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by Ben304

Screenshot 1 of Heed

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File size: 12 MB
Downloaded: 11,847 times
Graphics: 320x240, 32-bit color
Operating System(s):


Game Genre:
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Release Date:
15 Jul 2009
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 78% by the community (32 votes)Rated 78% by the community (32 votes)Rated 78% by the community (32 votes)Rated 78% by the community (32 votes)Rated 78% by the community (32 votes)
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<Category Not Set> Not yet categorised
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Content Advisory:
Bad LanguageNone


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About this game

An encounter with a strange spirit and an even stranger fly leave a traveler with questions about purpose, fate and the source. Follow this traveler as they seek to find something more from their life and find their true purpose.
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Graphics, Story, Scripting
Music, Testing

AGS Awards Nominations

Nominated, Best Background Art 2009

Nominated, Best Character Art 2009

Nominated, Best Music 2009

AGS Panel Review

"Another great one by Ben304. There's an intriguing story here, but not a whole lot in the way of puzzles or gameplay to back it up. More of an "experience," and a charming one at that."

14 people commented on this game (newest first):

Overall, this didn't really do anything for me but I felt strangely compelled to see the game through to completion...maybe just to see where it was going. Nice Visuals.
2016-03-21 20:41:45 by Two Tales
I see this "seeking the Truth" theme all over Ben's games. I can almost understand it as a personal world view. But what does it mean?
2014-01-27 00:43:06 by Janos Biro
A nice little game with a lot of atmosphere. The gameplay is innovative and pleasant.
2010-08-12 17:09:29 by Blue
Graphics were amazing, music was ok. Puzzles were one level up from easy. I've kept my mind on the plot. This spiritual divinity was too much for me. Something like a heavy novel that i couldn't understand. Something that is too much art.
2009-11-27 16:22:50 by proximity
A charming game which while linear, tells an interesting story.

While the few puzzles in the game don't really feature until the second half, you quickly realise at the end that this is a feature of the story as you are guided in the beginning to your ultimate destiny.
2009-10-25 01:00:58 by BD (BlackDragon1200)
Great game! Gives you something to think about ...
2009-10-05 19:21:16 by xenophon (Xenophon)
First of all, the graphics are great, backgrounds gave a feeling of mysterious world around, and I particulary liked main character's clothes. Music is good too, although it felt a bit out there, adding surrealism to gameplay events.

But I must confess I didn't like the game much in whole. Puzzles are... well, too easy. I played your "Shifter's Box" earlier and loved it, so I expected something better here. I had a slight feeling of being tricked when game ended.

Nevertheless, the story was intruguing, and has some interesting philosophy behind. I'd really wish I had more immersion into this, maybe if game was longer, or had more characters, or events... difficult to say.
2009-08-27 18:20:07 by Crimson Wizard
First of all, as basically everyone else has either said or is thinking, this game has some stunningly beautiful backgrounds lavished over it, which are basically enough to balance out anything bad I can say about it. Puzzles are minimal but there are some nice and fairly unusual ones in there, i.e. not of the "use a on b" variety.

However the game is also extremely linear. Not so much a "game" as an "experience" as they say. Basically you are dropped into location A, where you proceed to complete objective A, and then the story obligingly moves you along to location B where the process is repeated. What I really wanted to do was explore the good-looking world and dig into the intriguing background story, but instead I was trapped in a one-way tunnel watching the story go by. I felt more like the game was playing me and also that I was back in Soviet Russia, not in the game world, which was where I really wanted to be.

So in conclusion, awesome, but meh. Does that make sense
2009-08-26 07:40:52 by discordance
fantastic graphic and good immersion - but where are the puzzles? Controls? Sorry, but an adventure without interaction is boring.
2009-08-25 19:36:56 by Ewianes
A beautiful game, a flow of emotions joined with technical proficiency.
The various aspect of the game (backgrounds, dialogues, music, scripting) come seamlessly together in 'Heed'.
A touching interactive fiction you should play right now!
2009-08-03 00:54:12 by bicilotti
Some people have complained about the lack of puzzles but that didn't bother me. In fact it gave the game a very Loom-like feel. It's very straightforward but the immersing story and the mythology make up for it.
2009-07-26 14:19:44 by Pablo
Surreal, inspiring. Ben304 never disappoints.

Heed is more of a story than a game. Although it doesn't really to build up momentum, it will keep you glued to the screen with its charming graphics, melancholy music and interesting story telling.
2009-07-25 15:39:55 by jkohen
More an experimental interactive story than a puzzle-filled game, but that is not a bad thing. Heed really has a great story. A deep and thoughtful one, open to interpretation, presented in moody scenery and supported by a very spooky, atmospheric soundtrack. Its few actual puzzles are simple but fit in, but you may find yourself wondering about the meaning of Source much longer than you played the game ;)
2009-07-19 21:33:16 by Ghost
Excellent game! Fun story, and the intentional absence of background and setting information focuses the player's attention on the more important messages and themes of the game. This is an excellent example of a game as an ART FORM. Two thumbs up!
2009-07-19 18:04:32 by Storygamer
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