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7 Days a Skeptic

by Yahtzee

Screenshot 1 of 7 Days a Skeptic

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File size: 1.3 MB
Downloaded: 34,138 times
Graphics: 320x200, 16-bit color
Operating System(s):


Game Genre:
Game Type:
Story Type:
Release Date:
22 Jul 2004
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 86% by the community (283 votes)Rated 86% by the community (283 votes)Rated 86% by the community (283 votes)Rated 86% by the community (283 votes)Rated 86% by the community (283 votes)
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Content Advisory:
Bad LanguageNone


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About this game

Sequel to 5 Days a Stranger. Nearly four hundred years have passed since what became known as the DeFoe Manor Incident, when an eccentric cat burglar known as Trilby brought an end to the reign of terror inflicted by a murderous wraith, the ghost of Sir Roderick DeFoe's abused, unwanted son.
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Creator of AGS

AGS Awards Wins

Won, Best Non Player Character 2004

Won, Best Use of Sound 2004

AGS Awards Nominations

Nominated, Best Game Created with AGS 2004

Nominated, Best Story 2004

Nominated, Best Dialogue Writing 2004

Nominated, Best Gameplay 2004

Nominated, Best Puzzles 2004

Nominated, Best Character Art 2004

Nominated, Best Animation 2004

AGS Panel Review

"It's difficult for any sequel to live up to the impact of the original, and while 7 Days falls a bit short of that mark it still delivers a solid, entertaining play experience with a fair number of scares."

53 people commented on this game (newest first):

Russian ver (updated): http://www.mediafire.com/file/1wk0wz7s5rx7uk9/7days_RUS.rar
2017-03-23 22:45:12 by Sledgy
Russian version by Baron Subbota: http://yadi.sk/d/zpwb9QnQDv3FU
2013-12-07 14:48:53 by Sledgy
Great game, great story, second chapter of the Chzo series - one of the best stories not only on AGS site, but overall. You MUST play this game!
2012-01-19 14:33:14 by Matiavelli
Again a game i couldn't stop playing.
Great Job.
2010-11-11 13:52:20 by Brakes
I'm enjoying the game, I like the deep space setting, it makes me feel more isolated than the country manor in 5 Days did. I enjoyed the chase scene in 5 days, but I'm currently stuck on the first chase scene in this game. It just seems a bit unfair that the monster kills you in one hit, especially when you spend so much time trying to select the gun. I like the visuals, the spartan, clean-cut style of the ship makes it all the more shocking when the place gets stained with blood. More atmospheric than 5 Days too, especially on the EVA sections. I'm enjoying it, I just don't like the chase sequences in this game as they're too long and drawn out.
2009-12-23 23:03:34 by R.M. Brennan (HereticGamer)
I won't say much; I loved 5 Days a Stranger, so I played the sequel and wasn't dissapointed. Great horror/thriller story. Puzzles were not perfect, maybe, but still OK.

What I really love in Trilby/Chzo series are those short cutscenes with horrorful events, that (SPOILER ALERT) are not always real thing (END SPOILER ALERT); they are very spooky sometimes, but entertaining. I especially liked monologue about "we have a new captain now" ) Cheesy, perhaps, but nice black humor.
2009-08-29 20:01:29 by Crimson Wizard
I stumbled on to 7 Days by accident and it was the first AGS Game I played. It was so great it rekindled my love for adventure games. I absolutely loved this game and thought it was as good as 5 Days, which I played immediately afterwards (wrong order I know). The story was so captivating and the atmosphere was so real it just pulled me in and made me so scared, I must have jumped from fright so many time during the game, and later that night while I was trying to sleep.7 Days remains my equal favorite AGS game with 5 Days.
2008-10-19 03:41:08 by Vulcan Master
I love horror movies and such, but I had no idea some little pixely game could scare me so much. I've been having trouble sleeping the past few nights... I like the series, though, so I'll try and finish that last bit tomorrow. When it's bright. With my curtains open and my dog nearby. Probably with a walthrough, too, 'fraid I'm too afraid to do it without knowing what I'm doing.

