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Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 7 - The Cardinal Sins

by Francisco Gonzalez

Screenshot 1 of Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator Case 7 - The Cardinal Sins

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File size: 76.4 MB
Downloaded: 9,341 times
Graphics: 320x200, 16-bit color
Operating System(s):


Game Genre:
Game Type:
Story Type:
Release Date:
13 Aug 2008
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 85% by the community (49 votes)Rated 85% by the community (49 votes)Rated 85% by the community (49 votes)Rated 85% by the community (49 votes)Rated 85% by the community (49 votes)
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Content Advisory:
Bad LanguageOccasional, mild
SexSuggestive dialog


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About this game

It's Christmas Eve in Rome. What should be a joyful occasion becomes a senseless tragedy as a priest is murdered in cold blood. Back home in Philadelphia, Ben Jordan receives a phone call from the man accused of the crime, begging him to go to Rome and clear his name. Seeing this as a chance to prove his career choice to his disapproving family, Ben calls up his friends and starts another investigation. However, Ben doesn't realize that this will be the toughest case he's ever had, as many questions will be answered, and some lives will be lost...
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Art, Writing, Scripting

AGS Awards Wins

Won, Best Dialogue Writing 2008

Won, Best Music 2008

Won, Best Sound Effects 2008

Won, Best Voice Work 2008

AGS Awards Nominations

Nominated, Best Game Created with AGS 2008

Nominated, Best Original Story 2008

Nominated, Best Gameplay 2008

Nominated, Best Puzzles 2008

Nominated, Best Background Art 2008

Nominated, Best Programming in an Adventure 2008

Nominated, Best Tutorial or Documentation 2008

AGS Panel Review

"This entry in the series includes a substantial improvement to the soundtrack, a racier theme (the murder of a priest), and some great plot twists. The only drawbacks to Case 7 are the relatively short play length and an ending that will leave you demanding more!"

16 people commented on this game (newest first):

This is another great game in this series of games.
2021-09-29 07:31:20 by Michael2968
I am not caring enough to consider doing things in the order that is numerically ruled upon to maximize my understanding of storylines, and figure that I would rather be confused and amused and oblivious than bored. Knowledge may be power but knowing everything like I do on a daily basis (thats a dry joke) can underuse the brain maybe. So this is the first BJordan Ive played.

If you are inconsiderate and want to do Ben Jordan Adventures out of order, I am sure he will not appreciate me saying this, but its just as bada** as doing it all proper as so. I loved it.

I did not mind the beginning's Looksee of two unrelated items to begin the adventure, Im a Walksee person, so I just Googled and found a no-spoilers walkthrough so I did not get in that irritated 'I hate life right now' state of mind against amazing games-games that may falter with 3% of the gameplay and it unintentionally ends up impacting the gamer 300% without a unspoilt walkthrough on getting through the game.

Cant wait to play the 3rd, then 1st, then the final game of the Ben Jordans. Good
2014-02-11 16:42:42 by Shrew
An immensely enjoyable game, much better than number 6 and easily in par with my two favourite games in the series so far, 3 and 4. Francisco finally gave Ben a new outfit! This is when the Ben Jordan series starts to become far more professional thanks to surprisingly great voice work; excellent music; much more serious in tone story; the overlaying arc Francisco has been promising is finally on show here. The puzzles are also cool, though there were a couple of moments that I thought degraded the experience by only a little. At the beginning of the game in order to trigger an event you have to examine two completely unrelated items in Ben's room. And perhaps my biggest gripe with the game is the box puzzle and its buttons. I did manage to figure it out, it was perhaps a little more troublesome then it should have been. But overall though, this is a well made game that has been made with care and attention. The commentary is also insightful and worth playing through the game a 2nd time to listen to. Comes highly recommended
2010-05-16 16:14:12 by Pandaramaster
I liked this game, it felt more complete and serious than any previous BJ game. Soundtrack is amazing and fit corresponding scenes perfectly. Jordan's confession is a sort of little masterpiece ("i keep stealing other people things", "i want to touch other people", "i am standing long time not doing anything" rofl :) ).
However, saying truth, I found the near-final cutscene of murder rather gross.
Also, there were few moments that lack realism. For instance, when BJ is pretending to be a detective with italian name and when he plays plumber he keeps speaking english, which should look weird for people he is trying to fool.
And in general, game created more questions than answers. I am awaiting for continuation :)
2009-01-08 15:41:33 by Crimson Wizard
I loved this game. It kinda reminded me of the old Gabriel Knight games, honestly. The voice acting was done pretty well and I was rather impressed by the graphics. About the only things I didn't like was there was a little back and forth and one pixel hunt puzzle. Beyond that, though, it was a nice, medium length adventure game.
2008-11-19 17:25:04 by Gun Sage (gunsage)
One of the best parts!
2008-11-05 18:17:40 by Ewianes
Man, these are some great mystery games. The story has a rounded mix of humor and seriousness... except towards the end, but that is expected.

