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Back Door Man by Edmundo Ruiz and Francisco Gonzalez
Screenshot 1 of Back Door Man
Miami is a rough town: Crime, drugs, humidity... but for an enterprising male prostitute, all that matters is satisfying the clients and getting paid. The life isn't as glamorous as it seems, though, as you'll soon find out by guiding our man through one crazy night. This game was originally created for The Independent Gaming Source's Adult/Educational Competition, which won 2nd place. Please...

Released: 10 Aug 2009
CODERBATTLE - Quest for the Whole Game by Simon Kramhöller aka Freidenker01
Screenshot 1 of CODERBATTLE - Quest for the Whole Game
!!!Only German language!!! ---------------------------------- This is my first AGS Project. You play as a intern who is asked to create a computergame (while you don`t have any idea of gamedevelopement) Actually it's just a biiig inside joke for my colleagues - so don't be to harsh with your critics on the puzzles ;-)...

Released: 13 May 2013
Hang On by Simon Reid
Screenshot 1 of Hang On
Martha is getting away from it all, up in the clouds on the lonely but peaceful slopes of the Trollspitze mountain. When a quick trip to the village below goes awry, who will come to her rescue? And is there any truth in the local legend of an abominable snowman?


* Two playable characters!

* Sublime alpine scenery!

* Vertiginous thrills!

* Ac...

Released: 25 Jun 2017
Moonlight Moggy by Simon Reid
Screenshot 1 of Moonlight Moggy
Paul, an especially timid ginger tom, has vanished. It falls to his buddy Blixa to track him down. To do so, he'll have to help out the garden's various resident creatures and overcome his own phobia of plastic bags rustling in the wind. A very short one-room game created for MAGS October 2017, 'Room of Fear'. ...

Released: 28 Oct 2017
Screenshot 1 of Reon Quest Episode 2: Escape From Bully Island
After the antics surrounding the Mysterious Aluminatti Society, the Principal of Reon Elementary School has had enough! With the big PTA Meeting on the horizon and his school's reputation on the line, he does what any other reasonable Principal would do: Orders Draco and his "merry band of idiots" to be thrown into the newly built juvenile detention center, Bully Island, until they're old enough f...

Released: 26 Jan 2013
Scythe Island by Simon
Screenshot 1 of Scythe Island
Inspired by, but not soullessly ripped off of, the classic Monkey Island games, "Scythe Island" is a short, enjoyable pirate romp. You play the role of Sprite Longbottom, a simple courier who's latest delivery isn't as simple as it first seemed......

Released: 22 Apr 2004
The Cat Lady by Harvester Games
Screenshot 1 of The Cat Lady
Susan Ashworth, known in her neighbourhood as the crazy Cat Lady, is a lonely 40-year old on the verge of suicide. She has no family, no friends and no hope for a better future. One day she discovers that five strangers will come along and change everything... But those five, "The Parasites", are also the most ruthless, deranged and cold-blooded bunch of psychopats the city has ever known. They...

Released: 1 Dec 2012
Screenshot 1 of The Treasure of Loch Inch
Treasure-hunter Roddy arrives at the picturesque Loch Inch, deep in the Scottish Highlands, armed with his trusty shovel and a hunch that, amongst its crumbling old fortress, the island in the middle of the loch may hold untold riches...

A short point-and-click adventure game inspired by classics of the genre and Hergé's Tintin comics.

* Admire the dramatic scenery of the Highland...

Released: 26 May 2017

Page 1 of 1 (8 results)

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