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Blackwell Deception by Dave Gilbert
Screenshot 1 of Blackwell Deception
Street psychics. Their blinking neon signs are everywhere, promising love and wealth and happiness. They make a fortune preying on the gullible and milking them dry. So when these victims begin dying and leaving confused spirits behind, it can only take a genuine psychic (and her wayward spirit guide) to clean up the mess.

From seedy downtown nightclubs to penthouse apartments t...

Released: 10 Oct 2011
Screenshot 1 of Clip goes to town
Clip is a guy, who has to go to the carshop and buy some car-shampoo. On his way to the shop he gets into adventures. [edit 2011] download link fixed!...

Released: 23 Feb 2006
Hack by Creator
Screenshot 1 of Hack
Open Inventory
Get The Gun
Kill The Sprites

(if you can't download go to: www.freewebs.com/salmond-key_productions)...

Released: 29 Aug 2006
Screenshot 1 of Murder in the Mansion
A ninja (actually, he's just wearing a ninja costume) finds himself in a game show. But evil things start happening. Is he going to get out alive?
OK, so it's not original or as exciting as it sounds, but at least I tried....

Released: 17 Feb 2008
RON: Reality-on-the-Norm by RON Games Creators
Screenshot 1 of RON: Reality-on-the-Norm
The RON game series formed when some members of the AGS community decided to do a group project - although RON can best be described as a concept, rather than as a project in itself. It involves the creation of a central environment - in our case, the Reality-on-the-Norm town. Each author creates his or her own game as a chapter to be added to all the previously achieved ones, thus creating a dive...

Released: 17 Feb 2001
Santa's Sidekick by Uku Randver
Screenshot 1 of Santa's Sidekick
Its a game about boy who get too late to school and starts to wonder aroun school till break. altough he discovers a crash-landed santa and decides to help him.

NB! in mirror download speech is non-skipable...

Released: 24 Jan 2006
The Hamlet by Creative Minds
Screenshot 1 of The Hamlet
A middle-aged bachelor receives a letter from a friend of his living in a small hamlet saying that he would like him to come for a visit. Not having anything to worry about, the protagonist accepts and immediately drives off to the hamlet. However, upon arrival he senses that something is not at all right...

The game features:
15 locations drawn in beautiful 320*200

Released: 18 Nov 2004
Screenshot 1 of The Lost Prince Of Lorden - Part 1
You are on your way to Bridgetown, a large and prosperous village on the northern shores of Lorden. There are four villages in all. One to the north, east, south and west points of the Isle. You have travelled South, from The Lore Lands across th...

Released: 13 Sep 2012

Page 1 of 1 (8 results)

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