As for things that could improve... Having some music could've been nice, but that could have lessened the suspense and scary factor.
2008-05-30 03:16:23 by Fox
I enjoyed this more than 5 days, the jump to SciFi was a good idea and I felt that this one was a little more mysterious, even knowing what we did from 5 days. The puzzles seemed to be fewer but the ones that were there (The date one I found particularly clever) were solid. All said and done the game tells an interesting story in a familiar fashion, focusing on dialog and mystery to move itself along.
2008-05-21 09:41:07 by Dharma_and_Greg#1fan
I'm a grown adult and I had to stop playing every now and then to give my nerves a rest. Didn't help that I watched Event Horizon the night before I started playing. Either there's something wrong with me or this game is tremendously atmospheric and frightening.
2008-02-18 14:51:07 by fossphur
Better than alot of games 'proper' I've bought
2007-11-30 12:45:22 by Sinclair
It was so surprisingly after I finished 5 days a stranger to play this one and see how the DeFoe story mysteriously blends some hundred years after inside a spaceship. The story and immersion is even better than 5 days. Sometimes it had me running while have to zap the monster that followed me without knowing what to do (so, I had to see the solution) but other than that it's wonderful to finish this one!
2007-06-22 15:54:00 by Optimus
Nice game but the backgrounds was very 2D.
The welder guy had cool outfit.
Keep it up Yahtzee
2007-05-14 19:41:40 by arthur.com
This is a pretty good game, but it's not as fantastic as 5 Days A Stranger. Some things were good and some weren't as good.

I liked the story as it progressed and how it all linked up to 5 Days A Stranger, but at the end, the main character's fate was just unexpected and didn't feel right. I didn't know what to exactly feel. Kinda of empty I guess. Not such a good way to end it. I should mention that I liked the gory parts.

STORY: 8/10

The cast of characters were good, but not as memorable as 5 Days A Stranger. I think they needed a little more back story to them and again the main character's fate at the end kind of killed his reputation. I really didn't feel connected or charmed by any of them.

CAST: 6/10

Now most of the puzzles were great except there were a couple that did not make sense. The escape pod puzzle scene was flatout ridiculous like some people have mentioned. Another thing that did not make sense was the room with the EVA suit. Those were the only two things that messed the flow of the puzzles. The escape pod puzzle scene could have been worked on as well as the EVA suit room. Otherwise, the majority of the puzzles were great.


The immersion was at best ok. I'm not much of a fan of being stuck in a spaceship. Still it had the good sound effects of being in a spaceship, so that is what counts. The story was solid through most of the game, but like I said about the end... it pulled me away from it. Lastly, the cast was forgetable.


Graphics were ok, but I was expecting a bit of an upgrade compared to 5 Days A Stranger. It still did the job, but could have been a bit better. Well at least I think so.


All in all, this was a good game, but wasn't as spectacualr as 5 Days A Stranger, its predecessor. Still I reccommed this game to everyone as it links to the previous game. A few flaws here and there, but not enough to ruin it.

OVERALL: 8/10 (Not an average of the above ratings)
2007-03-19 00:37:19 by Fleshstalker
Not a bad game. Definitely worth playing. As others have stated, this sequel is not as good as 5 Days a Stranger. Where 5 Days is a game of horror, 7 Days is a slasher game. I enjoy horror movies but I don't like slasher movies and I'm sure that influenced my opinion of this game. But, though I have rarely sat through an entire slasher movie, I did finish this game. It does set a pretty fair mood and the characters are interesting (enough that I wanted to know more about them). The puzzles are mostly good as is the story. Mostly. The plot holes were pretty noticeable though. The graphics are fair and do the job. Worth playing but be prepared for lots of blood and gore.
2007-01-27 04:44:10 by CapCase
Yahtzee delivers again!! Not quite as good as 5 Days (but then what is?), and definately a LOT harder. You're going to need the walthrough on this one (or at least the hints board). BUT, the graphics: amazing (yes I'm a sucker for VGA), the interface: inventive and fitting. Story: out of sight. Kind of Event Horizon meets Alien meets Random 80's slasher flick. Lots of gore here folks. Go. Play. Enjoy. Muhahahaha.
2006-12-11 05:31:41 by MaddieGail62
I liked it quite a bit. Not as good as 5 days, but defintely not too bad at all. Playing through was a breeze though, aside from couple tough spots.

