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Able Mabel gets a Job by ReVenture Games
Screenshot 1 of Able Mabel gets a Job
This is a twist on the fairy tale "The old Witch" wherein 2 sisters take turns taking a maid job with an old witch to earn or steal money from her. In our version, You've been taken on for a day's trial against another applicant. Can you beat the other girl to get the job? Will you be victorious and the hired help?? This was an entry to the 2014 Point and Click Jam...

Released: 10 Jan 2015
Hawk Eye Quandaries by ReVenture Games
Screenshot 1 of Hawk Eye Quandaries
Never fear! Plucky Pre-teen Twins Josie and Justin Hawk are on the case. Not that we actually feared anything, and why are we listening to some 12 years olds solve crime? [BR] Hawk Eye Quandaries is based on the 1993 title "Eagle Eye Mysteries" but whereas they had over 50 cases, HEQ has three, with a view of adding more over the coming months. ...

Released: 14 Jan 2015
Late Last Nite by No More For Today Productions
Screenshot 1 of Late Last Nite
Welcome to Late Last Nite, an adventure in excess! This game was originally created in 14 days as part of the 2015 AdventureJam.

UPDATE: On July 1, 2015, we released v1.2 of Late Last Nite with new puzzles and characters, as well as improved graphics and sound!

Join our protagonist Morgan as she stumbles through a series of bizarre fantasy settings -- a mer-pirate lagoon, a j...

Released: 18 May 2015
Screenshot 1 of The coming of age - a Lorna Bains whodunit
Tallahassee, 1933.

Meet Lorna Bains, young college student, part-time waitress at a local café…and aspiring journalist too!

It’s a very special day for Lorna.

Not only will she write her application letter for a big new york city newspaper today, she turns 21 years old too!

But instead of getting a cake and gifts, her life will be turned upside dow...

Released: 12 Mar 2014
The Glass Splinters by Resulka
Screenshot 1 of The Glass Splinters
It's a wonderful night at the Grand Ball for Dorcas the Donkey girl! And the Prince is coming towards her! Dance with the Prince to grow his affection for you. Queen Dorcas has quite a ring to it, Does it not?...

Released: 21 Jan 2014

Page 1 of 1 (5 results)

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