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Castle of Fire by Snake
Screenshot 1 of Castle of Fire
You are a thief who has traveled to Castle of Fire to achieve where many Knights have failed; To steal those evil dragons' treasures! How high of a score can you get? Castle of Fire is a tribute to the ATARI 2600 game, Dragonfire. The object of the game is to dodge deadly fireballs on castle bridges and enter dungeons to steal as many treasures as you can....

Released: 24 Jun 2008
Screenshot 1 of Earl Mansin: The Breakout
Help Earl Mansin escape from death row in this fully voiced graphic adventure.

For more information, check out earlmansin.com Enjoy!

7/15/2007 - Version 1.1 released! Download it now and let 1.0 be die like the foul dog it is....

Released: 1 Jul 2007
Kinky Island DEMO by Screen 7
Screenshot 1 of Kinky Island DEMO
You play Joey Cormack in this short playable demo, as he arrives under very strange circumstances at an island which he (and you) will never forget! Solve a few puzzles, check out some boobies, wait for the full-game!! This is an LEC style adventure with a strange GUI :D PLEASE, this is a game for adult players 18+ so respect that! NOMINATED FOR BEST AGS DEMO 2006 (cheers! whoever bothered to do t...

Released: 13 Nov 2006
Screenshot 1 of Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 40 - Trapped in the cellar v.3.1
Dave and Sandy had planned with Razor to visit one of her gigs... But Dave, stupidly, lost the tickets at his house and both start to look for them... until they enter at the cellar and suddenly found they're trapped. Now it's Razor who has to find the cellar key to free her two friends....

Released: 28 Dec 2011
Secret Quest Remake by Colxfile
Screenshot 1 of Secret Quest Remake

"First there was one alien space station, then there were three. Now there are eight. If left unchecked, laser gates, dragons, and other evil creatures will wipe out the human race."

"To destroy each station, you'll have to confront the aliens in face- to-face combat and discover the secret destruct code. Once you have the code, use it to activate the stati...

Released: 29 May 2006

Page 1 of 1 (5 results)

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