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DISCO FLOW (Demoscene) by Realsalewa
Screenshot 1 of DISCO FLOW (Demoscene)
DISCO FLOW, simplicity in character animation and very nice music....

Released: 7 Dec 2009
Kart-Quest by Realsalewa
Screenshot 1 of Kart-Quest
Game in the genre of point-and-click. Goal of the game Kart-Quest - collect model racing card improvised to be able to find and get in the game world. Setting - the last decade. 7 locations, 12 bonus points. Model to collect the card in a logical sequence, if the order is violated will popup help message. There are also two versions of the order of assembly kit aero body kit....

Released: 30 Sep 2011
ROBO-QUEST 2009 by Realsalewa
Screenshot 1 of ROBO-QUEST 2009
In "ROBO-QUEST 2009" you control the robot Sparky. He went off on another planet, but the evil aliens, his ship was hit, and he found himself in another area. Your task is to help get to administration of the planet....

Released: 7 Dec 2009
Rupt Quest by Realsalewa
Screenshot 1 of Rupt Quest
Rupt Quest - it's a little game in the style of �point-and-click�. The name of the hero game - Rupt, he works at the "Hammer and Sickle." Once, there was an accident and ruptured a gas pipeline, gas emerged from the tube and ignited. Goal of the game shut off the gas in the pipeline means at hand. 5 locations, 20 bonus points. Features: - Lots of options; - Wrong action phrases so...

Released: 11 Sep 2011
TIME-PARADOX 2009 by Realsalewa
Screenshot 1 of TIME-PARADOX 2009
One day the Soviet Union disappeared and there was Russia. All property was common, and suddenly he appeared owners. Ignat studied at the faculty of Arts and was going in the morning to go to the Great theater. In the morning he discovered that he was in another country, where to pay for everything. He must necessarily go to the theater, to pass the exam. Help Ignat get into the "Big" ......

Released: 7 Dec 2009

Page 1 of 1 (5 results)

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