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by Trisk

Screenshot 1 of Prodigal

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File size: 45 MB
Downloaded: 31,111 times
Graphics: 320x240, 16-bit color
Operating System(s):


Game Genre:
Game Type:
Story Type:
Release Date:
9 Nov 2005
AGS Panel Rating:
Player Rating:
Rated 87% by the community (118 votes)Rated 87% by the community (118 votes)Rated 87% by the community (118 votes)Rated 87% by the community (118 votes)Rated 87% by the community (118 votes)
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Full Length Game As long as a Sierra / LucasArts classic
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Demo Unfinished Games / Commercial Games
Training Game Games made just to try out AGS
<Category Not Set> Not yet categorised
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Content Advisory:
Bad LanguageNone


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About this game

An epic horror/thriller game with a story that spans centuries, Prodigal is the tale of two estranged brothers thrown into a world of darkness and deceit beyond anything they could have ever conceived. Will they reconcile their shadowed and twisted past and survive the night? Update for 6/3/2010: Prodigal has a new home on the web! Weblinks are all updated! *****"If you are looking for a lengthy adventure title, that really has had a lot of effort put into development, look no farther than Prodigal..."***** -reloaded.org

*****"The story itself really drew me into the game and really made me want to keep playing..."***** -reloaded.org Prodigal features in-engine FMV, a first for an AGS game! It also features a soundtrack containing a wide range of music from horror beats, to classic blues, to the featured goth music band "Shadowplay." It contains a wide range of beautiful character art created in the Sierra style, drawn by the endlessly tallented Edgar Rocha. *****"...the game...sometimes even changes the graphic style to a sort of comic book style, which was very nice to see and really gave the game that much more polish..."***** -reloaded.org version 1.1 is out and recompiled on AGS 2.71 RC4. many bug fixes included, which you can read about in the version history document that comes with the game.
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Design, program, story, anim, snd, music
Character art, animation
Webmaster, dialogue coach
Consultant, Some Music

AGS Awards Wins

Won, Best Story 2005

AGS Awards Nominations

Nominated, Best Background Art 2005

Nominated, Best Music 2005

Nominated, Best Use of Sound 2005

AGS Panel Review

"A solid game, only slightly let down by some graphical inconsistencies."

31 people commented on this game (newest first):

I really enjoyed this game and I am looking forward to the sequel.
2013-03-22 15:13:03 by Michael2968
To those wanted the last story, benjamin Johnson still working on sequel. Be sure to check his website.

The download link of game is working! Give it a try! There lot of effect out into it!
2012-09-12 10:00:07 by splat44
Download doesn't work either way. :(
2010-04-10 22:00:58 by mozzribo
I've played many AGS games, and many great ones (Tale Of Two Kingdoms, Yhatzee's games, ...), but Prodigal might be my fave AGS game ever. It excels in transmitting a creepy atmosphere, getting an absorbing story through, and being entertaining with good puzzles and interesting locations.

It is unbelievable how much work has been put in this game by Trisk with only a couple of others to help him. The sound and music in the game are excellent too.

Still hoping that Prodigal 2 might get to see the light of day!
2010-01-29 12:26:57 by Valentijn
There's definitely ALOT of effort put in the game, designing and rendering all these backgrounds, writing tons of narrator descriptions to every piece of materia around. A story has an epic underlying basis and the ending is surprisingly dramatic (unlike false-sweet happy ends so usual for similar kind of games).