2006-08-21 13:41:19 by Herra (Kilu)
I feel safe writing a negative review here because I have praised Yahtzee's work in other areas already.

Overall I thought this was a very poor sequel to 5 Days. Whereas with 5 Days, Yahtzee went for a nice Alfred-Hitchcock-like suspenseful feel, with the sequel he has apparently decided to make it more like the more "modern" horror stories--in other words, lots of rather disgusting, gory, bloody scenes without the rather thrilling atmosphere of 5 Days.

Add to this the fact that the main character is nowhere near as cool as Trilby was, that it's futuristic on a space-ship (completely different theme and feel from the first), and that the ending is far, far more depressing, and this game just didn't cut it for me. Not worth playing. Sorry, Yahtzee--but the truth is, you've done far, far better than this one.
2006-07-31 14:54:09 by KingMick
It surely has been made out of full effort, but how could it have been made in just about an year?
I would sure like to get my hands on the graphics designer used.
2006-07-12 09:53:22 by Abd (Nabeel)
It was alright! Frustrating and annoying at a pleasurable level, just the way I like it.
2006-06-29 11:51:12 by Nodrighal
The notion of John Defoe's corpse being discovered by a star-trek style crew is beyond far fetched. But the well fleshed-out characters, good puzzles and suspense make up for it.

But what was with the ending? Seriously. That last bit with the soldiers had NO point.
2006-05-24 03:13:45 by ophilius
Very interesting ! I enjoyed the plot, the context, the character... It's very immersive and very well done. Congratulations :)
2006-05-12 05:53:38 by Marion
OMG! that scared the hell outta me. i was up all night playing it (which wasnt a good idea). i cant believe a computer game can scare people so much, amazing work. I found it just as scary and enjoyable as 5 days a stranger, if not scarier!!.
2006-03-24 09:14:35 by Scorpio_Phoenix
It was just as suspenseful as the first one except this one was more gory than 5 Days a Stranger. It had some elements of the first and mixed it with some new elements. It is an awesome game.
2006-03-22 13:38:11 by Blizzaga Dragon
I admit, i first played the game, because i didnt have any other games to play. However, 7 days a skeptic is one of the best games I ever played.
After 10 min of playing it, I began looking frequently behind my back, just to make sure nobody was actually there.
Yahzee, you should be really proud of thiS!!! Congratulations...ps. why did you stoip making games?
2006-01-28 07:16:06 by Randeemuss
7 Days A Skeptic, the sequel to the masterpiece that is 5 Days A Stranger. While it's not as awesome as 5 Days A Stranger, it stills hold up a significantly high level of quality. It's not as immersive as 5 Days A Stranger and it doesn't have a plot quite as excellent as 5 Days as well. It does have a good plot but some ideas have been rehashed and others dont make sense. Yet, the way Yahtzee connects 5 Days to 7 Days is extremely well though {Sploiler Warning!} Packing up the bones and doll and shooting it to another galaxy?? Brilliant! The puzzles are somewhat more coherent and intelligent than 5 Days and that's a plus point over 5 Days but 7 Days. The gore is far more frequent than 5 Days and gore is something I really enjoy - forgive me for my sadistic desires :). Yet, in the end 7 Days isn't quite as memorable or excellent as 5 Days but it still does a great job at being "spooky" and "mysterious" and the ending begs for a sequel {SPOILER!} notice how the box opens near the end? but I'm betting there wont be a "10 Days A Wanderer".
2005-12-27 05:25:48 by Plaguewielder
This game was amazing! Scared the hell out of me! The graphics were very well drawn and came in as quite effective. The puzzles were nicely done and you have obviously put a lot of effort into this game. However, I failed to find any music-you should put some in, since the usage of music in the right scenes for 5 Days a Stranger made that very effective.
2005-12-20 08:56:21 by Tom (Kingtom0001)
i've just beat this game and i have to say it scared the hell out of me more than resident evil 4 did. it was very fun and i'm very tired because i've lost a lot of sleep these past few days. 7 days a skeptic is every bit as fun as 5 days a stranger. get it now!
2005-11-28 22:30:17 by skyfire1
I liked 5 days better than this one, despite the shoddy graphics, it pulled me into the house much more effectively than this one. Still, I must admit that this one also scared the hell out of me, and I don't like horror movies because I find them hillariously stupid and predictable, so that says something good about Mr. Yahtzee. The story is great, as one comes to expect from this author.

