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A magic stone by Sinitrena
Screenshot 1 of A magic stone
You play as Nolan, a young man who is half human and half elve. He is send to find a magic stone, a dangerous magic object.

This game is half Point&Click Adventure and half RPG.


Released: 24 Sep 2004
Screenshot 1 of A Second Face - The Eye of Geltz is watching Us
Now playable in English, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

In the infinity of space there is a planet with two faces turning around an old, white sun to which it always shows the same side. The other is enveloped in total darkness.

On each face life has developed in a different way. The bright side is inhabited by people who call themselves Strefis, the illuminated ones, while the...

Released: 23 Dec 2008
A very special dog by Sinitrena
Screenshot 1 of A very special dog
You are a german shepherd dog called Rex who wants to go for a walk. There is a car crash and you must save Norah's life (your human friend) and find the driver of the car that hit her.

This game's graphics are made with MS Paint and the music is taken from RPG Maker 2000 ...

Released: 11 Jul 2004
Death of an Angel by Sinitrena
Screenshot 1 of Death of an Angel
The city of Angels is located in the clouds. Noone has left it for 500 years. But now, one of the Angels, Simon, is missing. Where is he? What happened to him?...

Released: 24 Mar 2006
Screenshot 1 of Draculator II: Byte of the Draculator
Corporal Merrick was on leave one evening and tried to hook up with some cute vampire twins. In an attempt to impress them, he allowed himself to be made into a vampire. Unfortunately his army found out and enrolled him in a secret experimental bionic implant program. Now half vampire, half robot, and more than half confused, Merrick must escape the base where he is being held or spend the rest...

Released: 30 Oct 2011
Emerald Eyes by Sinitrena
Screenshot 1 of Emerald Eyes
"It all startet with a dream. I saw myself - standing in front of a swimming bath. I felt strange. I felt strong. I felt the desire to kill. I knew my victim. She was in there. She had to die, she had to drown. Water was the first element. I couldn't stop myself. I had to kill..."...

Released: 24 Jul 2006
Screenshot 1 of James Bond - Who wants to live again?
You are James Bond and someone kills you while you are in bed with Janine, you're current girlfriend. But you have luck. A man called A offers you the possibility to live again, but he wants you to do something on earth before you can live again. The only problem is that you're dead enemy Clawman has been offerd the same possibility to live again by a man called Z. And Clawman tries to kill you an...

Released: 23 Nov 2004
Lonely Night by Sinitrena
Screenshot 1 of Lonely Night
An old man lives in a lonly house. His wife has died some years ago.

One night he thinks that there's a burglar in his house....

Released: 20 Jan 2006
Screenshot 1 of The Witch, the Wizard and the Blue Cup
A really cliched story (on purpose): A witch, called Linara, dreams that she shall safe the world. She has to find the Blue Cup, a powerful magical object....

Released: 23 Apr 2006

Page 1 of 1 (9 results)

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