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Screenshot 1 of Bog's Adventure in Easy3D
This is just a short (7 rooms) game to test out (okay, I admit it, show off!) my Easy3D module, inspired by the fabled WMGS engine. All the rooms in the game are built in AGS as normal playable 2D rooms, with objects, characters, hotspots, walkable areas, and regions as normal. Then by initiating the module, with just one function call, the display switches to 3D and the same room can be played i...

Released: 14 Apr 2006
Screenshot 1 of Bog's Adventures in the Underworld
Poor hen pecked Bog tries his best to please Clod, his wife, but when he tries to improve on her famous 'Mushy Mush' recipe, things don't go according to plan and Bog ends up in Hell, the Underworld. Help Bog to find his way back to Clod and patch up their relationship. There are two possible main endings and a little extra bit for anyone that manages to achieve the maximum score.


Released: 21 Apr 2006
Bunny Quest by Wretched
Screenshot 1 of Bunny Quest
A simple little game made in 3 hours for Halloween. Don't play this game if you are easily scared. Trick or Treat? and yes you can get the carrot!...

Released: 31 Oct 2005
Crave by Wretched
Screenshot 1 of Crave
This is the story of Cacoe, a stick man made of chalk, with special X-Ray vision. Whilst reading a newspaper he comes across an article about someone called Fenelda, this triggers a very early memory in his life, and he sets off to the Hotel Carnaby to investigate.

Crave contains nude scenes and adult themes, and is not suitable for everybody, be warned. There is also a complete 1980's...

Released: 28 Sep 2005
Magsic by Wretched
Screenshot 1 of Magsic
Help Quaver solve numerous puzzles as he travels through van Gogh's discarded ear into a surreal world where music is the only language and the key to finding true love....

Released: 26 Aug 2005
Magsic II by Wretched
Screenshot 1 of Magsic II
The sequel to Magsic. Quaver and Ear get separated during a storm at sea. Help Quaver to find 9 magical tunes by solving numerous puzzles on a curious desert island....

Released: 6 Sep 2005
Slug Princess by Wretched
Screenshot 1 of Slug Princess
You play a young girl who is about to marry the Prince, when an evil Witch materializes and kidnaps the Queen, sends the Prince into a 100 year sleep and then transmogrifies our heroine into a Slug. Your task is to find a fabled Gem and return it to the King so as to pay the Queen's ransom.

This game is also included as a sub-adventure-game in 'Crave'. It was supposed to be just a couple of...

Released: 1 Oct 2005
Where's M' Hat Ma ? by Wretched
Screenshot 1 of Where's M' Hat Ma ?
Pa wants his hat, and Ma has to get it. An unassuming premise for an adventure that uncovers an alien plot to take over the earth, travels to a purple planet, and goes back in time to 15th Century England.

Where's M' Hat Ma was written for the April 2005 MAGS competition, and had to use 16 colours, and feature a cowboy hat and a tarot card.

Features include over 100 rooms, 20 N...

Released: 8 May 2005
Zugzwang by Wretched
Screenshot 1 of Zugzwang
Ever thought learning how to play chess was a bit of an adventure? Well now it really is.

Zugzwang gradually leads the player through the basic movements of all the pieces, how to setup the board, capturing, castling, check, checkmate and stalemate, the weird nature of pawns and even the obscure en passant rule. At the same time you get to help two little Pawns, one White and one Black, to ...

Released: 29 Oct 2005

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