Things have take a turn for the worse for Ben Jordan, as well as me, I mean--- well not to give anything away to those that haven't played it, I'll shut up now.

Wonderful voice acting, by the way! Tell me there will still be voice acting in the eighth installment. Many would say the game is short, I say that's because you don't waste time with the story. That is to say, you keep it flowing without a hitch.

The player never gets hung up in long drawn out conversations, and the plans of the bad guys don't go on long enough, for the hero of the story to overthrow them.

On top of that, the puzzles are linear to a point where it feels like an interactive movie, which is nice. It allowed me to go through the game at a nice pace, and learn the story without any strange illogical puzzles getting in the way.

Overall, this is the best series of adventure games on this site, keep it up for the last installment!


Some mild pixel hunting at the beginning as said by others was a little bit on the annoying side. I got stuck at the start
2008-11-02 07:30:07 by leon101
I've played all of these games so far, and the only problem I have with them is that they suffer from a major lack of originality.

To have Poussin's painting and St Anthony slapping me in the face during this game made me want to switch it off, and load up Gabriel Knight 3 again.

Credit where due. The games are very nicely done with tidy art and production. I'm not sure whether they are meant to be a tongue in cheek homage to Jane Jenson's Gabriel Knight games...or are blatant plagiarism. I suspect something in between

At times it's uncomfortably difficult to guess which is the case.

Whichever reason it is that these games seem awfully familiar..to try and replicate something legendary and as immersing as an adventure game can be. You set yourself up against something very difficult to match, the bar is set incredibly high. Jane Jenson's games - well yes they are old now but will not be forgotten They are also replayed by people because they are classic games.

The whole idea of creating something yourself, is to put your imagination into it, not somebody else's.

In short the Ben Jordan series would be a whole lot better with an original plot and storyline ..to some extent puzzles had not already been done- much better by somebody else long long ago.

If you have played this game and have not played Gabriel Knight, do so. You'll probably enjoy it

The good
If you have a little time to kill these games will give you some amusement- and are nicely done when you bear in mind they're made by an indie developer. It's an amazing effort and result!

The bad
Plenty of other people around here develop games whcih drip with originality..sadly this is not one of them.

Ben Jordan...you are not the Shattenjaeger...sorry

2008-10-12 23:45:12 by Sephie (Lady_Seph)
Very good game, my favourite of the Ben Jordan series so far, highly recommended. The detective element is very enjoyable, and the puzzles were all good with one exception which isn't to my taste. Great characters, locations and story.
2008-09-27 08:54:49 by robvalue
I have played all of the games in this series and have loved every minute of each but this one tops the cake! There is a beautiful flow in the story's plot. Many thank you's from a fan!
2008-09-02 01:46:49 by .desperation
Excellent as always! Playing this one will make waiting for the next one even harder than waiting for this one was. If you don't play this, you're missing out!
2008-08-15 20:53:21 by Ganon (Ganondorf)
Love the series - so well done. Case 7 is a little short as has been said but I loved it just as much as the rest.

Can't wait for the final chaper!!
2008-08-15 03:03:42 by JayBTV
Top points from me for everything. An amazing game - a must to play. Very teasing end :)
You have to have the commentary on though to get it...
Thank You!
2008-08-14 21:22:01 by TassieDevil
Definitely the best Ben Jordan yet. Except for some mild pixel hunting at the very beginning, the puzzles are done very well. The graphics are very nice, with fluid animation and some great static backdrops. It's also nice to have voice acting. Although not all of the voices are of the same quality in terms of sound quality, the quality of the acting is spot-on. The music is equally atmospheric, as are the ambient sound effects. The storyline is easily on par with a TV show, and the last ten minutes of the game is as exhilarating as any movie. My only gripe with this entire game, except for the aforementioned pixel hunting, is the fact that it is somewhat short. Overall, this solid adventure is a must-have for fans of Ben Jordan, mystery stories, or just good games in general.
2008-08-14 13:30:06 by Anteater
What a great and suspenseful ending, and overall quality is very good. Sets up for an awesome sequel, and might just be one of my favorites of the series...
Pros: Great graphics, developed characters, well done music, loads of great plot and suspense, nice voice acting addition, added bonus of dev. commentary.
Cons: Short to some people.
2008-08-14 04:33:53 by Snaker8
Very enjoyable story and logical puzzles. The voice acting is remarkable in its overall quality!
2008-08-14 03:58:23 by bicilotti
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