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HYDRATE by Oldschool_Wolf
Screenshot 1 of HYDRATE
You are Shar, the last remaining engineer on a heavily damaged mining station in deep space. Many are dead, water supplies are gone, the last high ranking officer is drunk out of his face, what will you do?!
A quick and easy point and click made for MAGS March 2019.
The theme is GLASS OF WATER.

The Linux data file is bundled with it, no idea what you do with that!


Released: 27 Mar 2019
Screenshot 1 of Lydia and the Mystery of Nellreno Manor
Lydia and her friends soon hear that the long-empty Nellreno Mansion has new tenants. But there's more to this than it first seems.

This game was made for, and about, a friend on Gaia Online.

(Update) Did a little work on it, since there were complaints of the game being to slow. It should move a wee bit quicker now.

(Update 2) Changed the link so those without Faceb...

Released: 30 Apr 2015
Moustache Quest by Oldschool_Wolf
Screenshot 1 of Moustache Quest
Moustache Quest was created for the March 2014 MAGS competition. The theme was "Moustache!". Join Moustache Mike as he prepares for the annual Facial Hair Championships! A short point and click adventure created in a week....

Released: 31 Mar 2014
No Monkey's Banana by (Oldschool_Wolf
Screenshot 1 of No Monkey's Banana
A very small and silly random monkey and story generator made for a MAGs....

Released: 31 Aug 2016
Rackham by Oldschool_Wolf
Screenshot 1 of Rackham
A short project for MAGs.
Captain Jackie Rackham has been kicked off her crew due to her Irritable Bowel Syndrome! Can you help her earn enough gold for a new ship?
A side-scrolling Harvest Moon clone of sorts....

Released: 31 May 2016
Screenshot 1 of Reality on the Norm: Reality Check
David Hasselhoff is back to cause more trouble! Retail worker Paul must team up with some of Reality's favourite characters to save... well... Reality!...

Released: 4 Jan 2013
Screenshot 1 of Reality on the Norm: Reality Check 2
Paul returns for more retail adventures! When a future version Paul explodes into his home, his future self warns him about the danger of the Yahtzeebrand Megastore! Meanwhile Greyson and Davy Jones must figure out how to hide the Inadmerto Infectus. Also.............more HOFF!...

Released: 8 Mar 2013
Screenshot 1 of Reality on the Norm: Reality Check 3
Paul returns for the final part of the Reality Check Trilogy. It is up to Paul to help 10 RoN characters to manipulate the future!...

Released: 22 Mar 2013
Screenshot 1 of Reality on the Norm: Reality Check 4 DEMO (Cancelled)
A demo for the cancelled project Reality Check 4. It's the first complete level of the game, not long after the events of the Reality Check Trilogy....

Released: 23 Jan 2015
Screenshot 1 of RotN: The Case of the Muffin Diver
Remember to use the HINT button for help.
If played in window, use the 2x filter at least.

A short game made for MAGs and RotN's 15th year.
Music Farty Crooks by Eric Matyas.

Detective Max Griff gets a call from the local Sheriff, there's a headless body in the forest! A contribution to the Reality on the Norm series....

Released: 27 Feb 2016
SLEUTH by monkey424
Screenshot 1 of SLEUTH
Forget Holmes. Forget Poirot.
Detective Daniel Wilkins is the man for the job!

SLEUTH (2020) is a rebooted \"idiotic point and click\" version of the original 1983 text-based “whodunit” DOS game of the same title. A murder has taken place at Bastard Estate and you must interrogate the resident houseguests to find the murderer. Be quick, or else the murderer may d...

Released: 10 Dec 2020
Summer Woes - MAGS August 2013 Winner by ASA and Oldschool_Wolf
Screenshot 1 of Summer Woes - MAGS August 2013 Winner
It's the hottest summer. This summer's so hot, in fact, that it has broken all the previous records. Hot Summer brings some woes with it. Eric - The Protagonist, i.e, you are also facing some problems? But will you be able to solve them? Will you able to get what you want?


The game had some bugs which are now eliminated. Sorry for any inconvenience, I may have cause...

Released: 29 Aug 2013
Your Grace by Oldschool_Wolf
Screenshot 1 of Your Grace
A very short project for MAGS JAN 2016. Your Kingdom is under threat from a mysterious plague! The Minister of War wants trouble! Will you become a man of the people as The Minister of Social Issues desires, or raise taxes to keep the treasury full? Meanwhile The Minister of Science needs funding for his heretical experiments, but the Church needs a new roof! Who will you support? Who will you ...

Released: 27 Jan 2016

Page 1 of 1 (13 results)

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