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Screenshot 1 of Alien Rape Escape
On Saturday 31 March 2003, a group of people took an existing concept (that of Hourgames) and altered it slightly to create a Team Hourgame. Although it took 500+ hours longer than anticipated, here is the end product: Alien Rape Escape.

Starring the beautiful and naive young virgin Alotta Aynoos as she tries to escape from the evil clutches of the porn industry of Lunarutopiaopolis. A...

Released: 12 Jun 2003
Box by AGA
Screenshot 1 of Box
An Hour Game for which the theme was: 1. Game must feature worship in some way. 2. Game must feature breasts in some way. 3. Game should feature a box in some way....

Released: 8 Nov 2004
Screenshot 1 of Christmas Quest
This game was created by the Adventure Gamers staff as a seasonal gift to their readers....

Released: 9 Jan 2006
Screenshot 1 of Christmas Quest 2: the Yuletide Flows in
This is the sequel to last year's Christmas Quest, made by the Adventure Gamers staff...

Released: 25 Dec 2006
Screenshot 1 of Christmas Quest 3: Santa's Little Help Desk
The third installment of the Adventure Gamers staff's yearly Christmas gift-games....

Released: 25 Dec 2007

Page 1 of 1 (5 results)

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