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Chicken VS. Road by The Great Underground Empire
Screenshot 1 of Chicken VS. Road
Update 10/31/20: Sorry for the temporarily broken link, the game is back up and ready for download! :)


At long last, Clucksworth has the chance to escape from the desert cactus farm he's been living in his whole life. Only one thing stands in the way - the Road. It's a short, cartoony game with a few unusual puzzles to solv...

Released: 16 Apr 2006
Damsel by The Great Underground Empire
Screenshot 1 of Damsel
Poor Damsel...her life was so perfect back at the castle, riding her pony, brushing her hair and visiting the spa. But now her royal princessliness has been kidnapped by the quasi-evil, fat little middle aged wizard Dorkus, and trapped high in a tower with no doors! She's held out as long as she can, but if she doesn't escape tonight, Dorkus will force her to marry him! What's a girl in distres...

Released: 25 Sep 2008
Lord of Light by The Great Underground Empire
Screenshot 1 of Lord of Light
You're an evil wizard, and those bastardy bastard heroes have chased you to the top of your tower.  And just before you locked yourself in your laboratory, their stupid spellhacking cheating bastard of a good wizard cast Continual Light on your eyeballs.

You are blind.
Before they bash the door in, you must touch, talk, taste, smell and listen your way around your lab to concoct a C...

Released: 1 Nov 2020
Not My First Apocalypse: Stormpuncher by The Great Underground Empire
Screenshot 1 of Not My First Apocalypse: Stormpuncher
Welcome to Not My First Apocalypse: Stormpuncher.

You are Roger Daniels, podcast host and friendly post-apocalyptic survivor. Your best friend is Beth - a psychotic, bomb-slinging toy bear brought to life.

Together you adventure through New Atrocity, a ruined zone of mutants and robots all out to mug, screw and kill you and anybody else in their way, ruled over by a mad despot ca...

Released: 3 Dec 2020
Whack-A-Soul by The Great Underground Empire
Screenshot 1 of Whack-A-Soul
Welcome to Whack-A-Soul, a comedy carnival-style game made for MAGS March 2020, Death Defying theme!  Save souls from Death by whacking them with your Hammer of Reincarnation!

04/28/23: Broken download link updated!...

Released: 31 Mar 2020
Worlds Literally Collide by The Great Underground Empire
Screenshot 1 of Worlds Literally Collide
A short game made for MAGS November 2023!

You are a planet who found his own little patch of space and just wants some PEACE and QUIET!

Unfortunately, loud and annoying jerks are invading your quadrant. Find them and get rid of them any way you can.

Content Warning: Some light comedic swearing, comedic violence, and suggestive sexual dialogue between astral bodies.


Released: 2 Dec 2023

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