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Games Released in 2021

A Curious Pastime - Expanded by Green E Games
Absurdistan by Lazy Squirrel Studio
AGS Awards Ceremony 2020 by AGS Awards Team
AGS Cameras Tech Demo by Crimson Wizard
AlphaBlock by Marc Reiter
An offer you cannot refuse by de Bielawa
Ash Pines by Stranga
Ashina: The Red Witch by Stranga
AVC's Survival Guide by Sabao Soft
Bake Off Italy - The Graphic Adventure by E. Bolognesi
Belly of the beast by Slasher
Bow and Dork by FarmerHoggit
Breakfast on Trappist-1 by FormosaFalanster
Broken Windows - Chapter 3 by GOC Games
Chronicle of Innsmouth by rmonic79 - PsychoDev
Chronicle of Innsmouth - Mountains of Madness by rmonic79 - PsychoDev
Contact by UKZ530
Content by UKZ530
Crepe Fields: A Scare Among Crows by DanVzare
Desolate by arj0n
Detective O.Briced by ilkaytobello
Dirandious Kroken by Slasher
Essence of Imagination by Stephen Sheridan Boland, IV
Fhaloness by Jaap Marsman
Fixumdude's 3D Printing Adventure by fixumdude
Flight from the robots by Peter G. Bouillon
Food Wars by Slasher
Fool Around by Wavey Games
Gem Collector by Elen Heart (elentgirl)
Gifting Spirit by Pax Animo
Graceward (Early Access) by FransisKransis
Guy: By hook or by crook by remz
Halloween with an Unexpected Guest by heltenjon
I Rented a Boat by eri0o
I want to die - Remake by Akkad Estudios
If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers by Dead Idle Games
In search of Marina by Slasher
King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Retold by DrSlash
Knorrig the Gifted Troublemaker by Lazy Squirrel Studio
La Carbonara by Pablo López (@potajito)
La maleta by Pablo López (@potajito)
Lucas Mendoza - Amateur Detective by Pixecret Games
M*A*S*H: Point n' Click adventure game by Viktor Höchtl
My Big Sister by Stranga
Nightmare Frames Demo by Postmodern Adventures
One More Fathom by WHAM
Ossuarium by Honza, Kasia \"Hitohai\" Wasylak
Pedro's Adventures in Spanish by Rocket Boy Games
Pig in a poke by Slasher
Pirates! by Eon Star
Postcard Adventure by PPAentertainment
Red Bow by Stranga
Return Journey by GOC Games
Roger Against The Odds. Part 1: Trapped in the lab by Thunderhous Senior & Junior
Santa Claus in A Flight To Remember by OneDollar
Scales Training Game by heltenjon
Shape Village by Wavey Games
Shoaly You Can't Be Serious! (Deluxe version) by CaptainD
Shoaly You Can't Be Serious! (MAGS version) by CaptainD
Slay the Dragon III by TGames
Slay the Dragon III by TGames
Sphonx Tech Demo by ToxicTuba
Spider Trek by MacShift
Strangeland by Dualnames
Super Hama Queste by jinglejingle
Tales From The Outer Zone: The Construction by Malte Burup
The Devious and Daring Commando Raid of Linkattus, The Lowly Janitor Rat, In Order to Free Ratzelda, the Princess of His Dreams, And to Get Her, Too by fernewelten
The Fan Game - The Secret of Monkey Island - RECODED - by Daniele Spadoni
The Fan Game: I'll Be Back to the Future With a Terminator by Daniele Spadoni
The Fan Game: The Goonies by Daniele Spadoni
The Garden of Hades by Elen Heart (elentgirl)
The House of Mr Chocolate by FormosaFalanster
The Occultist - Old Growth by WanderingWizard
The Phantom Fellows (Demo) by Strummer Games
THE PIXEL HAS YOU by Daniele Spadoni
The Rat Pack (Full version) by CaptainD
The Secret of Maike Island by ravehirnstudios
Thinker by fernewelten
Trade it forward by Sandra T. Almeida & heltenjon
Trouble on the Corner of Sugar & Spice (Demo) by Falsely
Wendy Whedon 3 - Kasshinkston Express by Marion
What a whopper! by Slasher
Win a Million! by Slasher

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