However, I must admit, there were some things in the game that made me feel uneasy, some points of imperfection. First are character sprites, especially demon ones, that looked somewhat inconsistent with those 3d backgrounds. While in the cabin it felt okay, but futher in game it looked like someone glued cartoonish character to photo image. Second is, perhaps, a sudden change of overall atmosphere happened after you left cabin and entered Demenza site. For me, personally, cabin was the most frightening part of the game, but Demenza part appeared to be rather comical in comparison. Last chapter reminded of older 1st person shooters, like Doom or Quake for some reason :)
2009-10-16 01:57:21 by Crimson Wizard
Amazing game! Reminds me of the Myst, almost. One glitch; when I was in the oily lake and tried to interact with the prison door using the hand, it still showed my character as being in the water. This continued on for one more room.
2009-05-30 05:00:52 by pick yer poison
I didn't find the story amazing, and the overall pace of it left me a bit bored rather than interested, but this game has nice graphics, wonderful cinematic cutscenes and a powerful atmosphere.
So, thumb up
2009-04-18 16:27:30 by bicilotti
I'll second the other favourable reviews. I usually don't like horror and I just wanted to give this game a quick try. But I couldn't stop until I completed it !
In a nutshell : amazing storyline, very professional graphics, very interesting puzzles.
I can't wait for the sequel, if any.
2009-03-12 08:07:06 by lanchong
AWESOME!! Definitely one of the best AGS games I've ever played! I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but when he Jacob starts talking to her girlfriend about the aegis and stuff, in the bench of the park... hihihi ]:-)
I liked the fact that most of the puzzles were right/easy (I hate when I get stuck, and usually in adventure games I get stuck a lot, in this game just a couple of times). Also I like the fact that there are a lot of rooms, caves, etc to explore.
When some other game and/or a second part?
2008-01-10 23:15:43 by Daphoenyx
Well I already told both the developer and the gaming public on my own freeware gamesite, that I love this game. Great work indeed and definently on my top 15 Freeware games of all times list. Maybe even the top 10. And there are a lot of competition.
2007-10-24 08:36:58 by Chroelle
I too am a horror game fanatic. I believe this is the best freeware horror game I have played. Congrats and I hope you do more. 99% (can't give 100% - Nothing is perfect :)
2007-08-02 16:16:12 by ozzette
I really liked this game, it had alot of depth, and it was fun to play overall. Some of the puzzles were a bit silly or obscure but they were still good. Im not very sure if its a full-length game, but it took me about 3 1/2 hours to play through.
2007-04-12 15:20:40 by cajunpepper
This game was very well done. There were a few parts that I thought seemed irrelevant and a few that I thought could have been re-worked a bit.. but overall I very much enjoyed it.. The ending was awesome btw!! A+
2007-03-11 12:19:35 by AliceLiddell
This was a pretty good game. I say so because while the game overall was solid, there was, in my opinion, some room for substantial improvement.

From a technical standpoint, the game was pretty much flawless. A few pathing errors here and there were irritating, but nothing worth noting specifically, although a speed slider for Jacob's walking would have helped.

The storyline, however, needs a bit of improvement. I was hooked during the scene in the cabin, but then I got a bit lost in the underground. The semi-humorous Arch-Lord was an amusing diversion, but took up way too much of the game; the horror pacing of it was lost and I pretty much forgot what I was doing aside from BBQing chicken. (Btw, is the BBQ recipe any good?)

By the time I got to the ending, I was rather lost--the whole story was a bit unfulfilling all-in-all, and I saw the ending coming a mile away. There are also several idiocyncracies in the storyline that bothered me--for example, why would a foreign demon world of darkness possibly created by Indians have mounting brackets held together with screws?

Artistically, the game looked nice overall, although the demon models were a bit too over-the-top to scare me. More subdued but menacing models might do better--or just keep the demons out of sight (as you do in several scenes).

Despite these flaws, I loved a lot of the game--puzzles were intuitive for the most part, etc.--and would love to see a sequel!
2007-03-06 20:26:26 by Zoarster (zoarster)
I loved this game, I am a huge fan of horror games, and I just happened to stumble upon it one day, and tried forever to to download it (it took too long, I'm impatient). I played through it in about 2 hours, perfect for my tastes. The graphics are wonderful. The story is fantastic, award well deserved.
9/10 for the history with the scholar being too slow, but other than that, one of the best games since 5 days. So, why are you still reading this? Go play it, NOW!!
2006-12-11 05:16:53 by MaddieGail62
I loved this game and couldn\'t stop playing it. It showed creativity, imiganation and some awesome graphic skills. Looking forward to the sequel!!!
2006-10-07 18:14:41 by Desiree Ann Watson (desimaui)
A brilliant title worthy of any actual full priced release I have played; the most enjoyable thing I have played in a while. The amount of effort that has been made here is obvious so I think it only fitting to give as detailed a review as I can!

