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Jetpack Sam 1 by steptoe
Screenshot 1 of Jetpack Sam 1
JetPack Sam 1 - V2.0 Do you remember the 80's Dos games such as Dangerous Dave? Touch of nostalgia coming on. Games in those day would fit on a Floppy. Simple stuff but we got hooked and the rest is history. If you are looking for a complex, hard and fast modern adventure game then this is not for you, however, if you want 30 minutes of grabbing objects, gaining points, avoidin...

Released: 11 Jan 2012
MONEY CAB by steptoe
Screenshot 1 of MONEY CAB
Hi Welcome to MONEY CAB. (V2.00 more questions added.) Based on the TV game show Cash Cab. Win lots of money by answering questions in the Money Cab. You have the distance of your journey to answer questions. Get a question wrong or run out of question time and you will receive a Strike. 3 Strikes and you get booted out and leave with nothing! If you get stuck you can do a Mob ...

Released: 29 Nov 2011
Screenshot 1 of Murder Most Grisly!! Whodunit?
MURDER MOST GRISLY!! New upload * Please note that a GUI shown in image has been revised. A Whodunit mystery starring super sleuth Detective Harry Faversham who has a nose for smelling clues! The year is 1910. The place, London. Lord Harrington has been murdered by a machete through his skull! You set out to Harrington Manor to find the murderer! There are 6 possible suspects....

Released: 23 Apr 2012
Screenshot 1 of Potato Head - Sweet Attack!
As Potato Head get as many sweets and cakes as you can by jumping, leaping, swimming and using your Inventory items. 5 levels to keep you going for a while. Levels include: * Jumping up to grab sweets * Leaping over gaps * Swimming to get sweet stuff * Cracking open an Alien Sweet Egg * Facing a man-eating Shark! * Meeting a Mermaid * Driving a Moon Buggy * Betting on a Pony race ...

Released: 30 Jun 2012
Screenshot 1 of Sinbad: Island of Korkus
V2.1 Improved GUI and added Objects. --------------------------------------------------------- You know about Sinbads' adventures: Forget political/mythical/cultural correctness in this game: anything goes in this fantasy tale! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Story line: Evil sorcerer Sokurah has kidnapped Princess Salama of Persia and has taken her ...

Released: 8 Nov 2011
SPIT BOY V2.1 by steptoe
Screenshot 1 of SPIT BOY V2.1
SPIT SPIT SPIT is the nature of this game! Thought i'd try something a little different! V2.1 with some adjustments:Spits, Points, Ricochet, Dropping cans. Image shown has been slightly adjusted. Not so much an adventure game but a few rounds of sweaty, adrenalin rushes and a chance to get the girls slobbering all over you! Don't play if you have spitting/smoking phobias, are a prie...

Released: 20 Dec 2011
Screenshot 1 of The Sacred Tablets of Tibet
V1.4 (frequently tweaked) 1500 B.C. The God of Hope gave three Sacred Tablets of enlightenment to the Tibetan Holy Secret Society. Each Sacred Tablet had the power to bring peace and hope to mankind through spiritual and astral projections. They could not be used to hurt mankind directly, but in the wrong hands they could open portals to other dimensions and bring forth demonic creatures ...

Released: 18 Mar 2012
Screenshot 1 of The Shadow Avenger: It's personal!
The Shadow Avenger: It's personal! (V1.00) Comments help produce better games, please leave yours. ** Contains gore scenes of a very graphic nature!! 12 years have passed since that fateful day when your parents were murdered by a gang of evil thugs! Over the years your mind has been tormented by its sinister darkside! You have changed: from a mild mannered young boy to a disturbe...

Released: 31 Jul 2012
The Visitor 2 by NickyNyce
Screenshot 1 of The Visitor 2
Juicing up his story to gain fame, Agent Moss told everyone how he fought off giant spiders, growling dogs, hissing cats and an army of humans by using only his bare hands and large pulsing brain to escape earth.

After hearing his amazing story, Omega 1 turned him into a special agent. Now Moss and two of Omega 1's best, are sent to find a saucer that went down somewhere on earth 5 day...

Released: 30 Aug 2012
Screenshot 1 of Very Bad Taste:  Dels don't hide!
Stop an alien force from taking humans and putting them on an intergalatic restaurant menu!! STORYLINE: You are Del and you are out walking very early one morning when suddenly you see a house flying in the sky! (It's really an alien spaceship!). The 'house' lands and you overhear a plot to collect all humans: for eating! The alien boss Lord Grit owns an intergalactic restaurant chain th...

Released: 2 Oct 2011

Page 1 of 1 (10 results)

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