I got a bit turned off by the very repetitive puzzles towards the beginning and some very ilogical ones towards the end. The user interface has been improved, but there are still some glitches that anybody who played the game for less than 10 minutes can point out.

Overall, a good game, but I wouldn't rank it above 5 days.
2005-10-14 21:01:24 by jkohen
Oh, man, such a great game! Like that other guy, this was my first AGS game. It scared the hell outta me though. I couldn't get past the part with being trapped in that thing, and that murderer turing it off and going after you. Great game, but WAY too scary.
2005-10-08 05:22:37 by TheCheese33
Well new here!
And 7 day's was my first AGS game played.
I have a very good time with 'it' or 'him' :)
Cool graphics but sound was a bit missing(music for the atmosphere)
Anyway a great game.
Maybe i will do one like this one one day :)
thanks for play and see you!
2005-09-17 02:16:29 by Polaris
Extremly good game, but it scared the crap out of me.
I seriously ran around my house because i was afriad the welder would pop out and stab me. Ugh, home alone and playing this in the dark was not a smart idea!
2005-08-06 09:30:19 by Dysco
Let me put it straight: this game scared the hell out of me!! I'm not into horrors and scary games, but Yahtzee (the author of this game) just brought me into it. I played 5days a stranger first. A very very great game, with a great plot and lots of scary things. However, this game is a true horror, although it doesn't look like that when the game starts. But, it's all happening in a deep space on a spaceship.... that's scary by itself. Above else, the plot itself and the characters are very very frightening. Lots of great and logical puzzles, great story (I still didn't finish this game though - yikes!) and great atmosphere. It seems to me that both 5 days & 7 days games are somewhat claustrophobic - the environment is usually small, bordered.... but that just adds more on the atmosphere and tension.
Like someone said in this comments: you don't need a dim light and monsters of Id Software to be scared. A good story is all you need to be truly frightened!

Overall, it's as good as 5 days if not better - a true masterpiece. Don't play it at night kids... I still shiver when hear the doors open... :O
2005-07-08 20:42:14 by Ivan Jekic
Not superior to 5DAS, but pretty darn awesome anyway. DOWNLOAD NOW!
2005-07-08 15:04:30 by Zor
Very Fun space adventure, and it scared me in some parts.

good storyline, effects and details, could use some background music though.


The Lion.
2005-06-21 13:13:23 by The Lion
Well....huhn. Hmm....Lemme dwell on it's good points for a bit before I get to the main complaint. Ok....You did EXCELLENT! The characters were great. The graphics were great--hey, even the flow of the storyline was superb.

Puzzles? Yeah, there are PLENTY of those! And I like the way how you are given subtle hints of where to go next by the other characters in the game.

In fact, for those of you who are just TIRED of these kind of games that hardly give you any hints concerning where to go next, I would HIGHLY recommend playing this game because of the simple fact that the author BOTHERED to include subtle hints in various conversations that led you to one place after another....The ONLY time I got stuck was when the main character had to use the wrenches in the dispenser!

