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We'll meet again...
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Screenshot 1 of Episode 1:The hunt for Shaun Binda
This game was a present for my sister for Christmas and Of course for the AGS forums guys. [Story] Is about Lisa who is obsessed with Shaun Binda who has a had a girlfriend for 5 years. But Lisa thinks he cares for her more than his girlfriend. So Lisa just broke up with her Ex-Boyfriend and decides to go out drinking and over parties till 4am and She is in this club and she is sobered up. ...

Released: 16 Feb 2010
Screenshot 1 of The Hunt For Shaun Binda Deluxe Edition
A remake of my original game. Improved nearly everything. [Story] Lisa goes out to a night club late at night after breaking up with her boyfriend. Mainly cause she knew her Ex-Boyfriend Shaun Binda is there. But when she arrives she is not confident enough to talk to Shaun. The objective is to find drinks basically. Thanks to Peder for the download link. ;D Note: All Credits are ...

Released: 18 Apr 2010

Page 1 of 1 (2 results)

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