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Screenshot 1 of A Woman for All Seasons
Occlude the wizard comes into existence when lightning strikes marble. His goal is to fight a seasonal curse on a princess. Using his natural magical talent with a wand. Features Besh's Gesture Module and full voice acting....

Released: 18 Aug 2010
Cross Stitch Casper by Daniel Batliner
Screenshot 1 of Cross Stitch Casper
Most likely the only cross stitched adventure game in existence. Cross Stitch Casper is a game that focuses on story and characters. The homely embroidered graphics are in contrast to the bleak home of main protagonist. As player you control little Casper. But you're not him. You're just observing the world he's living in and the struggles he has to endure. How will he manage to get throu...

Released: 1 Jul 2013
Journey To Hell by Bleeding Romeo
Screenshot 1 of Journey To Hell
1678, England, south coast.

One night some strange symbols appear

in the crop fields near the village of

Newhell. As the population depends on

his crops to survive, the damaged harvest

is declared an act of Devil. Martyn van

Dalem is the last member of a Dutch

sorcerers dynasty and the last chance for

the local peasants to def...

Released: 31 Jul 2012
Screenshot 1 of OSD: The Wet Spot
Oceanspirit Dennis and Life Partner Ray are hosting a big pirate party tonight and they need to catch lots and lots of fish to fry up. Help them bring in a big catch in this astoundingly shoddy fishing simulator!...

Released: 1 Mar 2011
Screenshot 1 of Tactician: Civil War
This is a short, two-player turn-based game based upon the American Civil War.

Instructions - At the start, each player chooses a side and distributes points amongst available units (3 infantry, cavalry, or artillery units), to build their army. - Unionist units are a light grey, and Confederate units are dark grey. - Take it in turns to manoeuvre units into position. Hovering over...

Released: 16 Jun 2015

Page 1 of 1 (5 results)

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