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Never Alone Hotline by Pierrec
Screenshot 1 of Never Alone Hotline
I've made this game in 48h for the Ludum Dare #21 (theme : Alone) and it get 12th on 700 (which I am very proud and which is quite rare for an AGS game). The game is about a hotline for lonely people, that's why dialogs are the most important part of it. I'm not an english native speaker, it could explain some translations errors. ...

Released: 26 Mar 2012
Screenshot 1 of Crow and Foxy (Le Corbeau et la Renarde)
This is a game I made in 48h for a french AGS competition. The twist is that you have to play a NPC in a classic adventure game. It is based on the Jean de La Fontaine's Tale "Le Corbeau et le Renard" (the crow and the fox), which is inspired by the Aesop tale of the same name. The game is designed to be very frustrating and, I hope, funny. ...

Released: 26 Mar 2012
Split Fighters by Pierrec
Screenshot 1 of Split Fighters
Split Fighters is a fighting game made with AGS... No, I'm just kidding, Split Fighters is a story game dressed up as a fighting game. This is about a girl, Severine, who just broke up with her girlfriend. Now she has to confront her friends and family to make them understand that decision...or just to kick their a**. It's my biggest project so far. Three endings, many paths. ...

Released: 25 Jun 2012
Screenshot 1 of Sister's Little Helper
This game was made in less than a week for the Super Frienship Club Compo, the theme was "Ritual". It is the story of Chloe, a girl who got troubles to sleep, smokes weed, and tells herself stories. ...

Released: 29 Nov 2012
Screenshot 1 of Ok...Now this is awkward!
Don't you hate these moments when someone you don't recognize at all talk to you like if you were the greatest friends ? Amy too. This game was made for Ludum Dare 23, theme : Tiny World. It was inspired by Garfunkel and Oates' song : I Don't Know Who You Are and by the Human Traffic's bar scene....

Released: 28 Feb 2013
Screenshot 1 of Coin-Operated Afternoon
Coin-Operated Afternoon is a full stop-motion game made in 72 for LD#24. It ranked #40 overall (on 400) and got the silver medal in Innovation. It's about board games. WARNING: The game is HUGE because of the stop-motion thing....

Released: 28 Feb 2013
Screenshot 1 of Tiny Soccer Manager Stories
Tiny Soccer Manager Stories was made in a month for the TigSource Sports Compo. This game should remind you you Physical Education classes in 8th grade. In this mathematical puzzle, you're a sport teacher who tries to make well-balanced teams. It looks like a mathematical puzzle, but the important word is in fact : Stories....

Released: 28 Feb 2013
Cassandra by Pierrec
Screenshot 1 of Cassandra
A small graphical and musical experimentation, made for the Game Prototype Challenge 16. There is nothing to understand except the rules.
Music : Cassandra, by Label Beat...

Released: 28 Feb 2013
Screenshot 1 of The Quite Annoying League
Being annoying is easy. It's accessible to everyone. Being quite annoying on the other hand is a real challenge. You need to strongly bother your victims, but just not enough to allow them to reproach you anything. Only those who can maintain this perfect balance might be admitted in the Quite Annoying League! Those are the worse villains! The game was made for LD#25 and ended up 12th...

Released: 28 Feb 2013
Breaking Characters by Pierrec
Screenshot 1 of Breaking Characters
I think my favorite part in RPGs is the character creation, so here it is : A character creation game! Not an adventure game, and not even really again, but I think it's funny....

Released: 15 Mar 2013
Screenshot 1 of A Thing about Nothingness
A Thing About Nothingness was made for the Ludum Dare #26 with my friend Sy who is a philospher and a talented artist. Thus, A Thing About Nothingness is “philosophical” and beautifully hand-drawn. The game is about Eugene, and his quest for Cynicynism (prononced “Cynismeesmeesmee”), there are 9+1 endings. It was totally improvised and ended up #10th in Humor and #37 in Mood....

Released: 29 Apr 2013
At the Café by Pierrec
Screenshot 1 of At the Café
A two players (or not) cooperative (or not) game (or not) about dating. At the Cafe was made in the last 15 hours of the worst Ludum Dare of my life (the 27th). In the end, I'm glad I managed to submit something after giving up on my initial project....

Released: 26 Aug 2013
June 20th by Pierrec
Screenshot 1 of June 20th
He collects beer caps. She loves birds. Seashells too, but not as much. They're alone on the beach. It's warm. They're in love. Everything's fine. (A game made in 48h for Ludum Dare 29. Theme : Beneath the Surface) ...

Released: 29 Apr 2014

Page 1 of 1 (13 results)

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