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Screenshot 1 of Space Rangers sob Ep.52 - the Redemption of Grisli Adams
There is a new commander leading the Space Rangers.

His name is Teh Donald. One of the first things he does on his new job is to fire special agent Yaz KreJonns.

Bounty hunters hot on her trail, Yaz make a run for Nebulia Prime. There she find herself in new troubles, having to try to save her former colleague and mortal enemy, Grisli Adams.

One thing you need to remember on...

Released: 12 May 2017
Screenshot 1 of Space Rangers Ep 46 The Devil Within
You will play the part of special agent Yaz KreJonns of the Space Rangers, the organization that is called in when regular Star fleet is not enough.
This time something strange is happening on a mining planetoid. The miners has gone missing.. and then the team of soldiers sent in to find them.
In a galaxy near you, you are to boldly go where no one else dares.

Download will tak...

Released: 8 Oct 2016
Night Witch by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of Night Witch
Step into the role of one of the night witches, members of an all female Soviet bombing regiment during World War 2 and fight the enemies in the skies while bombing targets on the ground.This is a simple side scrolling shooter with an arcade feel....

Released: 23 Apr 2020
Day of the Dimetrodon by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of Day of the Dimetrodon
A short little game about a day in the life of the prehistoric predator Dimetrodon....

Released: 30 May 2020
Thrymly disguised by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of Thrymly disguised
Thor's hammer has been stolen by the evil giant Thrym, and so Thor must team up with Loki to retrieve it.

This game was made for MAGS in February 2019 with the theme Dressing up.

Released: 1 Mar 2019
Screenshot 1 of Cola Skunkette: A Bit of Cleanup
For August 2018 MAGS.

Panphila Baniliakola needs help getting rid of some offensive graffiti so her business can be family friendly again.

Note that the sound effects might be a bit faint, so you may need to turn up the volume to hear them.

Also, in-game, I had mistakenly called Blondbraid "Blondbeard". Oops! :-[...

Released: 22 Aug 2018
AGS Cameras Tech Demo by Crimson Wizard
Screenshot 1 of AGS Cameras Tech Demo
This game is a technical demo meant to illustrate and, perhaps, teach usage of custom Viewports and Cameras, which were introduced in AGS starting from version 3.5.0. It is made in hopes to raise awareness of this new feature and it's potential practical uses.

This is not a real game with a story, but rather a collection of scenes with very simple gameplay elements.

Project's so...

Released: 6 Jul 2021
The long August longing by Gertrud Bondesson & Sandra T. Almeida
Screenshot 1 of The long August longing
After a little century, our hero wakes up and hopes to see her friends soon. But first she needs to send the invitation out and make sure her servant has the castle tip top.

Very short game created for MAGS August 2023 with the theme \"Distance/Separation\".

Game res.: 1024x640 (16:10)
AGS version:

Released: 31 Aug 2023
Fallen soldier by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of Fallen soldier
The story of a soldier of the german Wehrmacht in WWII who falls in battle and laying lifeless surrounded by an ongoing war, he starts questioning what led him here and pondering his role in the grand scheme of things... This game was made for MAGS in November 2016 with the theme "Afterlife" and can be played in English and Swedish. If you like this game and it's characters, do try my other...

Released: 27 Nov 2016
Cave of Avarice by Blondbraid, cat and Slasher
Screenshot 1 of Cave of Avarice
A former Dahomey Amazon turned mercenary has been hired by two explorers for leading them to a cave said to contain a great treasure. The mercenary has been tasked with guarding the entrance while the two explorers enter, but as gunshots are heard from within only to be followed by silence, the mercenary chooses to investigate...

There is a Linux version of the game.
Made for MAGS May 2...

Released: 31 May 2019
The snaplock by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of The snaplock
The year is 1676 and Sweden have claimed the region of Scania from the longstanding enemy Denmark. Yet not all Scanians are ready to accept the Swedish supremacy, and have taken to the woods where they lay waiting in ambush for Swedish troops passing by. This game deals with the Snapphane rebellion in late seventeenth-century Sweden and can be played in both Swedish and English. The Snaploc...

