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Slay the Dragon III

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The Frozen Shore by JackPutter
Screenshot 1 of The Frozen Shore
Winner of MAGS February 2020

Harry lives a simple life. Every morning he wakes up and takes his little boat out fishing. This morning however, he awakens to find that the whole coastline has been covered in snow! Will he still be able to take his boat out of the harbour for his daily fishing trip?...

Released: 28 Feb 2020
Screenshot 1 of Dangerous Derek's Livestream
Winner of MAGS March 2020

Dangerous Derek hosts the most outrageous livestream on the internet, and today he's been given an extra-spectacular task to complete! Will Derek be successful, and more importantly, how many viewers will he have when he attempts the stunt?...

Released: 31 Mar 2020
Screenshot 1 of Midnight Squadron [MAGS April 2020]
In the skies above war-torn Europe, trouble strikes the crew of an RAF bomber as it returns from its mission. The aircraft's copilot Fredericks needs to get to the bottom of what's going on, and live to tell the tale.

An original horror story full of mystery and suspense
Faux 16-colour graphics
Approximately 15-20 minutes of gameplay
Occasional strong violence and gore...

Released: 30 Apr 2020
My Father's Secret by JackPutter
Screenshot 1 of My Father's Secret
Your father abandoned you as a child. After many years of searching, you have tracked down where he lives. What awaits you in this mysterious house on the hill?


A short, first-person, full motion video game rendered in a low-poly style....

Released: 30 Sep 2020

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