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Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

by CaptainD, TheBitPriest

Screenshot of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots (Click image to zoom)
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Screenshot 1 of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots   Screenshot 2 of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots   Screenshot 3 of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

This is a commercial game.

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Release Date:
29 Dec 2017
AGS Panel Rating:
Not rated yet
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Content advisory:
Occasional, mild

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This game features voice acting.

About this game

An epic comedy science fiction adventure awaits!

A seemingly harmless delivery ends up putting the entire galaxy at risk - can the gormless Captain save us all?

The fate of the galaxy couldn't be in worse hands!
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Lead Designer, VA, SFX
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Lead Developer, Graphics, VA
TheBitPriest has worked on 7 other games: (see them >>)
VA, testing
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AGS Awards

Won, Best Character 2017

Won, Best Voice Work 2017

Won, Best Puzzles 2017

Nominated, Best Game Created with AGS 2017

Nominated, Best Writing 2017

Nominated, Best Gameplay 2017

Nominated, Best Music & Sound 2017

14 people commented on this game (newest first):

I tried to write a clever and in-depth review here, but there's really only one thing to say. This game is entertaining as hell!
2018-10-24 02:23:06 by The Suitor
I was excited to see the game finally complete and it did not disappoint! A satisfying amount of gameplay, charming retro art, catchy music and, most importantly of all, a truckload of British humour at its best. Loved it.
2018-08-05 10:05:44 by Kastchey
Captain Disaster is a joy to play and had me playing non stop until I beat it. I refused to look at a walkthrough and I'm glad I didn't, because in the end, I made it through and really loved every minute of it. The puzzles were great and there was a very good variety of them. A well made game with a cool character, fun story, great puzzles and although the artwork could use improvement, they are still enjoyable and it all flows rather well. Bravo to you and the team. Looking forward to your next adventure!
2018-06-02 22:38:00 by NickyNyce
What can I say but Fantastico.....

A great game that was fun to play, had some nice touches of humor that at times had me rolling in fits.... Great on-screen parody references....

The action was non stop like an express train....

With a few minor tweaks this could be 'Game of the year'....

Thank you captain and friends for making such as great, enjoyable game....

Long live Captain Disaster...
2018-02-15 17:10:49 by Slasher
It's Captain Disaster, a zany, outlandish comedy game that never fails to amuse. Gameplay is not too difficult/frustrating, and voice acting I thought was top rate. As a commercial game, I feel like it is a complete package, I only wish it were longer.
2018-02-15 07:12:13 by Andy
A spoof of the space opera genre that actually manages to be THE best space opera I've seen in years. It's quite simply FUN! It's got a memorable cast of aliens, robots and AI's. It's got an epic finale. But it doesn't take itself very seriously, and pokes fun at everything - especially its main character. He's a slob and he knows it. But he gets things done - even if the whole universe conspires against him.
The game's a classic point&click in every way. It's got simple, neat lo-res graphics, some funky electronic beats, fun puzzles, and lots and lots of humor (that doesn't rely on referencing Space Quest).
2018-01-26 22:14:24 by Fitz
It's a very fun game with a great combination of story and misture of some tributes to movies and games!

Dave is a very creative writer and his books and games are very immersive and will always bring you many laughs!

I definitely want to play more of his future games!
2018-01-26 20:10:44 by SidneySacchi
I played the full version, yay! I was excited to see the game complete. The jokes, and Captain Disaster himself were really fun to play. The voice-acting was okay. The music and sound-effects were good. The story was fun, but strange in some places, as were the puzzles, so I admit I used the walk-through to get unstuck at times. I felt that some story and/or puzzle elements may have been rushed. But overall, I enjoyed the game. I laughed, and laughed again. :)
2018-01-21 03:29:35 by HanaIndiana
Really hilarious comedy point-and-click of the classic sort. Any fan of Space Quest would love this to pieces. Puzzles are spot-on, never really got stuck for any extreme length of time and yet they were not too easy either. Right in the Goldilocks Zone! Visuals are nice and pay homage to the old school point and clicks and work for the retro pixel art aesthetic that this game is going for. (Side note: Captain D's surprised face cracks me up. I order at Starbucks with that face and it never fails to crack the barrista up either.) If you like your British humor extra cheesy with a cheesy stuffed crust and smothered in cheese sauce (as many old-school p-n-cs were) then you will love this. There are so many sci-fi references in here, if it was any more dense with Whovian, Star Trek, Star Wars and other 20th-century IP callbacks it would turn into a neutron star with the face of the Cat from Red Dwarf.

I give it 6 1/2 faux Alan Rickmans out of 5! :D

You can see me playing some of Captain Disaster over here:
2018-01-19 08:10:17 by SilverSpook
I found it to be a delightful & engaging game brought to life with an interesting story, humour that I could immediately identify with & pretty good voice acting!
2018-01-16 15:23:34 by Ciara
A great game polished to a brilliant sheen over many years of development.

Instant adventure game classic!
2018-01-10 01:07:15 by
I worked on the demo for this, it's great to see the final product! If you have a fondness for planet-hopping sci-fi TV shows and movies of yesteryear, and you also like the idea of guiding a bumbling buffoon through a comedy of errors in deep space, give this game a try. Along the way you'll battle against galactic evildoers (not to mention various pieces of technology that are supposed to be there to help you) and cross paths with partying robots, huge translucent gelatinous shopkeepers, alien bureaucrats, and more...
2018-01-04 12:38:28 by
A fun successor to games like Space Quest with references and jokes aplenty and a lighthearted atmosphere that doesn't take itself seriously in the slightest. Had a lot of fun figuring out the puzzles and meeting all the bizarre characters.
2018-01-04 11:56:47 by
An hilarious and fun to play spacefaring adventure, full of clever ideas and puzzles of all sorts: something hard to achieve in a full length game! In Captain Disaster's universe there is much to see, and the flavored Brummie coating makes it even more shiny!
2017-12-30 22:56:46 by
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