Visual 90%
The normal in game view was detailed and the interface was much better than some I have seen. The video sequences were also very impressive and the mixture of comic style graphics in some places was very original. I also liked the way you handled all of the animations for this game.

Immersion 88%
You are told enough about the characters that you actually care about what happens next. The movies are a key reason why the game draws you in at times; the comic graphics were vital with regard to immersion as they let you actually see what the main characters looked like (which is obviously very limited in the standard view). Excellant sound and music.

Puzzles and Pacing 75%
Not too hard and not too easy; a perfect entry level game for a new player but hard enough in places to really make you think. I like the way you never have to travel to far if you miss an item, that was a key part to the enjoyment. It also felt like something was always happening and there was a definate flow at all points.

Overall Enjoyment 85%
Very amusing story line together with a nice level of difficulty makes this a very enjoyable experiance. It demands a sequel!

2006-08-17 11:22:04 by funkman2000
Really enjoyed playing this game, I could not stop until i was finished.
Cant Wait for a sequel!!
2006-05-17 04:27:18 by Gary (bikeless)
I liked the game but.....
Option 3 to add to Stefano
3)You get too scared and press ALT+F4(The bathroom was creepy already)
2006-04-22 10:04:34 by LavaBall (Lava)
this is a really great game. you can see a lot of effort has been put into even the tiniest details. and the story is one of the best ive seen in a game (commercial and ags).
2006-04-10 12:50:16 by Anonymous (Mordalles)
this is a really great game. you can see a lot of effort has been put into even the tiniest details. and the story is one of the best ive seen in a game (commercial and ags).
2006-04-10 12:20:39 by mordalles (Mordalles)
Honestly one of the greatest games out there!! I really enjoyed it!!! VERY IMPRESSED with not only the puzzles and sprites but the story line WOW ... wait till the end ... AWESOME...
2006-04-10 01:33:04 by Chistinalove (chistinalove)
This was an enjoyable game to play with an interesting storyline........Very professional in my opinion. The graphics were good and a lot of care and thought seems to have gone into it. Thanks for a neat game. J.C.
2006-02-23 17:16:25 by Jacqueline (JClarke641)
Excellent game! Looking forward to seeing more work.
2005-12-23 06:22:07 by Azaron
this is a very awesome and inspiring game. i can't wait for the sequel.
2005-12-09 21:16:03 by skyfire1
This is a great game! Excellent! And it is night time, I'm scared, really, and still can't get my eyes of the monitor...

2005-11-23 16:17:50 by Nikolas (nikolasideris)
Absolutely brilliant game!
2005-11-18 03:38:51 by Jane (jane)
A lot of time and effort has obviously been put into all aspects of creating this game.
Technically, Prodigal has been well designed and implemented, with great graphics and sound that create a superbly chilling atmosphere. And what a FANTASTIC story. Stefano was spot on, once I started playing, I couldn't stop until I'd finished it. Congratulations to all involved on a great game!
2005-11-17 04:57:27 by Steven (Sonny_Bonds) (Sonny_Bonds)
i was rather disappointed but overall t'was most gut
2005-11-15 09:17:12 by Meester Kejammer/ Hammerite (Hammerite)
Defintely worth the download.
Highly recommended stuff here!
2005-11-11 23:26:10 by InCreator
This is indeed a great game. The immersion is excelent. Once you start playing it, you get so sucked up into it, that the only ways you\'ll stop playing are: 1. finishing it; 2. a power blackout. :)
Definetly worth downloading.
2005-11-11 14:29:29 by Stefano
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