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Screenshot 1 of GNRBLEX (MAGS version)
Can YOU stop the extinction of Gnrblexian mind-maggot? Game created for MAGS July 2016. (4th Aug 2016 // update released)...

Released: 19 Jul 2016
Nobody Cares by xBRANEx
Screenshot 1 of Nobody Cares
An adventure that takes you in the shoes of a writer who is about to finish his masterpiece but, somehow, nobody else shares his enthusiasm....

Released: 1 Aug 2016
Screenshot 1 of The Starry Sky Above Me

Released: 2 Oct 2016
A Place in the Sun by Tor Brandt
Screenshot 1 of A Place in the Sun
A Place In The Sun is a short point & click adventure game with an interface similar to the classical games from Lucas Arts. You play the protagonist in his endeavour to make some coffee to survive yet another night of overworking, while trying to handle his complaining ex-wife as well as to cope with his bad conscience regarding his neglected daughter. For players familiar with adventure ga...

Released: 16 Dec 2016
The Robolovers by BRANE and Tycho
Screenshot 1 of The Robolovers
Do you believe in love and future full of troubled robots? Well, then this game is for you! You play as a LO43R, a robot prepared to do anything to have love back in his life. Naturally, she is trapped in a sleazy massage parlour. It's your job to fight the bad robots, use the help of not so bad ones and get her out of there....

Released: 2 Jul 2017
Screenshot 1 of On Leaving The Building
In this point and click adventure you play as The King. You have a list of things to do. After that freedom awaits....

Released: 24 Sep 2017

Page 1 of 1 (6 results)

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