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AGS forums profile

This page is about the one, the only, the inconceivable, incontrovertible, ineffable, Obi!

Obi is widely regarded as not just an good member of the forums, but as the best member of the forums. Even the ruler of the land CJ bows humbly in respect to this awesomest of all members ever seen.

Notable threads

Every post by Obi is the best post the forums have ever seen, but these are some of the most notable of the most notable.

AGS Screwed me over, here's why! Obi This is my life story Part 2 Electric booga(loo tour legit no quit super fit)

Have you got a pony?

Don't Shit your Pants

Can I have some Critique on work for Uni?


Star Trek

Berty Bee

Berty Bee The Adventure Game


The picture clue game thing

Funny shaped Wotsits

My disappointment at losing the Tune Contest

Lionel Richie

It is well known that Obi loves Lionel Richie more than any other person on the face of the Earth has ever loved any other person ever. It is because of this that it came into question regarding Obi's true identity. Today there is wide public debate over whether Obi is in fact Lionel Richie himself. The two factions (known as the Obi-La-Di and the Obi-La-Da) have ferociously defended their positions against each other, neither willing to relent until the whole world has converted to their position of believing. We tried to ask Obi himself but he was unavailable for questioning. Thus the mystery remains. Is Obi really Lionel Richie? For now, only Obi, Lionel Richie, and CJ know. Except not really CJ.