Fortnightly Writing Competition

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The Fortnightly Writing Competition (more affectionately known as the Fortnightly) is a literature competition held every two weeks on the AGS forums.


The rules are set by the previous winner. There is not usually a word limit, but instead the competition is based upon content. There could be a theme or idea which contestants must base their entry upon. After two weeks is up, the host will announce that voting has begun. This period lasts until enough votes are cast by the community to establish a clear winner. The new host then begins another round.

Entry History

10th May - 24th May 08

26th May - 9th June 08

12th June - 26th June 08

1st July - 15th July 08

18th July - 31st July 08

3rd July - 25th July 08

28th July - 11th September 08

15th September - 29th September 08

4th October - 18th October 08

1st December - 14th December 08

10th January - 22nd January 09

28th January - 11th February 09

14th February - 1st March 09

5th March - 19th March 09

31st March - 13th April 09

18th April - 8th May 09

14th May - 28th May 09

11th June - 25th June 09

30th June - 13th July 09

17th July - 30th July 09

5th August - 26th August 09

5th September - 17th September 09

29th September - 15th October 09

19th October - 2nd November 09

14th November - 27th November 09

2nd December - 15th December 09

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