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ChessBoard by springthoughts
Screenshot 1 of ChessBoard
a chess board
that you may find some use for if you are interested in chess...

Released: 2 Jul 2014
Earth Story by springthoughts
Screenshot 1 of Earth Story
subtitle: nigredo an interactive story A stone fits in and out of its underworld bound soul. ...

Released: 7 Nov 2014
Screenshot 1 of Sleeping Beauty
To interact in a satisfactory way, in the absence of inspiration, impossible: a girlfriend who won't wake up, a place that can't be found, characters who know(?) but don't tell, the distant childhood one can't connect with.

A small playground, 4 screens wide. In all 20 challenges to choose from, of which 10 are conversations with NPCs, and of these, any 5, completed, defining the story lin...

Released: 2 Apr 2018
The Can by springthoughts
Screenshot 1 of The Can
an interactive story A robot brought to the junk yard finds a sense of purpose in becoming useful again to humans. ...

Released: 27 May 2013
The Dream Job, ep.1 by springthoughts
Screenshot 1 of The Dream Job, ep.1
an interactive story A drifter at the edge of the collective unconscious is invited to help rebalance another's dream world. ...

Released: 14 Apr 2014
The Furthest Station by springthoughts
Screenshot 1 of The Furthest Station
MAGS, February 2015 entry ~ adventure game The search for a lost umbrella turns out to be a search for something more. To avoid seeing the desktop icons blink while running the game, you could have the game folder maximized on the background. You can skip the introductory cutscenes using Esc or F7(Load). You can restart from the beginning of the introduction using F9. During the game, press...

Released: 27 Feb 2015
There by springthoughts
Screenshot 1 of There
subtitle: albedo a place, also where you can click through a sort of book A look at the world through the eyes of a vegetable tincture. ...

Released: 27 Jan 2015

Page 1 of 1 (7 results)

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