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Screenshot 1 of Bob Goes Home Deluxe
Just like the original, but better!

You are Bob.

Your main mission in life is to vandalise a school for some reason. Only problem is... you'll have to play to find out!...

Released: 16 May 2006
Dark of Night by Barbarian
Screenshot 1 of Dark of Night
Alone and lost in the Dark of Night during a storm... Our weary traveller explores his surroundings as he tries to find a way past various obstacles. Game is a bit spooky, with a few surprises and some nice special effects as well(lightning, thunder, rain, etc)... Best played with the lights down low, and the sound turned up a bit. ;) Made for the October 2005 "Release Something - Halloween E...

Released: 30 Oct 2005
Screenshot 1 of Elevator, Rise from the Abyss
You wake up alone in a strange elevator. Not remembering how you got there, you try to get out, but soon find that you are "trapped". It's as if someone, or something, is trying to prevent your escape. Are you a prisoner? This game should run fine on most versions of Windows. ======= This game "Elevator - Rise From the Abyss" is in-complete, but it's a much improved-upon and expanded game...

Released: 24 Apr 2005
Escape From Evergreen Forest by Don McPherson
Screenshot 1 of Escape From Evergreen Forest
You go by the name of "Don". You went for a walk in the woods to enjoy a nice day. You day-dream of exciting adventures in far-off lands, and not paying attention as you should, you soon end up deep in Evergreen Forest. You remember old Folk-Tales about Evergreen Forest... Some stories tell of strange creatures, magical things, as well as many dangers and hidden treasures. But those are ...

Released: 24 Sep 2004
Great Stroke Off!, The by Barbarian
Screenshot 1 of Great Stroke Off!, The
"The Great Stroke-Off" Adventure Game! Brought to you by Team: *** Old School Point n' Click *** (ATC Deluxe Edition Winners) ------------------------------------------ This game is heavy on the "humor" side of things, with a variety of wacky characters, interesting scenes to explore, and an amusing, unique and interesting storyline.

The setting of the story takes place in a t...

Released: 7 Apr 2005
Screenshot 1 of Knight Quest for the Golden Ring
Short little Adventure game in a somewhat "fantasy" setting with a dash of humor throughout. You play the role of "Sir Krud", a young Knight who is summoned by King Bob to go on a Quest to retrieve a lost Golden Ring. Succeed in your Quest, and the King will reward you. Fail, and you may get turned into a Bar-B-Q crisp....

Released: 3 Feb 2007

Page 1 of 1 (6 results)

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