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Screenshot 1 of A Friend Indeed : The Adventures of JP & Cosmo
You play as JP ... an ordinary, everyday kind of guy.

You're about to be thrown into an extraordinary adventure.

Just sittin' about one day, you hear on the news that an asteroid is on a collision course with the Earth. And all life will be wiped off the planet when it hits!

You head over to your friend Cosmo's house in hopes that his bomb shelter will provide some...

Released: 9 Mar 2004
AGS Mittens Shooter by Squinky
Screenshot 1 of AGS Mittens Shooter
It's a single level ags shooter, starring a bunch of folks from the forums. Don't expect too much......

Released: 11 Jan 2004
Armageddon Margaret by ElaineMc
Screenshot 1 of Armageddon Margaret
When mechanized zombies overrun a peaceful English village and countryside, what is a proper young lady to do?

Step up to the challenge and save the day, of course!

Created Feb '04 for a MAGS challenge. 1-21-07: Please read the installation instructions; there is an error in the setup that hasn't been resolved, and requires a slight workaround. Apologies for any inconvenienc...

Released: 21 Jan 2007
Screenshot 1 of Bert the Super Demon Slayer Guy
This game was made for the june MAGS competition. I tried a lotta crap out in this game...Like a new graphics style that didn't quite do as good as I wanted, and a combat system, that, just like the graphics, didn't quite do what I wanted.
Anyways, its a short game about a Demon slayer named bert, check it out......

Released: 19 Jun 2002
Screenshot 1 of Demonslayer 2: DemonSlayer vs. Vegetable Vampires
Bert is a Demonslayer with a talking sandwich....He's found himself in yet another predicament involving vampires...This is a short game I've mad for the august MAGS competion, just for fun. Check it out...
Download the windows version below, if anybody wants it, I'll upload a dos version......

Released: 11 Aug 2002
Screenshot 1 of DemonSlayer 3: Hotel and Alley
Bert must save Tile town from hordes of roving zombies and flatulant demons by blasting them to hell with his faithful shotgun....
Theres really not much more to it......

Released: 24 Sep 2002
Demonslayer 4 by Squinky
Screenshot 1 of Demonslayer 4
Once again the demonslayer and his pal the talking sandwich find themselves hot on the trail of evil. Except this time things go sour and the demonslayer finds himself on a quest to reincarnate his sandwich god. Travel thru three different time periods in this kooky adventure made by your friendly neighborhood Squinky......

Released: 7 Jun 2003
Screenshot 1 of Pirate Fry 2: The Hand of Anturus
Fry is assigned the task of capturing the legendary Hand of Anturus. Feeblee attempts at plot and puzzles hinder his path......

Released: 8 Mar 2004
Screenshot 1 of Pirate Fry 3: The Isle of the Dead
Fry Finds himself washed up on yet another Island after the events in Pirate Fry 2: The hand of Anturus. This island, known as the Island of the Dead, just happens to be a focal point for evil, undead activity. Join Fry in his wacky adventures and once again save the day ...

Released: 31 Oct 2003
Screenshot 1 of Pirate Fry and Volcano Island
Pirate Fry and Volcano Island is basically about a young pirate's quest to keep his beloved occupation. Fry journeys to Volcano Island and there he battles the evil bowling ball worshippers and attempts to pass the test of three in order to earn his pirates license....

Released: 23 Dec 2001
Vegetable Patch Extreem Turbo 2 by Captain Mostly (PLUS art by Squinky!)
Screenshot 1 of Vegetable Patch Extreem Turbo 2
Why not get addicted to gardening ALL OVER AGAIN! Have you got tired of having to stop at the Lumptatoe? Have your scores reached a plateaux? Is gardening just not EXTREEM enough for you any more? Well then you NEED VPXT!2!

All new AMAZING Squinky drawn graphics will blow you away! Rhythm action! Garden in time with the music for mega bonuses! ALL NEW STORY ELEMENT! This time ...

Released: 5 Dec 2003

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