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A Curious Pastime by Michael Greenwell
Screenshot 1 of A Curious Pastime
A comedic romp through the vaguely fantasy-ish camp of the Fir Cruthen (a band of mighty warriors, druids, and bards)...

Released: 13 Mar 2020
Screenshot 1 of Adventure: Welcome to the Genre
When another threat to the Adventure section of the Gameworld starts looming, Thalia James is once again in pursuit of it. Discovery, puzzles and strangeness abound in this sequel to Adventure: The Inside Job and Adventure: All in the Game....

Released: 23 Jan 2018
Cale Quest by Amuzo Arts
Screenshot 1 of Cale Quest
Journey through Matlock, U.S.A. on your quest to make the finest sandwich in all the land....

Released: 1 May 2014
Camp 1 by stillinthe90s
Screenshot 1 of Camp 1
Former pilot, inmate Korski is doing his last ground-to-orbit shipment at the Camp 1 geological trial drilling site, a four man strong mineral prospecting operation setup by the People's Mining Company. All is not well at the camp, however and things start going horribly wrong. ...

Released: 30 May 2015
Downfall (2016) by Harvester Games
Screenshot 1 of Downfall (2016)
There is nothing Joe wouldn't do for his wife. But as they try to save their marriage with a romantic getaway, things go from bad to worse, and from worse... to insanity. In this tale of love, madness and murder - Joe will prove what kind of man he is. But what kind of man is he exactly? A loving husband? A cold realist? A bitter skeptic? That is something YOU will decide, as you join him on hi...

Released: 28 Jan 2016
Screenshot 1 of Episode 1:The hunt for Shaun Binda
This game was a present for my sister for Christmas and Of course for the AGS forums guys. [Story] Is about Lisa who is obsessed with Shaun Binda who has a had a girlfriend for 5 years. But Lisa thinks he cares for her more than his girlfriend. So Lisa just broke up with her Ex-Boyfriend and decides to go out drinking and over parties till 4am and She is in this club and she is sobered up. ...

Released: 16 Feb 2010
Screenshot 1 of Fulkramick's Dreamting Interactive
This game was produced to compliment the record and subsequent films by fulkramick called, "Dreamting". The best effect of the game comes after listening to the music and watching the videos in the release first, to then hear and see them reinterpreted in a simple and abstract adventure game. 20 short films 85 original sound effects & original music 2 characters Over 20 rooms B&W & Color S...

Released: 26 Jun 2007
Goat Herd and the Gods by Dropped Monocle Games
Screenshot 1 of Goat Herd and the Gods
Life was pretty peaceful for Atl the Aztec goat herder. That is until the legendary El Chupacabra showed up to decimate his four legged friends. Against such a mighty foe, how can Atl save the day? Maybe with a little divine intervention? Join our cowardly goat herd on his journey and find out in Goat Herd and the Gods! Goat Herd and the Gods is a short point and click adventures game, and is ...

Released: 7 Dec 2014
Kathy Rain by Clifftop Games
Screenshot 1 of Kathy Rain
Kathy Rain tells the compelling story of a strong-willed college girl with a knack for detective work (and a Harley) who returns to her hometown after being gone since childhood. Set in the 90’s, Kathy starts investigating a local mystery and the legacy of her recently deceased grandfather....

Released: 28 Apr 2016
Screenshot 1 of Kill Rem vol. 1(fixed bugs)
Little, shy guy Lucas Hunger comes back to fulfil his childhood promise-to kill all his former class schoolmates. When the game begns his job is almost finished-only two left: his old-time best friend and cute girl Jenny ...

Released: 27 Jan 2004
Legend of Hand - Demo by shaun9991
Screenshot 1 of Legend of Hand - Demo
Legend of Hand tells the story of a hero on an epic quest to find the mythical Grandmaster Hand, the one man who can restore peace to a troubled world. Inspired by point and click adventure classics, Far-East legends and martial arts beat 'em up games of the 80's and 90's! This is the official demo, containing the whole first section of the game! ....

Released: 19 Mar 2016
Screenshot 1 of Murran Chronicles Episode 2: Talons of Terror
The Murran Chronicles Episode 2: Talons of Terror STORY : After the experience in southern New Jersey, you are moved to another division of the FBI and promoted to special agent status. This new division investigates the stranger cases, and this is one of them. Cattle have been mutilated, taken long distances from their farms and eaten by something. There have been sightings of large creatur...

Released: 4 Apr 2009
OpenQuest by Michael Sheail
Screenshot 1 of OpenQuest
Want to make a game in AGS? Don't know how to get from the tutorial to a real game? If so, OpenQuest may be for you.

This short demo game is designed to be studied by newcomers looking for ways to construct a non-trivial game in AGS. The original project files are available as well as the finished game itself (https://www.box.com/shared/o6l46lnho1) and can be loaded into version 2.72 of A...

Released: 25 Oct 2007
Perils Of Poom by Michael Evans
Screenshot 1 of Perils Of Poom
You need money fast so what'd you do? Well, you end up getting a job which involves going round the galaxy in search of a rare (illegal) drug for a large cash reward, of course.

With 4 different planets to visit, a short bonus section to unlock at the end, and..er.. probably some other attributes. In the 31st Decemeber build, the music soundtrack isnt complete so a lot is recycled. Any r...

Released: 1 Jan 2004
Providence by SeamanNaranja
Screenshot 1 of Providence
Providence is an interactive short story drama about three people who share a common destiny, and how they come to find it.

The game is developed with the Adventure Game Studio engine for Windows PC. It features a Frédéric Chopin soundtrack from The Free Chopin Kickstarter by MusOpen. Find out more about it on their website (Musopen.org).

Providence is freeware.


Released: 4 Jan 2015
The Cat Lady by Harvester Games
Screenshot 1 of The Cat Lady
Susan Ashworth, known in her neighbourhood as the crazy Cat Lady, is a lonely 40-year old on the verge of suicide. She has no family, no friends and no hope for a better future. One day she discovers that five strangers will come along and change everything... But those five, "The Parasites", are also the most ruthless, deranged and cold-blooded bunch of psychopats the city has ever known. They...

Released: 1 Dec 2012
The Lone Planet by CNC_Acolythe
Screenshot 1 of The Lone Planet
Michael Starmik is a citizen of a small colony world that was part of ASKA Trading League. His planet was recently annexed by FEM, also known as Matriarchate. For a long time, he felt like something is missing in his life. That was the reason why he enlisted on the scientific expedition beyond the borders of his solar system. Unfortunately his low social status only earned him position of low-cla...

Released: 6 Sep 2015
Ugal's Embrace by formica
Screenshot 1 of Ugal's Embrace
The planets are aligning - the apocalypse is coming. Convince your followers to jump off a cliff in a race against a rival priest. Exploit their personal quirks to get ahead, all while trying to retain some shred of self respect. -------------------- This is a short, experimental game made in 3 days for a game jam. It's a high octane religious dialogue simulator. People will jump or not b...

Released: 2 Oct 2014
UNGA needs MUMBA by Knoodn
Screenshot 1 of UNGA needs MUMBA

Central Europe - 25,000 years ago...

UNGA is an ambitious Stone Age hunter.

He comes home after a hard hunting day with nothing but this small rat-like animal - not enough for his wife NONGA.

For a long time she wants to eat something delicious.

Therefore UNGA's task is clear:


Can you help UNGA to succeed on his prehi...

Released: 30 Mar 2012

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