One last point...when I reached the main reactor room, I sensed something familiar and replayed a memory from a year or so ago...You see, that was when I played a game called Beneath A Steel Sky. The format for both of these games are pert near so much identical, that I'm kinda beginning to think that Yahtzee must've taken some user interface ideas from Beneath A Steel Sky and added them to his own game! (In fact Yahtzee, head on over to The Underdog's website and download that game--believe me, you'll enjoy it. But, you might need SummVM in order to run it.)

All in all, great job, Mr. Yahtzee! I have one little issue....Why the gore? Don't we have enough of that already? (You did a superb job on that too, by the way!!)

...Yeah. Best gore I've ever seen (besides some of the scenes in The Green Beret and Saving Private Ryan). But still....Couldn't you have toned it down just a tad???

All in all, you did a great job on the storyline and you did a good job with everything else--the only thing that bugs me is the gore. That's it! That is the ONLY issue I have with the game!!

Anyways....I hope you're doing well and I hope you have a good day!

2005-05-11 21:27:22 by JFB
Loved it! One of my favs, definately worth downloading and keeping on your hard drive.
2005-04-09 17:23:30 by Coffee Lady
Game was GREAT
2005-03-24 04:15:51 by TomPel

2005-03-20 11:08:43 by ErikKiller
Game that spooks and turns your brain around into tar...
I mean GOOD!
Ill vote for you!!!
Ill wait for the Sequel!!!
2005-03-20 11:07:33 by ErikKiller
No use in playing this one if you haven't player 5 Days a Stranger. A good game, very good for an amateur game, but the puzzles weren't as good, and the spaceship just didn't have the same charm as in Five Days.

SPOILER: And why did Welder try to build a zombie-like being? He seemed very capable of killing without all that... Maybe I just blinked at a wrong point of a cutscene.
2004-11-09 13:06:29 by deadworm222
Loved this game! Very similar to that of 5 Days A Stranger. Graphics are good, sound is ok and the game is very enjoyable to play. I found the puzzles to be at a good level and I was able to progress through this game without becoming stuck or bored. Excellent!

Note to Jack Dark: Do agree that figuring out the correct date format could be difficult if you are not familiar with other date formats, however WE westerners includes a lot more countries than the USA and the among most of those countries the common date format is day month year.
2004-11-02 20:10:40 by Quinny
I couldn't believe it when this came out. A sequel to one of my favourite AGs games by my favourite AGs author. Couldn't believe my luck. I was shocked, then, when I found myself not really enjoying 7 Days a Skeptic.

Unlike 5 Days a Stranger, 7 Days a Skeptic seems to take itself far too seriously. There is very little humour, the characters are mostly fairly drab and the dialogue is not a patch on that of its predecessor. Also, while people have picked holes in the plot of 5 Days, 7 Days is positively falling apart with nonsense occurences. SPOILERS: an emergency escape pod with a 3 hour delay? That misguided twist ending and my favourite bit of all when the crew decide to take the escape pods but "first, a good night's sleep". WHAT?!! Just get off the damn ship before you're hacked to pieces!" SPOILER END.

To its credit, 7 Days retains the attractive graphics of 5 Days and often succeeds in creating a creepy atmosphere. SPOILER: Although the shock moments are mostly recreations of the shock moments in 5 Days they still made me jump SPOILER END. There is also a pleasing amount of screens to explore and a good game length. However, I just didn't warm to any of the characters this time round, least of all the character I was playing as, and I was rarely moved in any way by the dialogue. 7 Days is more a gory teen horror style tale compared to the classy, tragi-comic ghost story of 5 Days and SPOILER: I didn't like the revelations 7 Days revealed about the characters from 5 Days. SPOLER END

The long and short of it is that I was never bored while playing 7 Days a Stranger, but I wouldn't reccomend it very highly either. If you've played the first one you'll probably want to play the sequel anyway, just don't go into it expecting another classic.
2004-10-03 05:57:32 by madmanmunt
I think this game was superb. Every time I find out Yahtzee gets a game out I rush to download it. (I stopped playing Doom3 to play, and finish, this one.)

