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Castle Dornstein - DEMO by Digital Mosaic Games
Screenshot 1 of Castle Dornstein - DEMO
A gothic mystery adventure game, Castle Dornstein follows Hemlock, a young scholar hired to translate a mysterious medieval book. When the book goes missing, everyone becomes a suspect and Hemlock must explore a castle where secrets hide in the shadows and a dark history waits to be discovered.

Released: 14 Feb 2022
Darum by THANYX
Screenshot 1 of Darum

Darum - The Mystery Behing a Human Mind

Mysterious situations are not believable unless you experience them by yourself......

Released: 17 Mar 2016
Haven - Episode 1 by Thanyx Studio
Screenshot 1 of Haven - Episode 1
In 2057, when the oxygen is basically non-existent in the world anymore, scientists predicted this to happen so they created a huge complex structure, almost as big as London, which is called HAVEN - THE SMALL WORLD. This place simulates what the world used to look like before the apocalypse. There is a rumor, that capacity of Haven is getting narrow and that directors of this place are pla...

Released: 3 Jul 2017
Metaphobia by Tolga Öcek
Screenshot 1 of Metaphobia
Metaphobia is an investigative mystery game in the style of
classic 1990’s point-and-click adventures.

Shortly after being elected mayor, Carl Elmstat is murdered by a thief who is quickly caught, convicted, and sent to prison – case closed. Carl’s son Richard however, is unsettled by the details and decides to investigate further on his o...

Released: 20 Jun 2019
The Cell by Thanyx
Screenshot 1 of The Cell
Ordinary day, as any other...
But today, you are kidnapped by unknown psychopath who puts you in The Cell. You are one of many of his victims. Few of them survived, and those who did, are still in The Cell.

Will you be first who will escape?...

Released: 12 Dec 2016

Page 1 of 1 (5 results)

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