47 by LasNaranjas
It's a crazy world. Those of you who like surrealism will love it just as I did. The top surrealistic game of the zany gamemaker. I love it!
2003-01-10 04:01:03 by Kyriakos Hasapis (the butcher)
This is the HARDEST AGS GAME I have ever played. Also, bizzare. Great.
2002-08-29 15:30:14 by Mr.Panda
What a zanny game this is! Thought it was pretty good and it made me laugh.
2002-08-24 09:34:10 by amaranth
This is totally crazy. I guess you love it or you hate it. I loved it. There are some bugs in it so you should be careful to save the game every once in a while.
2002-08-22 16:01:28 by Fischer
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