[SPOILER START] The birthday puzzle was just my cup of tea, and I particularly enjoyed the hiding in the shadows one ;) [SPOILER END]

Thaw I agree with Jack Dark´s comments, but my biggest complain is that this game would have been better (in my humble opinion) had it not been a sequel of 5 Days A Stranger.

The thing is that 5 Days was a classy slasher, with a hybrid influence form Luis Buñuel’s 1961 “The Exterminating Angel” and the more popular mid 80´s teenage rampage killing movies. While on the other hand 7 Days has an Event-Horizon/Jason-X setting, whit which is nothing wrong, but I found it did the same that Highlander 2 did to its predecessor.

I had big hopes for Trilby. The gentleman thief moving in a world where paranormal things happen gave me the makings of an Indiana Jones character, and had it been my call, I would have gone with him and not the Welder for the returning one.

I was very disappointed with when I found out what had been of the life of this wonderful character.

All and all, An excellent game, and I just can’t wait for the next one.
2004-09-26 13:18:14 by jrp
I hate to admit but has the same story concept as the last one peaple dieing off till it's only you. The first one was scary but this is just a grusome gorefest lasty Ben just took ideas from other movies and combined them!
2004-09-06 17:04:32 by Jordan Neumayer
A mostly superior sequel to the "classic" 5 Days A Stranger.


Graphically much better than it's predecessor, there parts of 7 Days that actually impressed me pixel-wise (especially the blue lit elevator shaft). I definitly applaud Yahtzee's increasing skill in crafting digital artwork. I don't think I -winced- once during the entire adventure. Thusly, the presentation was excellent, with Yahtzee's usual superb cinematic animations.

Plotwise 7 Days parallels 5 Days in many ways, certainly nothing unsual considering the Friday the 13th / Halloween feel of the Days series (so it has seemed to become). This in most ways is a positive aspect, as Yahtzee carries the serial killer theme on further without completely making 7 Days a rehash of 5. The plot in 7 Days is simpler however than last time, and this is mostly a good thing. 5 Days plot got to be a little too convoluted for it's own good at times, something that doesn't happen with this game. Thus the plot remains simplistic enough to be accessible, while presenting plenty of unique twists and turns to keep you guessing all the way to the end! As with the first Days game, the characters in 7 Days are all interesting and fun to interact with as well. Each person has their own personality that truly shines through. Also, they EAT now, something Yahtzee shoves in your face out of spite no doubt :) .

The interface has been improved quite a lot from the last game, being much less clunky and much more intuitive. Though, there are still a few minor quibbles to be had with it.

And lastly, the atmosphere is very well accomplished overall, you really do feel as if you're on a ship out in deep space. Thus, the sense of immersion in 7 Days easily beats it's predessor in that regard.


Once again my largest problem with 7 Days is the same as 5 Days, the puzzles. Although 70% of the puzzles in 7 Days make plenty of sense and are quite logical to understand and solve, a good 30% are still rather inane (which is better than 5 Days 80% puzzle inane-ness). I did fine up until Thursday, and then things started to get a bit -wrong-. (SPOILER ALERT) The whole bit about the food dispensor having a hand clogged in it was totally off base for the player. As far as you knew, the food came from below, where the nanomachines assembled it, thus you would figure that the blood came from below where the food is assembled, not a hand stuck in the machine, thus you wouldn't normally think to use a wrench on it. Unintuitive. Then the whole bit about having to close the escape pod door using telepathy I guess, because you were a good two feet away from the switch! Of course you wouldn't think to deactivate it using your hand, being that your character was two feet away holding on for dear life. Not only that, but it's a timed event with a pixel hunt solution... just, not a good puzzle. Figuring out the Captain's birthdate wasn't the best idea for a western gamer, as WE do our dates completely -differently- than Europeans do. Thus, we westerners are all going to have problems with that puzzle, I'm sure.(END SPOILER) Most of the puzzles were quite doable and logical overall, but those two -really- annoyed me as a player.