Released: 3 Apr 2017
Bustin' the Bastille by Blondbraid and Creamy
Screenshot 1 of Bustin' the Bastille
The year is 1789. Anger is simmering and people take the street, they protest against the priviliges of the nobility and the clergy. The revolution is coming. It will bring liberty, fraternity, equality… …and lots and lots of beheadings!
And unbeknownst to her, a fishmonger with a mid-life crisis finds herself in the middle of it all.

French translation available...

Released: 2 Jul 2017
The viking guardsman by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of The viking guardsman
This is the story about a guard who is given the task to unravel a plot against his empress. Quirky dialogues ensue. This game can be played in English or Swedish....

Released: 9 May 2015
A doll in a dream by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of A doll in a dream
You take on the role of a doll, summoned into the nightmare of a young child in order to dispel the shadow threatening to overtake her mind.

This game was made for MAGS January 2024.
MAGS January “Trippy” (OPEN) (adventuregamestudio.co.uk)

Released: 7 Feb 2024
The frame on the wall by Hortencya12
Screenshot 1 of The frame on the wall
This project was made in collaboration with Blondbraid for Mags october 2017. An old woman ends up in a small cabin in the woods a stormy night, but is everything alright with the strange old painting hung on the wall?...

Released: 29 Oct 2017
The Cadaver Synod by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of The Cadaver Synod
The year is 897. Pope Stephen the sixth or seventh, is holding a trial against his predecessor Formosus, and you have been chosen as Formosus defender. The thing is, you hardly know a thing about law. That's probably why Stephen chose you. This game was made for MAGS in June 2016 with the theme "Neglected Historical Eras"....

Released: 29 Jun 2016
Screenshot 1 of Captain Downes and the Pirate Princess
Captain Roderick Downes is sailing the Baltic sea when he is boarded by pirates led by a local princess, and Roderick soon finds himself prisoner on his own ship. Can you help him escape?

This game was made for MAGS in october 2018 with the theme "miniature"....

Released: 24 Oct 2018
The Burgomaster by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of The Burgomaster
A dark plague is consuming the town. One doctor is left to learn the truth, and try to find a cure.

By Gertrud Bondesson and Morgan Willcock.
Created for MAGS, in May 2018....

Released: 3 Jun 2018
Screenshot 1 of Sniper and spotter climbing a tower
Olga and Ivan are a sniper and spotter team fighting in the great patriotic war. When a cheerful war correspondent cross their path both of them see a chance to make a grab for glory... Sniper and spotter climbing a tower is a standalone sequel to my previous game Sniper and spotter being patriotic, and was made for MAGS in November 2018....

Released: 30 Nov 2018
Screenshot 1 of Sniper and spotter being patriotic
A newly recruited red army soldier finds himself assigned to a new partner and the two of them soon find themselves in a series of misadventures in a wartorned soviet town......

Released: 8 May 2016
The disgraced prince by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of The disgraced prince
This is the story of a prince who, due to a tiny attempt to murder his own sister and usurp the throne, has been forced into exile in a remote mountain monastery. Surprising to none, something sinister dwells among this isolated group of men dressed in dark hooded cloaks. Seriously, has anyone seen a story about a rural community that DIDN'T hide something fishy?...

Released: 14 Jun 2015
Screenshot 1 of Sniper and spotter serving the motherland
Ivan and Olga, two soldiers in the red army, finds themselves tasked with preventing a small village from falling into enemy hands. Their orders are simple, destroy the bridge and poison the food and water supply before the enemy soldiers can reach the village and destroy the bridge or poison the food and water supply... Sniper and spotter serving the motherland is a standalone sequel to my pre...

Released: 1 May 2017
Commissar's Contrapasso by Blondbraid
Screenshot 1 of Commissar's Contrapasso
Commissar's Contrapasso is a story about an arrogant soviet commissar who follows the official doctrines of the party with little regard for the simple soldiers beneath him, until he finds himself caught alone behind enemy lines that is. What follows is a darkly humorous adventure with many strange turns. Whether or not the commissar will make it out alive depends on you, the player. If you...

Released: 10 Jul 2018

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