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Board Quest by jetxl
Screenshot 1 of Board Quest
Play a board game with all your favorite game characters from demo quest. Roger, Ego and erm... Toadie, they're all in it. For one, two or tree players. Don't beat up your brother if you lose....

Released: 29 Jun 2004
Catacombic by jetxl
Screenshot 1 of Catacombic
Story is about Howard who has to stop a wizard cult from summoning a great evil force. Puzzle your way through a mountain. I never know what to type here, just play the game for 10 minutes of fun. ...

Released: 16 Feb 2005
Screenshot 1 of Coell Decka Flight Demo
My first game with AGS. It's a simple shooter where you try to destroy as many asteroids as possible. In the process you'll find weapon powerups, health packs and a temporary super weapon. You'll be needing them when you try to rack up as many points as you can!...

Released: 4 Nov 2009
Dusk Hunters by jetxl
Screenshot 1 of Dusk Hunters
Story: Yaroslav the Goodwing and Mihail the Redgrave are hunting each other. Whoever kill the other, gets the ultimate reward. Set agains a post-apocalyptic background....

Released: 22 Mar 2004
Screenshot 1 of Escape from the Salem Moons
Escape from the Salem Moons. Story: 2 months ago James Windmill got captured (again!) and brought to the Salem Moons Prison-mine. Half an hour ago fellow prisoners helped him break out on the count on he being a Space Pirate and the only one that can fly them out of here. (Good thing they don't know he's a jinx.) The escape is going less stelth-like as planned......

Released: 5 Apr 2003
No screenshot 1 for Mittens Mystery Extravaganza
In search of the elusive blue cup....

Released: 10 Aug 2007
Screenshot 1 of Power Unlimited boardgame
Computer version of the PU boardgame....

Released: 7 Oct 2005
Proof of Fiction by jetxl
Screenshot 1 of Proof of Fiction
An american soldier is ordered to build a fake missile in Iraq. Extra: shooting game....

Released: 13 May 2004
Witch Night by jetxl
Screenshot 1 of Witch Night
Ilona is an angry punk teen. She has decided she's gonna crash a Halloween party....

Released: 5 Apr 2003

Page 1 of 1 (9 results)

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