Anachronisms. Normally I wouldn't care to point out such things, but 7 Days obviously takes itself rather seriously, and goes to great lengths to make you believe it's almost 400 years in the future. But, constantly seeing modern day couches and wooden bookshelves, along with other modern trinkets (paper back books!?) and such really were quite counterproductive to the atmosphere in that regard. And I really don't think anyone will be watching "The Twilight Zone" 400 years from now, thus the referance to the movie from a character's mouth wasn't the best chronological idea.

A few things during the game were totally illogical. Such as the need for an EMERGENCY ESCAPE POD to have a 3-HOUR waiting period before it's ready for launch. I think that explains itself. And the whole bit about going out of this ship... Why is it when I open the door without the EVA suit on, I get sucked out. But with the EVA suit on, I don't? OHhhh... I guess I have magnetic boots! Well why then do I have to keep using the tedious hook-yourself-to-the-rail system then? I might fly off despite my magic magnetic boots? Well, why then when I'm on top of the ship messing with the transmitter antennas, can I walk around without being clipped to anything at all? See, it just doesn't make sense. Unless half the ship is plastic.

And lastly, there seems to be a bug in the game that causes it to lock up randomly when you go to load a game. It seems 50/50 whether or not the game will lock up (lock up HARD too, like the whole CPU). But, maybe that's on my end of the spectrum.


Overall, I enjoyed 7 Days not only enough to finish it, but actually a bit more than 5 Days. Which, being a sequel then, it succeeds it beating it's predecessor. However, the same problems in 5 Days do haunt 7 Days, illogical puzzles and irrational reality moments, but to a much lesser degree. I -do- highly recommend 7 Days A Skeptic to anyone who enjoys adventure gaming, and it's easily my favorite AGS title thus far. I hope that in the 3rd Days game (please do a trilogy!), that the problems with the first two games are left behind, and three times is indeed a charm.

Jack's Rating: 8/10
2004-09-03 14:19:52 by Jack Dark
Having played the original I was expecting an improvement. I was not disappointed, with excellent atmosphere portraying mystery and suspenseful horror. The puzzles are logical and graphics give depth to a somewhat crowded space genre. Overall a skilfully woven story.
2004-08-23 08:53:30 by indigo
Like almost every sequel this game has the problem to match against the original.

On the one Hand it was a nice idea to put the plot on a completely autistic space ship in the future, which is a situation similar to the original Situation in the De-Foe-Mansion, but on the other hand it causes disturbing associations to the situation in Stanislav Lems "Solaris" and the Star-Trek-Universe.

I think, these aspects don't really fit together with the scary main idea, which is still the same like in the original.

All in all I' d say a good game and a dignified sequel to "5 Days a Stranger", but I wouldn't try to make another sequel of it like "11 Days a Rabbit" or something like that.

I think the Idea for this game is quite conclused and you should rather concern on other ideas now.
2004-08-18 00:46:49 by Hieronimus
Great story! A real horror! Didn't like the end though. And too many times you were left wandering the ship looking for something to do. There should always be something happening. Quite cool action sequences though.
2004-08-07 15:02:56 by f
HE did it again!!!

After the superb 5 Days A Stranger now the almost even better sequel 7 Days A Sceptic!

PLAY this game RIGHT NOW ( but after 5 Days A Stranger)!

I hope there will be more sequels of this amazing and BREAKING series...

2004-08-03 12:24:33 by mamarulez
This is a fun game and not too hard or easy. Has a great surprise ending. Definately put on your list to play.
2004-08-03 11:38:34 by sunflower
Good game, reccomended to every horror fan. However, it is not superior to 5 days a stranger.
2004-07-25 02:43:16 by Vel
Within seconds of reading that a sequel had been made to one of my fav AGS games ever (Five Days a Stranger) I started downloading it...

and I wasnt disapointed one bit! A very well written 'Friday the 13th' style horror game which is far more scary then the first one.

The only nitpick I have with is easy puzzles. Now, stop reading my review and download it!

2004-07-25 00:21:53 by Erik Hogan
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